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If you want to step up your daily inspirations about work, time and pride; you need to read this first. The truth is you are not the only person concerned about the challenges one faces in dealing with the stress that sometimes arises out of the work environment.

In your daily work as an employee, remember that you will come across different set of attitude as displayed by those in the top management echelon. Overcoming these challenges actually calls for your understanding of the workplace politics.

If you are ready to start your day at work, these daily inspirations about work, time and pride are meant for you.

The Work Place Politics

Politics like it is known is a game played by all. It is not until you seek to represent your locality that makes you a politician. As long as you are working or living within a given race and still breathing, you are bound to play politic. For this write up, I am talking of office politics. As a new employee who found himself in an organization, it will do you well to first study these rules if actually you must succeed within that organization.
  • Put your rebellious spirit behind you.  
  • Know who are the movers and shakers in the hierarchy of your organization.
  • Find him or her that is cheated within your department and within the organization to gather your needed information.
  • Show respect to all but play within the gallery and within your shadow to get things done your way.
  • If you have an answer to a given problem, do it in such a way that your boss takes the credit and glory.
  • Keep your braveness within you and let none determine your next move.
  • Keep it in mind that it is not everybody in the organization that will like your face.
  • Always do your best to get the job done in good time and where you have difficulties, seek help from your coworkers.
  • Do not seek to test the intellect of your superior in other to mock them, if you do and it becomes known, then be ready to remain in one position for as long as they wish.
  • Punctuality is the soul of business and this requires that you be at your desk at the right time.
  • Let your little secrets be kept secret and do not be such that talks too much. When you talk too much you reveal everything and when you do such, it is not every organization that would want an employee of such nature.
  • When you saw in the work place should be kept in the work place and such shouldn’t be what you should go to town with. When the secret of the organization is known in town and the person that is responsible for such is known to be you, then you should be ready to bear the consequences where such will lead to; the exit door.
  • If you want rapid promotion, be a tricky friend of the bosses that controls the power.
  • Argument will the bosses will bring you no progress and such will only diminished your reputation in as much as it will also make you become such that everyone seeks to avoid.  
And lastly, never admire anyone that your bosses have an interest upon. If you still keep to it, it surely will go beyond the office politics and would become the major strike that will lead to your undoing. Such is what will destroy your reputation and could lead to your downfall if not your early kisses with the grave. Hope you know what I mean.

Allow Time To Take Its Course

There is no one alive that would attest to what tomorrow might bring. Tomorrow is what we hope for that a better day would come. But determining tomorrow is never in our hands. Nature is tomorrow which is sometimes kind to some but not to all. In this ramification we should always do our best today and let time take its course tomorrow. Since the tick slows the clock that reaches its destination; it takes pain and determination to get the right things done which is what will secure our tomorrow. But be it as it may we should always know for sure that it shall be done the right way. Just like the steady movement of the time, we can apply its principles to make our lives better. Remember, you don’t rush the time, but you move with it to accomplish its mission and action. 

“You can’t get to 6.00p.m., without passing through 6.00a.m.”   

Work in-between time and never try to be faster than your shadow. Every great achievement comes with schedule time that gradually moves to it desire destination. When you give in to time, then you will be able to plan your life. Time is what you should give in to for this is what will make you meet up with things. The moment you have value for time, then your task in it accomplishment becomes easier. People who value time, will also ways have a better days ahead. Time is precious towards making things happen. And if you lack the value for time, then be sure of not accomplishing anything at a reasonable time.

When we say you should let time take its course, it means you should work with time to actualize things. It is not for you to become lazy and feel it is alright when actually it is not. Those who value time always have a rewarding experience. Even though we should not rush time, but we need to move with the moving time. If there is something that is needed for us to accomplish our purpose, that thing is time. And when you treat time with the right purpose for it, you achieve what you want effortlessly.

If you want to get things done, do not sleep overtime. Remember that we do not have all the time to accomplish all our purpose but rather to work with time to get things done when it should. In our dealing with time management, we should brave up and never let it sound as if we are sees as unserious when it comes to timing for us to achieve our desire purpose. It is good to be patience with time, but we shouldn’t procrastinate when it involves timing. Time is of essence and it is what will get us on target to meet our needs. When you value time, then time will take its course. But the moment you make it feel as if you do not value it, it becomes that which might seems as if you have not achieve anything. If there is one thing you should value, that thing is time. And if you desire to make a life out of every situation, allow time to take its course.

The Man, A Woman And Their Ego

You can hurt a man and yet still finds favour with him, but please do not try it on their pride. Though we all know that pride comes before a fall. And pride has to do with our ego. Our self-esteem is our pride and it is what boosts our confidence for us to be the real person that we should be. If you should temper with anything out of a living being, then do not try to hurt their pride. It is when you hurt the pride of anyone that you begin to see the real self of that person.

Men moved with their pride in about them and women also do the same. In as much as we are a living being, we have some element of pride in us. It is our level of pride that defines the person that is us. Ever a humble have within him that element of pride. And our pride is display in difference form. Actually what we consider to be pride in one might not be seen as pride in another. But at all time, we try to be ourselves and not give in to what people might say about us. When you give in to all that people might say about you; you might not be able to develop your potential to the fullest. Pride sometimes boosts us to be the real person that we should be but in that we shouldn’t allow our thought become destructive to our being. Element of humility should always be found in us and we should learn to take others along with us. It is when we have no value for others that it makes us become valueless to our society.     

“Everybody have in between them their pride. And ego is within their bossom too.”

Pride has become a force that seems uncontrollable if not check on time. It takes the grace of discipline to subdue it under our control. Sometimes, those with pride seem not to know that they have it. And pride, it is that comes before a fall. Check within you the forces that springs up immediately something that seems not to favour you is said. Check the way you carry yourself and felt that you are all. If you found out that you are not ready to submit to others and not teachable — be it as it may, you have within you the pride theory and some element of ego that goes in between. And these wouldn’t last long if you can’t deal with it. Check yourself and please check again if you are to go far in life.

In as much as we have some element of pride in us, we shouldn’t allow such control our life. We should learn to go with others and share in their burden. When we have the human sincere feeling within us, we will learn to share with others without making ourselves feel that we are all in all. Pride and ego if not check as at when due will do to us more harm than good, sop controlling our element of pride should be that which we should consider as we progress in life. Doing the things we like and helping others without trying to hurt their feelings will do us good in this regards. When we study the word of God and try to live our life according to it tenant, we will build within us the needed foundation that will help us in all times to eliminate pride and ego that might seek to arise within our mind.

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