Motivational Thoughts about How to Achieve Your Dreams and Purpose in Life

When it comes to achieving your goal, this inspirational thoughts about how to achieve your dream and purpose in life is what you need to inspire you along the process of achieving your purpose in life.

Best Inspirational Thoughts about How to Achieve Your Dreams and Purpose in Life

In the pursuit of our dreams and life's purpose, we often encounter moments of doubt, uncertainty, and setbacks. During these challenging times, finding inspiration and motivation becomes essential to staying the course and achieving our goals. Inspirational thoughts have the power to ignite our inner fire, renew our determination, and propel us forward along the journey towards realizing our dreams and fulfilling our life's purpose.

These inspirational thoughts serve as beacons of hope, guiding us through the darkest of times and illuminating the path ahead. Whether they come from the wisdom of sages, the experiences of trailblazers, or the depths of our own introspection, these insights offer valuable perspectives and encouragement to persevere in the face of adversity. By embracing these uplifting messages, we cultivate a mindset of resilience, resourcefulness, and relentless pursuit of our aspirations.

Inspirational thoughts about achieving our dreams and life's purpose remind us that success is not merely about reaching a destination but also about the growth, learning, and transformation that occur along the way. They inspire us to embrace the journey with courage, passion, and unwavering belief in our abilities. As we draw upon these motivational insights, we fortify our resolve to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and ultimately, manifest our deepest desires and aspirations in life. Motivational Thoughts and Words of Affirmation about the Value of Humility

The 3D Principles To Achieve Your Dreams And Purpose In Life

“I came to London to become a legend and now I am a Legend.” ―Usain Bolt

A bold statement from a man with a brave heart! This is not just a mere statement but a statement mixed with what I called the “3D Principles” [Discipline, Determination and Dedication] to produce results. The London 2012 Olympics had come and gone but the memory of the spring king whose 9.58-second 100m race is considered the fastest in the history will ever linger on the mind of those who saw it coming. Speaking about Bolt, one will realize that he did not just drop from the moon to become a reference point in the field of the track but I would say, he applied the 3D Principles to get to the height we all have come to admire once he does the “Lighting bolt” sign after winning every race.

My main focus of this article is not to bore you but to draw out a simple fact about life which we missed while chasing our dreams. Nothing takes a man to the top like the passion for his dream. And speaking about passion, the desire to achieve it, is the springboard to which the dream in our hearts is propelled to its accomplishment if given the right focus in the platform of what I considered to be the 3D Principles. In a study of men who had ever achieved their dreams, one would realize the recurrent decimals in their travail to make their dreams a reality.

The power of discipline, determination and above all dedication has always played an important role in every phase of achieving one's dream and purpose in life. Every other Principle, if carefully looked at, has its laws embedded in what I considered to be the 3D Principles. If we speak about the positive forces to achieving our dreams like; staying focused, taking action, building a positive self-image, moving around with the right people, having a mentor, recognizing time management, etc or the negative forces like; procrastination, depression, low self-esteem, not believing in oneself, lack of seriousness etc, we would realize that all are enclosed within the 3D Principles.

Discipline! No man achieves anything in life without discipline. If we actually seek to achieve our goal in life, then we should learn to be disciplined and tailor ourselves towards achieving that purpose. Actually, men would always dream but working towards making that dream a reality is always a problem. I have seen men with great potential and ideas but lacking the strong will to make their dream come true. And making any dreams come true has to do with discipline. Trying to define the word discipline I would say could make us break the dictionary in search of it. To me, discipline is discipline and no shortcut to it. If you are disciplined, you will excel in your chosen field but if not, you will remain where you are for as long as you lack discipline. In order to be focused, you need discipline. It is what will take you far and guide you to your desired destination which is to achieve your goal and purpose in life.

Time management is another essential outlook of discipline. The time to build our dreams is not a negotiable time to play around and engage in what will bring us no profit in the end. It might look tough at the start but that is what it takes to achieve our dream and purpose in life. Always have at the back of your mind that we wouldn’t be here forever and every little time we have, counts a lot. Do not be lazy with time or always procrastinate about moving up with your dream. The moment you dream it, then it is time to start working towards achieving it and all you need to make that a reality is to discipline yourself no matter the challenges that might make you want to give up.

“Dreams can only be achieved if we discipline ourselves and work hard with the sole aim to achieve it.”

If we take a look at this, the ability to plan and achieve our strategy is embedded in the discipline. Discipline gives us the heart to plan and stay focused on our plan. Life actually teaches us to plan. In the place of planning, discipline plays an important role. It is the discipline we give to our plan, that we can withstand the pressure that comes along with every step we take to make our dream a reality. Planning enables you to overcome so many challenges. It makes you determine your income and expenditure. It is what also contributes to making your dream a reality.

If your aim is to make a success out of your life, you need to plan in every step of your endeavour. Even in a battle, it is he who plans ahead so that victory is ensured. So in all you do, plan ahead and never walk with a blind state of mind feeling that all is well.

“All is actually well when you learn to plan ahead.”       

Determination! David was determined and that was why he could stand up to Goliath 1 Samuel [17:1-58]. Determination comes with the braveness of the heart that likes taking risks. Risk is what brings us to gain. Remember the saying, “No risk, no gain”. Anyone with a brave heart of taking a calculated risk can make a success out of anything. If you take a look at successful men, you will realize the risk element in their entire endeavour.

“Risk is what brings us a profit and to get to that point, a determination is a sure word that guides the process.”

You might have all the ideas and potential, but if you are not determined, you can never achieve your aim. You might have heard people say, “I must succeed”. The moment they are determined and put that word into action, sincerely, it comes to be. Nothing is as powerful as spoken words backed by determination and action.

In the Book of Genesis [1:1-29], it was the spoken words from God that all that is to be, came to be. These words were not just spoken; they were backed up with immediate action. Looking at this, we can employ the same in all that we seek to become. The moment we discover our potential and what we have passion for, it is left for us to keep speaking it and backing them up with the determination to take action. If we keep to it, then we can become it no matter the obstacle that comes our way. Remember nothing makes a man so confident in himself like determination. If you are determined, you win, but if not, you lose. So be determined to win and keep winning all the way.

“Winning in life is a function of self-determination.”

Dedication! I like what the Bible says in Proverbs [22:29], “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean [men]. Here, the word diligent has to do with commitment and discipline. It is in the place of discipline; one will find his destiny and fulfil his dream and purpose. Joseph is a good example of a man who has the power of discipline in him. It was through discipline that he achieved his dream when every temptation within him to have yielded to his master’s wife played itself down Gen. [39:7-18].

“Though discipline might deny us living a life of permanent or temporary pleasure, but the end justifies the means.”

It is the end that tells a man’s story and not the beginning. It is good to discipline ourselves if our aim in life is to achieve our goals. The 3D principles we could see clearly have to do with preparation, persistence, and giving oneself to the course you believe would bring you the fulfilment of your desired dream. Best Inspiring Motivational Thoughts That Will Make You Have a Positive Rethink about Life
Dedication to your dream will always bring unspeakable joy to the body and soul if you keep to it. If you can show me a man who is dedicated to his duty, then, I would show you a man who will succeed without much struggle. Nothing brings a man to his desired place of fulfilment like dedication. In other to find the fulfilment of purpose, you need to be dedicated to what you do. Do not make your dream a one-leg-in and one-leg-out affair. It is not the best and would never be. Dedication is all you need to make life worth living.

“The more you are dedicated, the more you will discover the loopholes and gain the desire experience which is priceless and a panacea to help propel you to success and achieving your dream.”     

Lastly, let me leave you with this post I found on my Facebook page from FasteCash. “Thomas Edison had a dream, he gave us a light bulb, Wright Brothers had a dream, they gave us an aeroplane, Henry Ford had a dream, he gave us an automobile, Bill Gate had a dream, he gave us the Windows Operating System, Mark Zuckerberg had a dream, he gave us Facebook. What is your dream? Don’t lose focus of it, be persistent and the world will soon celebrate you.”

You will make it if you stay disciplined, determined and dedicated no matter the test of time. Just have the faith in your ability and with the grace of God backing you, you will succeed.

Whatever you want out of life, if you stay within the three core principles as stated, you can win any race no matter the obstacle. Focus on your dream and apply yourself to these principles. This is what the successful people we admired are using to build up their life and investment. There is no magic to it, put your life to work and take action. You will get there I believe. A toast to your success! 

“Determination, discipline, dedication and the grace of God is all you need to make your life a success.”  

Message of Hope to Inspire You to Greatness

Let Your Light Shine: A Message Of Hope To Inspire You To Greatness

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.” ―Chinua Achebe

Actually, I do not want to dwell on the life of a man who has given to us and the yet unborn generation what to ponder about for the rest of our life if ever we come across the collections of his literary works. At 82, Chinua Achebe is gone, gone with a mark that lives on the sand of time.

At that age, should he be mourned or celebrated? Many would call for either way depending on how you look at it. But actually, I would say celebration for he lives a life of fulfilment and had lived something for us to celebrate about.

“Life is a journey, a journey that would bring us to an end. Our end is, we should determine from our very beginning.”

Like they say, it is not how long you live that matters but how well it is. And how many lives you have impacted positively. Another is for you to fulfil the purpose for which you were created. Life is all about the fulfilment of purpose and we all were created to fulfil our God-given purpose here on earth. In order to fulfil that purpose, it is our sole responsibility to discover that purpose. Sometimes, people might help us discover our purpose but it is our duty to nurture it to its fulfilment. It is paramount to note that living a life without fulfilling a purpose is like living without existing.

“Everyone can live but not all exist.”

To exist means to embody the process of living in order to fulfil a purpose. Sincerely, existing gives us the drive to strive with passion within us with the sole aim to fulfill our God-given purpose. This we would discover through what we have passion for. What you have passion for, is what gives you the needed drive to make that a reality. Achebe got a scholarship to study Medicine, but his passion for creative writing made him change to Art. And at a youthful age, he gave us the most literally translated novel in the world from an African writer ― Things Fall Apart.    

God’s given purpose for a man like He said in the book of Genesis was to subdue the earth. “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Genesis [1:27 KJV].

We were to actualize our dream on earth before our time. In all men, God has given us the potential to make our purpose a fulfilment. Now it is our sole responsibility to achieve that purpose and make it come to fulfilment. If we fail, we have not only failed our Maker but ourselves too. And when you fail, you can never be happy with all that is around you.

There is a big need to strive in all that is within us to make our dream come true. We shouldn’t live as if we have all the time in the world to achieve that which is our given purpose.

“Strive within yourself with all you have got to make your dream a reality.”

We should realize that the earth we are in is like a marketplace where we have only come to sell our goods and when night comes, we should be ready even if we are not prepared to go back home. Beautiful Refreshing Perspective about How to Let Joy Flow within Your Heart Like the River of Joy

Every man was created for a purpose and as we live, we should endeavour to always put this at the back of our minds to live a valuable treasure that will positively affect other people's lives on the sand of time. Great men think of what to discover and give to their yet-unborn generation to benefit from and not live like they have all the time at hand. For us to fulfil our purpose, we should think of using our God-given talents to benefit the human race.

“It is when you fulfil a purpose that is when you would be valued.”

There is no great or little talent; we all have ours in the little measure we can accommodate. And using it to achieve greatness no matter how little we feel about it should be our uttermost desire.

“No matter how little you felt you are, never despise the gift within you.”  

Whatever you find your hand to do, do it well and be exceptional at it. It is through this, that you would be noted for and in there would your greatness arise. We should let our light so shine because, at the first instant, our creation was for us to showcase our given light which is a free gift from our Creator.

If we discover our light and make it shine, then our reward would be a joy not only to us but to all and our Maker who admonished us in Matthew [5:16], “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”.      


Motivational thoughts about achieving our dreams and life's purpose serve as invaluable companions along our journey of personal and professional growth. They remind us of our inner strength, resilience, and capacity to overcome challenges. These inspiring insights encourage us to maintain focus, persistence, and unwavering belief in ourselves, even when faced with adversity. By internalizing these uplifting messages, we cultivate a mindset of possibility, optimism, and proactive action, propelling us closer to our aspirations. Moreover, motivational thoughts inspire us to embrace the journey itself, recognizing that each step forward is a testament to our growth and progress. As we continue to draw inspiration from these guiding principles, we harness the power within us to turn our dreams into reality and live a purposeful, fulfilling life. In essence, motivational thoughts serve as catalysts for transformation, empowering us to reach new heights of achievement and fulfillment.



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: Motivational Thoughts about How to Achieve Your Dreams and Purpose in Life
Motivational Thoughts about How to Achieve Your Dreams and Purpose in Life
When it comes to achieving your goal, this inspirational thoughts about how to achieve your dream and purpose in life is what you need to inspire you along the process of achieving your purpose in life.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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