Best Inspiring Motivational Thoughts that Will Make You Think about Life

These best inspiring motivational thoughts that will make you have a positive rethink about life are deep motivational quotes about life.

Thoughts that Will Make You have a Positive Rethink about Life

Within each of us lies the most potent source of motivation—our own inner drive and resilience. Yet, our journey is enriched when we glean wisdom from the experiences of others. Learning from their mistakes provides us with invaluable insights, equipping us with the tools to navigate life's challenges with fortitude and grace. Amidst the trials and tribulations that we encounter, it is these inspiring motivational thoughts that serve as guiding beacons, igniting within us a positive perspective and a renewed sense of determination.

The best motivational thoughts possess a transformative power, urging us to reevaluate our outlook on life and approach challenges with renewed vigor. These thought-provoking words of advice resonate deeply, offering solace and inspiration in times of uncertainty and adversity. They remind us that setbacks are not roadblocks but opportunities for growth and self-discovery. By embracing these motivational insights, we empower ourselves to rise above life's obstacles and emerge stronger, wiser, and more resilient than before.

In the face of life's myriad challenges, cultivating a mindset fueled by inspiring motivational thoughts becomes essential. They serve as a constant reminder of our inherent strength and potential, urging us to persevere in the pursuit of our dreams and aspirations. As we internalize these empowering messages, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, empowered to overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. Motivational Thoughts About Time and the Power of Risk Taking

Be Inspired To Greatness: A Word Of Encouragement From Some Of The World Exceptional Leaders  

“I was raped at the age of 9.” ―Oprah Winfrey. “I didn’t even complete my university education.” ―Bill Gates. “In my childhood days, I stitched shoes.” ―Abraham Lincoln. “I struggled academically through elementary school.” ―Dr. Ben Carson. “I used to serve tea at a shop to support my football training.” ―Lionel Messi. “I used to sleep on the floor in friends’ rooms, returning Coke bottles for food money and getting weekly free meals at a local temple.” ―Steve Jobs. “My teachers used to call me a failure.” ―PM Tony Blair

I got these inspiring words some time ago that almost got some drop of tears out of my eyes from Whatsapp Connect’s Facebook page. Sincerely the moment I saw this post, I sat back and began to think and reason at the same time; asking myself if these people actually went through all that in life. If they actually went through this like they confessed, then it makes me wonder why people are worrying and just killing themselves over nothing. If these great men and women could withstand the humiliation, depression, despair, and the lowest self-esteem of the highest order, and still could make it to the top and become that which they desired to be in life, then we as humans have no excuses to fail.

“Despairs are the foot mat on which we build our success story.”   

Life is dynamic and I believe we all know. What actually makes it so is its worth of it. And this worth can only be gotten if we go through its many roads that are filled with thorns which prepare us ahead to actualize our dreams. 

“There is no vision without despair and there is no victory without setbacks.” 

We should have it at the back of our minds that nothing good comes easy. If you want it good, then be prepared to pay the price. Sincerely, if these great people whom the world still stands in salute of their courage could pass through all these in their early life and still could make it to the top without allowing what they went through affect their mindset, then we who are passing through a difficult time at the moment in our life’s, have no excuse or bundle of reasons to make life feel as if it is a bed of rose all through the time.

“Stand up and fight for your right no matter the frustration you are going through.”

For the benefit of the doubt, we all know who these personalities are in our present world and the influence they carried in their respective field of human endeavours. On a lighter note, there is no need to further boost their ego, maybe you should take a little time online and do a search on Google for each of the mentioned names. Maybe a little proof of the outcome will convince you. For, as I sat back to do a little deep research online about each of the personalities, I realized something that is so striking about each of them. 

“Victory is achieved after passing through many rough roads without stopping to complain.” 

Apart from reading about them and coming across some of them on our television set, if you could look beyond their appearance, you will sense what I saw. That striking attribute defines every successful person. The very attributes the Bible recognized as the route one should take to achieve greatness. A look at that attribute is in Matthew [23:12] “And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted”. It is good to humble yourself because humility is the key to success. When you are humble, you will always be at peace with your enemy. 

“Humility is the gateway to success.”

Taking a look at some of the notable Bible characters, we can see that what made them stand out is nothing but the spirit of humility. Abraham was humbled and God called him the father of all nations. Joseph was humbled that he became a King in a strange land.  David was humble and God called him a man after His heart. Esther exhibits the spirit of humility and she was chosen among others to be the Queen. 

“Humility is what opens everlasting doors to greatness.” 

There is something of humility that connects with our faith to actualize our dreams, destiny and the purpose for which we were created. When a man is humble, you will find within him this undeniable faith that gives him the grace to face every challenge of life and walk through them without making it feel as if that is the end for him. Humility is what opens every closed door. When you walk with humility, you can never be stranded no matter what you are passing through. 

“Difficult times were not designed to break you down totally but are designed as a testing ground to inspire you to greatness.” 

So in every difficult time you experience, it should not make you give up but rather, kill the fear in you, rise up and face it squarely because what you stand up to, is what will make you tall and not what you sit down about. Imagine if these people had given up, would we have gotten men who are inspiring their generation to greatness? Let us say Bill Gates has given up; then there will be no Microsoft and the richest man in the world. And if Lionel Messi had given up, many would not be enjoying the beautiful game he gives to Barcelona. Imagine that Dr. Ben Cason had given up, then where would there be the gifted hand that leads the way to the first successful separation of sesame twins. And if Steve Jobs had done the same, today, there would be no Apple and the Ipads. And if Oprah Winfrey had done the same, what would have happened to the brand Oprah Winfrey Show? If Abraham Lincoln had given up in spite of the many times he failed, but to date, he is the most and would I say the best American President of all time. What of Tony Blair, the British have in him a Prime Minister. In all, do not let the challenges of life make you forget your dreams.

“No matter the difficult time you are going through; never give up on your dreams.”

In life giving up when it is not conducive is like defeating yourself. The things we pass through in life are to toughen us and make us strong. It is to teach us the real lesson of life in progression. And when we give up, we kill our dreams and also in the process kill our purpose.  In order to save mankind, Our Saviour went through so much and in all that He went through, He never complained but He said Father forgives them for they know not what they do. If he had complained, then the purpose would have been defeated. He chose to give it all it takes because that was the only option that could bring salvation to the whole world. Motivational Thoughts and Words of Affirmation about the Value of Humility

“Complaining about your situation will give you no edge to push forward and make your dream a reality.”

Lastly, every life is to fulfil a purpose and the road to fulfilling that purpose is scattered with thorns. Thorns of difficulties, depression, hatred, backbiting, frustration and all other negative devices you can think of but the bottom line is we as individuals, who believe in our dreams, shouldn’t be afraid to give it all that we have gotten within us. I know people who may only see your physical appearance without looking at your inside and determining the gift and potential within you. I know this may seem to discourage you, but for you, you shouldn’t be discouraged but rather hold on to your faith. It is only yourself who knows you have it and it is your duty to hold on to it and never let anyone discourage you. People will talk, but be yourself. What you need to do is look up to Him who has given you the gift and humble yourself in place of authority. If you can be true to yourself and your Maker, then forever and at all times, you will always find the inspiration that will inspire you to greatness.

“Stand firm and you will overcome.”

The Rainy Day Issue

The Rainy Day Issue: How To Bulletproof Yourself Against Failure

“Success has a short lifespan if it’s not multiplied and replicated.” Kehinde Ajose writes in “Costly Mistakes Entertainers Make” in the Friday, June 8, 2012 edition of Entertainment Express. Life, like LG, is good and what’s more, we all want and desire a good life. We all want to make it big time, live largely and make the world feel our impact but how prepared are we to live with it and thereafter becomes a big question. 

“Do not let life rule you but rule your life to live well.”

It is easy to make money if we implored our talents and put all the hard work to bear with it. But the question is when the money begins to roll in; do we remember that it has its season and time? Sincerely, how we treat its season, is what it would take for us to reap a bountiful harvest time without numbers.

“All we have in this world is nothing but temporal.”

There is a need to have it at the back of our mind that that good time doesn’t last a lifetime. Tribulation as in dry season may still come and it is our preparedness to deal with it that will enable us to stand the test of time. Now, if you are sitting on top of a free million, remember there comes a time when the blood in you wouldn’t flow to make the millions as it used to be. 

“Time changes and the game might never be the same as usual.” 

It is your foresight and uprightness with a deep understanding of investment and money management that would keep you afloat and make you keep something for the next generation yet unborn. 

A story online by Eurosport – The Rundown, Wednesday, March 28, 2012, titled “Top 10 Sports Stars Who Blew Fortunes”, got me thinking. The article takes a look at men who made fortunes from their talents in Basketball, Football, Golf, Boxing etc but blew them down the line with lifestyles that were unnecessarily called for. Of all, that boxing is a case in mind considering Holyfield and Tyson, the article says, “The once undisputed heavyweight champions of the world both earned vast fortunes in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Evander Holyfield picked up over $250m in his career but had the bank foreclosed on his $10m house in 2008 (his house, incidentally, had 109 rooms). Holyfield cites poor business decisions and his two failed marriages (which have left him with huge child support bills) as the reasons for his financial woes. Mike Tyson, meanwhile, burnt through even more cash: some $300m and more went down the toilet – literally, at one point. Among his many extravagances was an exotic bathroom suite whose bathtub alone cost $2m! He was declared bankrupt in 2003 with a reported $34m debt. He returned to the ring to pay off his bills, but hit the rocks again and was convicted of cocaine possession in 2007. Today, he makes ends meet by appearing as himself in movies and tends his pigeons at home in New York.”

Read in-between the lines, there you will see what brought these men down even when they had the world on their feet financially. I implore you again to take a careful look at the quoted portion of the article above. If you do, you would spot what actually brought the downfall of the two heavyweight boxing champions? Holyfield cited poor business and his two failed marriages as the reasons for his financial misfortune but if I may ask, what is a man doing in a 109-room home? And for Tyson, why a $2m exotic bathroom suite? Some Facts about How to Desire a Thing That Will Make You Feel Better

“Making money without financial discipline is the greatest disservice you can do to yourself.”

Money as I know is meant to be invested in profitable ventures that would yield another stream of income and not for extravagance. As I know, those who live extravagant lifestyles will always, in the end, live a borrowed life.

There is nothing as good as planning for the rainy day because, for sure, it shall come and how prepared you are for it, is what will give you an edge to overcome it when it finally shows up. The big way to overcome this is to save no matter how little or small it is. Now, let us do a little investment portfolio. If you keep $1,000 every day for the next 365 days, you will have saved $365,000. 

You might say how this could be possible considering the economic situation in the land. And here I would say, that extra cash, the unnecessary expenses made on calls, drinks and others, if you can make a habit to save, then you can make something tangible out of it. Just give it a try within your level and see how far you can go. I know some would say that it is only an entrepreneur that would be able to save such an amount daily and not a civil servant but in all, trying to save for that is a good way to secure your future, financially.

“Making a little saving is a sure way to get out of financial constraint.”    

The principle of life is to start small and grow big and not to start big and grow small. Those who think making money and spending it `loud loud’ is the ultimate way to enjoy life to its fullness, are only making a big mistake because when they need the money most, it becomes like a bird, flying away and never to return with its full wings. 

“When you make money no matter how little or how big it is, learn to save some for the rainy day.”

It is good to learn from the mistakes of others. This is what will give you an edge when you finally arrived at your comfort zone. And also remember to realize that money made in haste shouldn't be spent in haste but rather to have a good investment plan for the future and not in the short run. In Proverbs [6:6-8], the Bible says, “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, [and] gathereth her food in the harvest.”

Any amount of money in your hand is to be invested. We shouldn’t make the mistake of saying I do not have any leftovers. If you can’t handle the little in your hand, how will you handle the big one coming? 

“There are things that are not necessary for you at some moment which you shouldn’t stress yourself because you want to be like others.” 

Remember everyone has their time of breakthrough and while working for that, remember to put in place the necessary machinery to enable you to fulfil what the Bible said in the Book of Proverbs about the ant. Some people make all, spend all and go borrowing without planning or keeping some for a rainy day. So bad!

“When you are content, you create the value to multiply the little in your hand.”

Whatever you have, be content and enrich your spiritual life. If you gain all the world, to your Maker, your soul is more precious than the riches of this world which Solomon said is vanity upon vanity. There are some levels of wealth we seek but our Maker, the giver of life and wealth knows that it might destroy our faith in Him. He also knows that at some time, we may not have the capacity to withstand the reaction, to that which He gives to us. He knows what we need to keep a balance of our faith while aiming for the crown that never rots. Inspirational Thoughts about How to Achieve Your Dreams and Purpose in Life

Wealth sometimes corrupts the mind when you are not prepared for it. It is good to have a balance in life, experiencing both the good and bad of it. It is what makes you strong and can withstand any eventuality. Be wise and invest rightly.  

“Wealth is for multiplication and not for accumulation.”

When seeking to make wealth, it is left for us to understand the purpose for which wealth is meant without which, the aim is defeated. Even though the rainy day issue will always be around to test our faith in our Maker. As children of His Kingdom, it is left for us to have a deep understanding through His word on how to abide by His principle concerning the creation of wealth which has to do with giving, titling, investing, saving etc. Forgive me if you are not in line with this. Wealth to me is a faith issue. It is having a deep faith in your Maker that will enable you to create and manage wealth without losing focus. When we understand this purpose, then the rainy day issue for us would ever be a mirage and a thing of the past for us not to worry about when it comes our way, that is if it would come which I doubt considering what we have inside. 

Can this be True
Can This Be True: A Deep Quote From Margaret Thatcher

“If you want something to be said, use a man. But if you want something done, use a woman.” ―Margaret Thatcher

How true is the above quote from the late female British Prime Minister? Either way, if you put a comment to it, she might have some real facts to it. If I may ask as a man, had a woman ever “worried” your life before? Maybe a little “worry” from a woman when it becomes persistent, you may understand what the statement seems to mean. 

Somehow from the statement, there is some element of serious truth in it. Men generally betray their emotions when it comes to taking action. Maybe it is the nature of a man as a father to always look at anything in its true nature before taking any action. Like they say a man thinks before he acts while a woman acts before she thinks. Hope the womenfolk would not crucify me on this. I mean no harm but seriously let us look in-between the line. How to Redeem the Value of Time in Your Favour

Ask yourself while would a man delay making a decision when it has to do with taking an action on a matter that requires urgent attention? Men are known to bear the cost of anything that worries their minds. They prefer to take a look at it critically and this to any woman is looked upon as a delay in action. A woman wants it done immediately and done with it as it demands. But a man would seem to paint a picture of it and give it time before finally taking his decision.

Sometimes the cause of this delay is worth it but sometimes, it isn’t. Generally, when the situation at hand demands the taking of life or harming the one to which the action would be taken, it requires a critical decision. Forget what people may say, most women are strong-will. Bold, daring and quick to give back the way it comes. 

When a woman is open we say she is daring and people might seem to trade her way with caution. But what about those we feel are not daring, sincerely, if you dare them, you will understand that sometimes it is so cool to deal with someone you understand their trait of outspokenness than the other way. If I should be true to you, anyone who is outspoken has nothing to hide but we tend to look at them as somehow daring. It might in the long run surprise you that any woman we seem to see as strong-will is in fact so emotional compared to others. 

When a woman has the effrontery to stand up for her right, we equate it to equity and equality. But sometimes it might not be true. A woman in order to cover her weaker side seems to trace that line of action which is later on always regrettable. A woman feels because of her nature in creation, she is looked upon as the weaker vessel at the receiving side of history. So to overcome that, she builds herself with a mind that is always protective towards defending her own ideology. But as a man and father, you do not need to go that way. Ours was to love and theirs was to obey. So when you love, she will obey and no two ways about it. I know sometimes for some people to achieve their worth, they need to be pushed. If that push is to achieve a definite purpose, it is worth it but if it is towards negative attributes, then it is not worth it. Getting anything done, should be what should benefit all and not towards destruction. Action to me should be taken immediately and not be procrastinated, that is if the action is what will benefit humanity and the person taking the action. Delay I know is dangerous and can kill the spirit of forthrightness. Again I would say if it is for good, then it is worth it but if not, forget it because anything that will not do all any good, shouldn’t be attempted. Beautiful Refreshing Perspective about How to Let Joy Flow within Your Heart Like the River of Joy

In line with Margaret Thatcher’s statement that says, “If you want something to be said, use a man. But if you want something done, use a woman”. To me, that is her ideology at the happening of that time which prompted her to make the statement. I would say she has the right as far as there is freedom of speech. You may either choose to believe her or not. It is entirely your choice because that is the power we as humans have, to make a choice and stand by our choice. When you can make a choice and stand by your choice, it defines the person in you.


The best inspiring motivational thoughts hold the power to ignite profound introspection and transformation within us. They serve as guiding lights, illuminating our path through life's challenges and uncertainties. These thought-provoking insights remind us of our inherent resilience and potential, urging us to rise above adversity with courage and determination. By embracing these motivational messages, we cultivate a mindset of positivity, perseverance, and unwavering belief in ourselves. As we integrate these empowering thoughts into our daily lives, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, continuously striving to become the best versions of ourselves. Ultimately, these motivational thoughts inspire us to approach life with optimism, gratitude, and a steadfast commitment to realizing our dreams and aspirations.



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: Best Inspiring Motivational Thoughts that Will Make You Think about Life
Best Inspiring Motivational Thoughts that Will Make You Think about Life
These best inspiring motivational thoughts that will make you have a positive rethink about life are deep motivational quotes about life.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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