Motivational Thoughts And Words Of Affirmation About The Value Of Humility

The virtue that brings honour is humility. When you are humble, you will go far in life. These motivational thoughts and words of affirmation about the value of humility are messages of encouragement that would brighten your day towards achieving success in life. Beautiful Refreshing Perspective About How To Let Joy Flow Within Your Heart Like The River Of Joy  

“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.” ―I Peter [5:6 KJV]

The value of humility is the essence of life. A man that is humble is a man who will go far in life. To be humble is a virtue that takes a man to the top. A man that must actualize his dream, must take along with him this virtue which without, he may never get near the top.

“If you seek to measure success, humility is one true value that accounts for such.”

It takes nothing to be humble. Sometimes, people might consider you for a fool when you are humble. For me, it is better to be a fool at it and get what you want than be a hardman and lose it all. Take a look at a man who is successful in all that he sets to do, if you sincerely look in between the lines, you will find the virtue of humility in that person. Words Of Encouragement And Strength About Faith And Power In The Holy Spirit

“It takes nothing to be humble. It is what will take you far.”

Humility gives us the level head to seek for knowledge and have a deep understanding of it. When you are humble, intelligence sets in and you find yourself becoming a reference point among those around you. This gives you the needed boldness with an unusual strength to face and overcome every limitation on your way to greatness. One simple value to spot a great man is his humble disposition. Such a person takes everything with a calm spirit that naturally attracts you to them.

“Humility is what brings a peace of mind anytime, any day.”

If you seek to be great, one tool that will take you there is humility but the problem is, the road to greatness is actually that road which sometimes hides in disguise and is clothed with opportunities that only the mind that is humble can see through it.

In life, I must say we shouldn’t be in a haste nor seek to rush over everything that comes our way. Those that are in a haste if you watch closely are heading to nowhere. Life is a gradual process; you take it one step at a time or after the other. And what will give you the patience to go through its many huddles is the heart of humility. The Essence Of Our Creation In The Fulfillment Of Purpose

It is a known fact that men who do not have patience are seemingly not humble. They want to rush everything at once without taking the pain to understand the situation. You would hear them say, “I do not have patience for this or that”. Sincerely, this is a bad way to show the lapses within you without taking into consideration the fact that such is bad. At times, people seem to compare humility to laziness without realizing the inner joy that a man with a humble spirit radiates.

“Humility is not laziness, it is being yourself to attract the best all the time.”

When you are humble, you will seem to see everything in between the line. Nothing and I mean nothing can take a humble man unaware.

“People may say you are slow but they fail to see between the lines that hastiness is nothing but emptiness in the long run.”

Humility pays and it is what will define your person if you guide your heart with all diligence. It would be right to say that humility is an inheritance but you can also learn it. Learning it is through experience in life that might force you to become humble. Circumstances of life in many cases are what humble a man who seems to be arrogant. When a man is arrogant, people look at him in another way. And the only time arrogance pays is when such a person suddenly realizes that those who should naturally be around them are nowhere to be found because of their arrogant way of doing things. Such a person never radiates true love that draws people around him. He feels he knows all but sincerely, he makes for himself more enemies than friends. The Little Seed And The Future Of Expansion

When a man is humble, he fears His Maker and would ever want to do His will no matter how inconvenient it is to him but that cannot be said of a man that is not humble. A man who seeks after the righteousness of His Creator, would more than anything need this value called humility. It is what will guide you to the throne of grace which is accessed through the heart of humility. Proverbs [15:33KJV] said, “The fear of the LORD [is] the instruction of wisdom; and before honour [is] humility”. Truly, honour might only come when you are humble in place of authority.

“People want easy access to honour but without taking the pains to get the virtue of it.”

Humility is that virtue that brings honour. And what is life if we gain all and yet have no honour for all that we have gained. We should take a deep look around the people in our community and around the world. It is good that we study the life of those we know that seem to lack this virtue and those that have this virtue. Let us draw up our findings and make comparisons between them all. If you are sincere with yourself, you will without the help of anyone discover which life to adopt in the long run either to be humble or to be arrogant. Conception And The Lessons That Makes Life Worth Living 

Whatever you are seeking for, the fastest way to get it is to humble yourself. When you are humble, things come to you easily. You don’t need to struggle for anything. Things come to you in due time. All you need is to be yourself, walk diligently and with a smile that takes away complain you can have all that you desire when you hold on to the value of humility because life in itself answers to humility just like Proverbs [22:4 KJV] said, “By humility [and] the fear of the LORD [are] riches, and honour, and life”.

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