Conception and the Lessons that Makes Life Worth Living

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Best Conception and the Lessons that Makes Life Worth Living

These best positive thoughts about conception and the lessons that make life worth living are motivational messages inspired by Genesis 4:1-26. My deep prayer is that these words of positive thoughts about life would find the rightful expression in your heart to do the will of God concerning your life. The Heart that is Filled with Deceit always comes with Negative Consequences 

Conception And The Lessons That Makes Life Worth Living

[4:1]. Conception is the mother of progression. When you conceive an idea, you need to follow up on it to see its actualization. Just like creation, you need others to make your ideas become a reality. The moment you feel you can do everything by yourself; then you are indirectly making a way for your downfall without you knowing it.

[4:2]. When your ideas are manifested, it is not for you to relax and feel you have won the battle. You need to constantly improve on what you already know. Remember there are people who are never impressed by your progression and as such would do anything to want to bring you down. When you have gotten your ideas manifested, you need to guide against anything that might want to stand up just to destroy what has taken you years to build. Already remember that there are enemies of your progress and all you should do is never rest or feel that all is alright but rather fight in all its capacity to always have an upper hand against those enemies of your progress.

[4:3]. Time is what defines the process of destiny. What you do with your time is what will ever matter in life. If you are a time waster, then do not expect manna to fall from Heaven. Work for your time and be determined to make good use of your time. When you value time, time will value you and in it, you will face progress to achieve your desired goal in life.

[4:4]. When you seek to give anything out, let it be the best you are giving. If you give out of stinginess, then do not expect a good reward in return. Those who know how to give valuable gifts are those who will always receive bountiful rewards.

[4:5]. What is it that you have that would make others want to come close to you? If you have what to offer, others will be attracted to you. And make sure that what you have should be that which will bring glory not only to you but to others.

[4:6]. Your countenance towards anything is what will define your person at such times. If your countenance is wrong and you become angry about other people's progress, then how do you expect such goodwill to flow around you? Be happy for others for in it you will find happiness in whatsoever your hand will find to do.

[4:7]. Your acceptance into the league of those with great minds is at the instant of your understanding of the value of life. If you do well people will recognize you based on your contribution to the growth of humanity. In all your dealing, let your consciousness always think of how you can contribute to the advancement of the human race. But the moment you thought is how to do evil, then evil is what will follow you. And in it, you will never find any good reward even if you feel you are getting a reward at hand but the end is what will justify it all which is always a sad end for others to relate to. 

[4:8]. Sometimes those who associate with you and you feel they are with good intentions are actually planning your downfall right within their heart. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to put your trust in man. The hearts of men are naturally wicked and their thought about your progress is lined with envy. They will within their hearts seek to destroy your goodwill even while pretending to be your true friend. Be guided by wisdom while dealing with those you consider to be your true friends because your downfall at any time if traced with diligence is what actually might come from your trusted friends.

[4:9]. Nobody will talk good of you to your back if your progress gives them sleepless nights. Some people who are below the line of making progress would seem to blame anyone for their state of lawlessness without pointing the right finger at themselves. If you are making progress in what you do, just keep to it and develop a thick skin to accommodate those whose minds will never appreciate good things. If you allow yourself to be taken back by what people might say of you, then for sure you are not ready to accommodate the blessing that comes your way. Every progress calls for questioning either good or bad. And if you allow yourself to be held down by their opinion of you then sincerely you are not ready to face the battle in the reality of life.

[4:10]. When you envy and lead others to their downfall then what will be your achievement? Those who become a stumbling block to others' progress will also find others to be a stumbling block to their own progress. The law of karma is still in vogue. And do not think that what you have gotten in the downfall of others is sweet revenge. Just be ready if your heart is of evil thoughts that the same measurement you gave to others is what you will receive in return. The best you can do is to help others achieve their dreams and not become the guiding steps to their downfall. When you enriched others, others will enrich you but if you become the source of their downfall, others will do the same to you. In this, you have to choose which camp you seek to belong to if to be a blessing or to be of a curse.

[4:11].  When by your evil thoughts and action you cause another man’s downfall then how do you feel about your action? If by your thought and action, you made another become the victim of circumstance; then know that there is the law of karma. Even if you try to skip that from your mind, remember that your conscience shall always judge you till the day you confess. There is no need for you to spill the blood of another for that which is vanity. If you think you have won today, be cheating others of their right; just remember that you will never have your way at all times. Karma has a way of revisiting its woes and if you do not want to be her victim; then let your hands at all times be clean. 

[4:12]. When you cheat others in order to have your way on that which is vanity; then be prepared to live a life that adds no true value to humanity. And in as much as you enjoy the loot of that cheat, what you are doing to yourself is killing the value of self-worth inside of you. Remember if the way you feel is alright to you but such is causing others pain because of your selfishness then have it in mind that such action shall always come back to play the same tune on you. In all wickedness that you perfected against another is just for a short time. If you don’t have your reward immediately, soon it shall be made manifest. And if you pass on without having your reward here on earth; your generation after you shall always come to partake in it. It is of essence to always live right and to always be a vessel of honour. A life of greed with a gain is a life of destruction in the later days. Be wise and do not let selfishness destroy that which is your promising and glorious future.

[4:13]. Your reward in an atmosphere of wickedness you shall always receive if you fail not to forsake your ways of wickedness. Wickedness to your fellow human is the same wickedness to yourself. When you think out to play the same wickedness on others, just consider yourself in their shoes. What will it profit you to see others suffer because of your wicked action? Those who derived pleasure to see others suffer would never gain any selfless honour added to their name but would always be remembered by humanity for the wickedness that they perpetrated in the name of wanting to gain the pleasure of things in life that are never of eternal value.

[4:14]. For you not to be a castaway, then you need to live your life right and that which is worthy of emulation. Do not live your life in order to see others cry. And do not derive pleasure from seeing others weep. What you wouldn’t like others to do to you, do not carry out the same action on others. If you want to be a blessing to your generation, then you will do yourself a pleasure to be the best that has the genuine interest of others at heart. When others can live with you without any iota of fear and doubt; then the world for sure shall be a better place to live in. Life is a function of hope and that hope can only be displayed if we strived to be one another’s keepers.

[4:15] When your thought becomes evil in taking the very life that you can't give then know that there is a reward if not now but later. Remember that vengeance is of the Lord and a man who takes others' life without giving a thought about it will forever live in silent regret every moment of his life. Remember that life is so precious in the sight of Him who created us all. And a life taken can never be replaced. In all, you do remember life is so precious. And when you think evil in taking others' life remember that you have done the worst evil by taking that which you cannot give. Value life and you will be valued, devalue life and you will never be valued.

[4:16]. Anyone who lives in fear has an undertone of evil within his thoughts. And there is something about evil wherever you run to such will always find you if not now but later. Striving to do good is the only way to get a pleasant reward. No man who engages in evil has ever gotten a reward that will be favourable to him and his generation. When you do good, good will follow you but if you choose to do evil definitely it is evil that will follow you. In all of your dealing, make sure you are on the right path with men. Remember that your reward from men and your heavenly Father is what will bring to you peace of mind when you do good and not evil. Let no evil thought cross your mind for it is something that will never bring any positive thing but rather it will bring negative things that will destroy not only you but your generation after you.

[4:17]. The path to evil is destruction. And an upright man will always do well no matter the temptation to do evil. When you build a family, build it within the essence of truthfulness and learn the value of trust. A cunning heart will never produce any positive results but rather will always produce negative results that will indirectly consume such a person. Your values are what will leave after you and not your cunning attitude. Life is a choice so make the choice to be upright in all that you do. When you are upright people will always leave to value you but the moment you think that becoming cunning is the right way to leave just remember you have lost the value that makes life worth living.

[4:18]. Where you are born is not the matter but the value you made out of your birth is what matters. Program your life in such a way that it comes with positive vibes. When you encounter any problem see it as providing a solution. It is the impact that you have on a life that will bring you the needed result that will turn things around. Let positive vibes be an attitude that you cultivate right within your mind. It is what would add value to your life and also prompt you to achieve all that you ever seek to achieve in life.

[4:19]. Marriage comes with so many responsibilities. Remember you will never find a perfect being. It is out of imperfection that you will strive to be perfect. If you are seeking a perfect marriage then the cemetery is a place to go. We are all imperfect beings who only strive to be perfect. Perfection is a daily activity and as we strive within our hearts, we will find that perfection only if we try. It is good to know what you want and to go after it but also know that in between what you want lies many trials and temptations. Understanding is the key and trust is was builds up every relationship.

[4:20]. Prosperity comes through giving. When you learn to give, you are making a way to be prosperous. Stinginess diminishes. It makes you feel as if you have it all. When you give and keep giving, you are making a way for an open door not only for yourself but for your generation. Givers do not lack for they know that prosperity comes through the act of giving. Show me a man who is a giver and I will show you a man that never lacks. If you are seeking unlimited breakthroughs then learn to give and keep giving.

[4:21]. Nothing makes the heart merry like songs that bring joy to the heart. Let songs of worship find their way into your heart, your mind, your spirit and your soul. In times of trial and temptation, it is the songs of worship that will bring to you peace of mind. Songs of worship uplift and connect you to the Heavenly. It brings you closer to your Maker. And as you engage in deep worship it brings to you tears of joy. The joy that will make you withstand every challenge of life. Do not let songs of worship nor songs of praise depart from your heart. It is what will strengthen, encourage and uplift you in every phase of life that you come across.

[4:22]. Works of art have a way of making us feel the true essence of living. Art is life, it connects us to our environment. It makes us feel the wonder of creation and brings out the creativity in us. If you love art, you love life. Make out time to at least have a work of art hanging in your living room. Art comes with positive thoughts. It is one thing that lacks true definition. Connect with works of art and see a different you in your view of life and all that have to do with it.

[4:23]. Do not hide the truth from the one you love. Learn to tell your spouse the truth, the very truth and nothing but the truth. When you tell the truth it builds within you the trust that you can be trusted. When you tell lies you build up a defence that cannot stand the test of time. A life lived in lies, is a life lived with guilt. Learn to stand for the truth, it is what will set you free. When you cover up lies you make your self-worth cheap and devalue yourself. One single truth destroys multitudes of lies. It is the truth that makes you human and not the lies you tell. If you want to make progress in life never make telling lies an option. Your self-worth is valued when you say the truth, the very truth and nothing but the truth.

[4:24]. Avenged no wrong for you can never truly avenge for every wrong that was done to you. Do you want to make progress in life? Forget the wrongs people have done to you. Make headway, stay focused and never waste your time trying to avenge any wrong done to you. The more time you spend trying to avenge, you lose valuable time trying to make progress. Remember you have limited time to fulfil your destiny here on earth. You do not have all the time to waste it trying to avenge the wrong people have done to you. A wise man forgets the past and looks to the future having it at the back of his mind to fulfil destiny without any waste of time trying to avenge the wrong people have done to him.

[4:25]. Every blessing has its own time. And every blessing has its own purpose. It is for you to learn the value of patience and wait patiently for the fulfilment of the given time of your blessings. When you hurry time to fulfil your blessings such might not deliver to you the actual blessings that will transcend your generation. Anything done in a hurry is never completed the right way it should be but when you take time to do things in the right way, it comes with its rightful result that will always make you a happy being. If you want the true blessings from above, learn to be patient and wait upon the Lord. It is Him alone that will bless you at the right time and that blessing will add to it no sorrow.

[4:26]. The name of the Lord is a strong tower. It is all you need to overcome the many wolves that might seek to destroy your life. When you seek after God's righteousness, He will build an edge round about you. The protection you need is in the Lord. Remember your life is in His hand and with you hidden in Him be rest assured that you will find rest in your troubled mind. Living for the Lord is a lifestyle. It is something you shouldn't compromise. It is what you should be happy with. Even though life is a choice, let your choice be that you live in Him who created you for His pleasure.



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: Conception and the Lessons that Makes Life Worth Living
Conception and the Lessons that Makes Life Worth Living
These positive thoughts about conception and life are what makes life worth living philosophy, what makes life worth living essay, what is that makes life worth living, what factors make life worth living, make your life worth living meaning, what makes life worth living quotes, love makes life worth living and things that make life worth living lessons that you can learn to make your life a better one.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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