The Heart that is Filled with Deceit always comes with Negative Consequences

Let these encouraging words which the inspiration came from Genesis 3:1-24 become the light that would at all times direct your path towards doing that which is right before God and man.

How the Heart that is Filled with Deceit always comes with Negative Consequences

Let these encouraging words which the inspiration came from Genesis 3:1-24 become the light that would at all times direct your path towards doing that which is right before God and man. Let no deceitful thoughts be found within you. Always know for sure that there is a payback time. May Our God guide your thoughts with positive words that would bring glory to His name. The Little Seed and the Future of Expansion

The Heart That Is Filled With Deceit Always Comes With Negative Consequences

[3:1]. Be careful with people who are always subtle in their mode of communication. If you look in between their speech, you will discover the deceitful tune that comes with it. When you find anyone that is a smooth talker, be careful how you deal and relate with such a person because the end of it all shall always bring you a dangerous outcome that could destroy your life for good.

[3:2]. Words that are spoken in cunning ways are nothing but to deceive you into submitting your right for a lifetime of bondage. Be alert when anyone asks you questions in an uncertain way. If you yield to any question that has to do with your person, then such is what shall be used to destroy the person that is you. Let your heart and mind be guided with the truth and do not make yourself become vulnerable for people to manipulate into giving out yourself to be used in bringing you down to your kneel.

[3:3]. Deceitful thoughts if you allow them to control your mind are what will always lead you to destruction. Dealing with people in the right way is what will always guarantee peace of mind. Remember that whatsoever you do has a reward either good or bad. If you want to be a blessing to others, do not take advantage of that person’s ignorance and weakness. If you do, though you may have your way at one point, in all, you may never have your way at all times. And when you are discovered to be a deceitful person, people will avoid you and would never want to have anything good to do with you.

[3:4]. When you play around with people who are subtle in their words, you make yourself become prey to their wicked manipulation. When you discover that someone is trying to play on your intelligence, rebuked such a person immediately before such makes a fool of you and steals that which you may not be able to recover. There is no need to give in to deceitful thoughts nor allow them to settle in your mind because they will never bring anything good but rather a pathway towards the destruction of your soul.

[3:5]. A question is always for an answer but knows that which seeks to bring you down. It is not every question that you should give an immediate answer to. Always make yourself calm down and never should you be in a hurry to answer any question. When you become calm, your mindset will give you direction to answer any question. When you hurry to answer a question then the mistake becomes prominent and there, you may give out yourself to become a victim of your own making.

[3:6]. It is not every food that is good for eating. When you eat without having control over what you eat, you make your body become vulnerable to every disease. Eating what you know is right for your body for that is what will make you live a healthy life rather than eating anything which will destroy your body, spirit and soul in no time. The right food for your body keeps you healthy all the time. Eat right to live well.

[3:7]. You need to ask questions before you eat anything that comes your way. No matter how you trust a person but when it has to do with the food that is brought to you, kindly ask the person where the food is coming from before you eat. When you eat blindly, you die blindly. And nothing that enters the stomach that is wrong comes out well. When you take into your body any food that is wrong, that helps in destroying your body and you as a person.

[3:8]. When your mind begins to feel the guilt of that which you have done wrongly, you begin to experience this downward attitude that brings about a negative response to all that you set to achieve in life. The guilt of the mind is never a good omen that can make you strive to be the best in all that you do. Even if you act as if all is well but right inside of you, you know that there is something in there that is killing you indirectly. If there is one thing that you should do, it is never to allow guilt to control your life. When guilt controls you, it makes you a permanent slave of your own volition.

[3:9]. In every achievement in life, there is always a saving grace that you are called to fulfil that purpose. If there is something you shouldn’t joke with, it is the call of God upon your life. If you can’t discover that call on your life by God, then you would never live a fulfilled life. To discover your purpose, you need to live a life of service to humanity and not that of deceit that only thinks of yourself and you alone. When your life is a blessing to the people around you, you will find help from above that will direct your pathways toward fulfilling your destiny in life. The essence of life is to fulfil a given purpose and until you set yourself towards that direction, you may live as a sheep that has no shepherd and also never fulfils the purpose. 

[3:10]. When there is a guilty conscience in your heart, every voice that calls makes you become afraid of yourself. A guilty heart is always afraid of that which is around such a person. And when you become afraid of yourself, it can make you even afraid of your own shadow. If you are to live a life that adds value to your health, then live a life that fears nobody here on earth. Respect is what you should give to man and not surrender your life to man with fear as if a man is supreme.

[3:11]. The voice of God is the voice that brings about liberty. When you respect and fear God, you make your life a living testimony for all to emulate. Before God, we are all naked and it is His saving grace that clothes us with abundant life. As a child in His vineyard, when you err, He disciplines you with His love just to correct and bring you back to His vineyard. Do not see His discipline as punishment but rather as that which is to correct you in your wrongdoing. When you live and never accept to be disciplined when you are wrong, you become vulnerable to every attack of the enemy. And when the Lord gives you an instruction not to partake in anything that would be harmful to your life; all you need do is to be obedient for when you do that, you will live to enjoy the fruit of the land. 

[3:12]. Blaming others for your misfortune is a sign that you are not responsible to withstand that which is confronting you and to take responsibility for the action that was entrusted to you. Life is all about standing up to your responsibility and when you are a leader, you take up the responsibilities of your subordinates when misfortune arises. When you are given a position of authority to lead, lead with forthrightness and do not let anything make you take everything for a chance. And if there is one thing you should learn, learn not to apportion blame because it will never accord to your person the right mental attitude for others to view your leadership qualities. 

[3:13]. When people fail in their responsibilities in life, the first person that they blamed is the enemy rather than looking first inwardly to discover if there are things that were not done in the right way. When you blame others for your mistake you give no room to yourself to assess how and why the challenges occurred and how to find lasting solutions towards avoiding another calamity. When you blame the enemy for every wrongdoing, you will have no time to discover the root cause of that problem. The majority of a man’s problem is that man fails to do that which should be done at the right time to avoid the challenges that might be looming in the future to derail his progress in life.

[3:14]. There is always a reward for every evil that is committed. So when you set out to do evil, know that you are planting the seed that will consume you if not now but later. Learn how to do good, for that is what will guarantee you a good reward rather than engaging in evil manipulation which will only bring about an evil reward. God’s judgment is that it will be upon the evildoers for the days of an evil man are numbered. When your life is to deceive others for your selfish interest, then what you have done is to keep planting unforgiving seeds that your generation might not live to escape. If there is one thing you should do it is to be at peace with all men. For when you are at peace, you enjoy the everlasting blessing of God. But when you become the evil doer, everlasting condemnation shall always be your portion which is destruction.

[3:15]. In everything you do in life, remember that there is always a reward. If you think you have an upper hand against anybody at a particular point in time and you used that opportunity to suppress the other person, remember that there is a reward waiting for you at the appropriate time to give to you your due reward. If your life is that of a cheat, people will also cheat you in return. In all you do, do not live your life so as to make others suffer and become grieved by your actions. If you make others suffer for your action, you will also receive the same reward in return as time goes on and if not in your time; your generation will come forth to partake in your wrongdoing if you refuse to change your ways. 

[3:16]. Life answers to principles and until you go by its principles, you might never make a success out of your life. It takes nothing to be in obedience to orders. And what you should know is that you will always have those who are heads over you. When you realize this, there you will have the understanding of not wanting to act as if you are all in all. Your obedience to the laid down rules of life is why will help you go far in life. When you seek to live a life that has no principles, then you may not have it easy all the way. The moment you abide by the law that guides the conduct of life by obeying instructions, there in it, you will always live to enjoy every moment of your life rather than wanting to do things your way and at the end, you have no reward but that which might destroy your soul.

[3:17]. When you hear the voices of others, just let that be a guide in helping you to make the right decision. And if you should take a decision on anything, let such be that which is of your thoughts. Remember it is not all that anyone tells you that seems to be the truth. The truth of every matter is always gotten when you take the pains and time in finding it out yourself. You are your own decision and whatever you desire to achieve is entirely your decision in making. Sometimes, people will direct you but you shouldn’t allow them to direct your destiny for no one can be you as you should be to yourself.

[3:18]. When you disorder orders just know for sure that you are dragging yourself into a life of misfortunate. Obeying orders is what will guide you in the direction towards living a life that is worthy of emulation. If you want to make headway in life then orders are to be constantly maintained. Disobeying orders is never a wise decision but rather what will keep you where you wouldn’t want to remain for a long time. It takes nothing to obey an order which at first might seem impossible to you but if you are sincere to yourself those orders that seem impossible to you are what will guide your life towards perfection. And in so doing would bring you along the path that leads to your ultimate success in all that you will ever seek to accomplish in life.

[3:19]. We toil in life because we feel we have gotten what it takes by our strength and might to perfect all that concerns our life as living being. And also the mistake we make as humans is that we felt we know too much not to seek the help of others in the pursuit of our perfection. The first step towards our liberation is to realize that we are never perfect begin. And the second is to have the consciousness that there is a Supreme Being that is greater than us. When you realize that you are dust, then you will reference the one who created you. Remember that your creation is for a purpose and the glory of that creation is for you to serve the Might God who created you. The moment you realized that you are dust and to dust, you shall return then you will reference God in all you do. And when you reference God, you will in spite of the challenges of life find good success and will forever be a vessel of honour unto His Holy Name.

[3:20]. The right name should always be chosen at the right time. There is something about a name that propels us to the right force to actualize our destiny. If there is something you shouldn’t joke with, it is the name you bear and the name you give to anything you seek to do. Names are for edification and your glory will always glow in the name you bear. Remember that names are like spoken words; they will always find the right ground to germinate. And it depends on how you attach importance to names that it will work for you. Names are for a living glory and it is what will define the person in you for as long as you live to bear that name. Give importance to names and they will become the identity that will always bring about that blessing that is far beyond your imagination.

[3:21]. An open mind even when someone hurts you is what will define the real person that are you. When someone wrongs you, you should have a heart of forgiveness. It is when you forgive and forget that you will have a heart that is worthy of praise. There is no need to store all the wrongs in your heart and live your life with thoughtful words of hate just because someone hurts you beyond your understanding. As much as you are alive, people will always hurt you and if you are to live a perfect life, you should learn to forgive even in that state of hurtfulness. It is when you forgive that you will find a peaceful mind within your soul. But when you struggle to forgive, you live with hatred and might never find the peace of mind that defines the unconditional love that was made as a sacrifice for the remission of our sins. 

[3:22]. The key to life and death, success and failure and good and evil is in our hands. And to live or do away with any of these, you have a choice to choose whichever you want. In as much as you are a living being, you have a choice to make a decision. The decision you make is what will define your existence in life. If you make the right decision you will live to enjoy your action but when you make a wrong decision, you live to bear the consequences of your choice for the rest of your life. To make your life worth living, it is of essence that you do away with evil thoughts that will only lead you to one path which is the destruction of your life.

[3:23]. Our hands are blessed with the prosperity of our future. If we should consider one thing, it should be that we have to take it one step after the other to achieve our purpose. If your thought is to make it overnight without putting in the required work that is needed to yield the required rightful result, then you have told yourself nothing but a lie. Learn to put your hands to work with your creative mind. When you do this with consistency and never allow complaints to become any reason for you to give up, just when you thought it wouldn’t be possible, there you will find the light at the end of the tunnel that will make you smile and give you that reason to believe that all is possible when you have faith and puts your hands to work.

[3:24]. Disobedience is never a good option that will bring you good. The moment you choose to disobey orders then you should be ready to face the consequences that follow. When you seek to achieve a given purpose, then orderliness should not be toiled with. And when you are organized you will find within you the uprightness to obey the instruction. When you seek to progress in life, do not live your life like you need no instruction. Obedience is sacrifice and the moment you make that sacrifice to obey the instruction, you will excel no matter how hard it might seem to be.



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: The Heart that is Filled with Deceit always comes with Negative Consequences
The Heart that is Filled with Deceit always comes with Negative Consequences
Let these encouraging words which the inspiration came from Genesis 3:1-24 become the light that would at all times direct your path towards doing that which is right before God and man.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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