The Little Seed and the Future of Expansion

The inspiration for the little seed and the future of expansion came from Genesis 2:1-25. It is what you need to do towards discovering your purpose.

Thoughts on the Little Seed and the Future of Expansion

The inspiration for the little seed and the future of expansion came from Genesis 2:1-25. It is what you need to do towards discovering your purpose. These positive thoughts for the day are fulfilment quotes that would inspire you to greatest in life. The Essence of Our Creation is the Fulfillment of Purpose

The Little Seed And The Future Of Expansion

[2:1]. Whatsoever is worth starting, is worth starting well. And that which is started must of necessity have an end. It is in the ending that we could deduct from it if actually what we started is of benefit to us and others. When you set out to start a thing, have it in mind to bring it to the rightful conclusion. It is not how you start that should matter but the result you get at the end of it all because it is in this that people will judge and celebrate your effort. So if you set out to start anything, make sure you have the entire plan to make you start well for it is in it that the end becomes a sweet story to tell.

[2:2]. Anything that has a beginning must have an end. And the end is where you need rest to recreate your mind in the actual recreation of life. When you work without rest, you endanger your health which also affects your mindset to reason. Resting after accomplishing a mission is what will refresh you for another new beginning. Resting makes you revalidate yourself and keep your mind fresh to begin another process of creative expansion which is what you need to grow any seed of ideas in your mind. 

[2:3]. Evaluation of life's purpose will always take place when you have ascertained all that you have put in place to make life have meaning. Take time always to appreciate the level you are at every moment in your life. Your appreciation of where you are will always give you an edge to make things right when you discover you have gone wrong. When you work without taking a rest to ascertain things, you might go wrong and may never discover it which is not fertile ground to make your seed become effective for all-around expansion.

[2:4]. That which is the little seed in your hand is worth a fortune. Do not feel that what is in your hand is too little to make you a fortune. When you have faith in your ability and put in your best to make it worth the value, you will develop the mindset to expand that which is in your hand. Your seed is what should be grown and it should be what should expand beyond your generation. Those coming after you should be able to also grow that seed and pass it on to another generation of yours. No seed in you should be left stagnant. The reason you have a seed is for that seed to be a blessing to you, others and beyond your generation.

[2:5]. Remember that as a living being, you are like a plant that one day shall wither way. If you have a consciousness of this, then you should within your strength, make every day count. What you have in you should not be delayed in bringing it to manifestation. You need to move with the moving time and always try to be on top. Your dream is your power to make your world become a reality. If you delay, you might never fulfil that dream of yours. You should wake up early and never delay, move with time and have it in mind to affect your generation on time before it becomes too late. Your life is for a purpose; make it count right on time before it withers away.

[2:6]. When you have faith in your ability to make your seed become productive, the Lord will surprise you with unlimited possibilities. The reason the Lord gives you a seed is for the fulfilment of a purpose. Do not let your seed die inside of you. You have all it takes to bring your seed to fulfilment of your purpose. All you need is to have faith and believe in the promises of God who created you. Though things might not be as you think at some point all things forever would work for your good if you believe. Believe that you have a God who has a purpose for your life and when you believe He will make a way and bring His purpose for your life to its manifestation. 

[2:7]. We as human beings are the product of God’s creation. And this creation of us is for a definite purpose. We on our own should not live like we have no calling in our life. The life we live is not our own but that which belongs to our God. We should daily reference Him in all we do and not ascribe any glory to ourselves. If the strength was not given to us by God, we would be nothing. The moment you reference God, He makes a way for you even in difficult times. There is nothing we can do to deny His existence because we are not the ones who created ourselves. It takes nothing to reference God as long as you have the consciousness that you are not the owner of your life. When you reference God for sure this is what will do us good rather than harm. Let your spirit, body and soul glorify your Creator for in it you will always have a good reward.

[2:8]. The product that is you is a product that should be a blessing to your generation. When you live and behave in a way that has no rewarding value for your life, you make a mockery of your creation. You have the authority and mandate that was given to you by God right from the day before you become a living being to take your life into your own hand and make meaning out of the person that are you. In everything you do, know that it is you that has the Will power to change your life. Whatsoever you will become is a product of your deep desire to be that person that you always want to be. Even though God has a purpose for your life, if you are not in tune with His calling for your life, you may live never to discover that purpose. All you need is to always ask for His grace and purpose in your life. When that is revealed to you, you will live in it and never struggle to accomplish it rather than when you seek to live on your own. At all times, always ask for God’s Will concerning your life. When you have His Will, you will forever live at ease to fulfil His purpose for your life.

[2:9]. Though knowledge is power, you actually need to thirst for it. And though everything in life seems to be pleasant, you need to discipline yourself to accept that which is good for your life. Do not let people talk you into doing that which will bring a curse upon your life. It is not everything that looks good that is actually good. Life is full of people with deceitful characters and in dealing with them; you need to guide your heart with all diligence and never to allow greed sets into your heart. The reason some become culprits in any matter is all because of their inborn desire for greed. Be careful of people with cunning and subtle characters for they have a way of making you go against your will. Let your heart at all times be guided by the truth. When you have your instinct intact to stand your ground against any evil at any time, you will have a right standing with God and that is also what will help you protect your life against any evil that might seek to consume your life.

[2:10]. To achieve life success, you don’t need to attach yourself to one line of reasoning. When you are dedicated to one line of thinking, then achieving success might become slim. Open up your mind to different ways of reasoning but in it, have focus. When you try one line of achievement and seem to fail at it, try another. It is when you keep trying and never accept to quit that along the line you will discover that which is suited for you. And when that is discovered stick to it till you find success within it. Expanding into another line of endeavour should only be made possible after you have made a success out of the one in your hand. When you seem to trade at everything without having any focus for one at first, you might work all your life without achieving anything at all. Master what you know first before seeking to expand into another one.

[2:11]. Every seed should have a brand. It is the right brand given to your seed that will make others want to identify with you. A name for your seed is of real importance because when you have the right name for your brand; it becomes easy for you to brand yourself. Let the brand of your seed carry an aura of likeness that makes people want to get involved with your brand. Name is so important in whatsoever you want to do. If you have the right name that is delightful to all, you will have that which at any time will open doors for you.

[2:12]. You have a name to protect this should always be that which should be in your mind anytime you set out to do that which is wrong. People would always want to be associated with you because of the person that is you. If you have a bad reputation, you wouldn’t find the right people around you but where you are associated with everything positive, you will always find the right kind of people waiting to be associated with you. In all you do, do everything within your power to protect your name and do not soil your name just because of a little morsel of bread that might not last you eternity.

[2:13]. A good name will always take you places but a bad one is what sprays like wildfire. And it is what will make people resent being called your trusted friend. Everybody wants to be with the people who bring them blessings rather than those whose name is associated with evil. Your name should be what will ever define a given purpose rather than what people will even reject to mention in private. Money we all know is good but a good name is valued above money. If you want a good reward, then at all times, protect your name above any other thing that might want to make you soil it. 

[2:14]. It is the Lord that guides the steps of men to locate their land of fruitfulness. When you seek for an inward fulfilment of life's purpose; always meditate and let the Lord guide your step. The strength you need to achieve your purpose is what the Lord gives. If you seek to make it on your own, you may never find that inward satisfaction of mind but when you walk with God, He will at all times guide your steps to achieve your purpose. 

[2:15]. We are an honoured vessel of our Creator. He designed our life and all that is to the success of our life, which he holds in His hand. He alone is the one that gives good success and yours alone is to trust in His words. When you make the word of God your daily bread, He will always provide for you no matter the challenges of life that might come your way.

[2:16]. The words of the commandment are the words of truth. When you obey a commandment, what you have done is protect your life against unforeseen dangers. If there is no commandment, then there would never be any peace. What you need in life is to be orderly and obey the principles of life. Do not seek to tempt your Creator by going against that which would grieve Him and your spirit man. When you obey commands, you make a way of escape from your life. If you want to live long and also do your life some good, then keep to the obedience of laid down rules and laws.   

[2:17]. When you are given the warning to stay away from a thing, do yourself the favour to keep away from it. The moment you seek to break a rule either knowingly or unknowingly, the consequences are what you will bear along for the rest of your life. Do not let your action in any way become that which will affect other people in the wrong direction. It takes nothing to obey any commandment that will keep and protect your life from danger. Just simple obedience is all it takes to become the person that you were created to be.

[2:18]. Companionship as a matter of fact should become that which is desirable because in it; life was created for that purpose. When you develop the right attitude towards companionship, you will always have the right people that you can share your deeper-most thoughts with. But if you want to become deceitful in your dealing with people, then those that will come your way would always be the ones with cunning characters. In all you do, desire to develop the spirit of rightful companionship for in it you will always have the right people around you.

[2:19]. We are dust for out of dust we were created and out of it, we shall all return. When you live your life, have in mind that it is not your right but a privilege from your Creator. When you live like you have a borrowed life; you would become conscious of the things you do. Life is precious and it is not what any living being could give to you but God the giver of life. Your life is for a purpose and that is to fulfil destiny. Do not live as if you have all the time here on earth to do the things you ever wish to do. Plan your life according to God’s purpose and at all times; ask of His mercy and grace to accomplish your mission here on earth. When you recognize Him as the giver of life, the length of your days shall forever be added unto you and in there you will live to be a blessing in the land of the living.

[2:20]. Man is the recognized creature that has dominion over every other creature here on earth. Our authority we need to exercise our to always have what we want. When you exercise that authority, you will always have things coming your way. Do not shy away from your responsibilities as a human. You have a lot to accomplish and this you will do when you take authority of your life for maximum production output. Taking authority and possessing your possessions should be in all-around alertness and never allow anything to make you derailed from having it all in whatever you want out of life. To have it all, take authority over your life and win every battle that might want to keep you down. It is you that has the authority to reign like the king that you are here on earth. And if you take authority over your life, you have it all just the way you ever wanted to have it.

[2:21]. Every broken promise in life is a promise that can still be reclaimed. It is not good to give up on life. Though life might not give you all that you desire at some point in time, you need to still live your life like you have hope for a better tomorrow. When you give up on life, life will give up on you but when you persist; life will accord to you that which is always your heart's desire. Learn to keep up with life and never give up on life no matter what. When you keep to live, life will keep to you and all you need to overcome that downward fall from it is to stand strong no matter the obstacle that comes your way.

[2:22]. The relationship you have is like a seed that needs to be natured. And in it, do not look for a perfect relationship. When you realized that you are not perfect, then you should only try your best to make your relationship a perfect one for you to be at peace with. The moment you seek perfection in your relationship, there you might be calling for an all-around chaotic situation. The perfection of us as humans is actually derived from our imperfections. Learn to respect the people in your life, for it is respect that breeds mutual understanding and it is what will ever keep your relationship going even in time of challenges.

[2:23]. Everything in life is beautiful if you decide to make it so. If you look inward rather than dwell in the outward appearance, you will always find that fulfilling peace of mind.  The moment you look inward, you will see the inner mind that radiates the joy of a living heart. If you seek to be happy, then first make yourself happy. When you are happy the same happiness will radiate to others. It is in your happiness that you will find the joy of living. Learn to be happy no matter the situation you are going through. When you are happy, you win every battle of life no matter how it goes.

[2:24]. The certainty of one flesh living together in harmony is a product of deep understanding. Love without understanding and mutual respect are never what will bring a good reward. When you seek to love; love with the understanding that you are not perfect. Respect the one you love and learn to carry that person along in your progression in life. When you love with respect, the same you will get in return but when you act as if you know it all, then you will run a home like a ship that has no Captain.

[2:25]. There is no need to be ashamed of yourself. Always at all times consider yourself to be the best and the very best. When you consider yourself to be the best, there you will develop in you self-esteem that will boost you to become the best that you always want to be.



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: The Little Seed and the Future of Expansion
The Little Seed and the Future of Expansion
The inspiration for the little seed and the future of expansion came from Genesis 2:1-25. It is what you need to do towards discovering your purpose.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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