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Enemies are the bedrock on which we get to our destination. These encouraging words of wisdom about how no enemy would real his mind and why we all have an enemy are sincere deep words of advice that you need to imbibe in order to overcome the many tricks of enemy friends and fulfill your life destiny.

No Enemy Reveals His Mind

When you seek to remain relevant, learn how not to reveal your mind to all and sundry. Keep your game plan to your heart and play it out at random. 

“Be a master of your mind; that is how to keep the enemies at bar.”

When you reveal all you have, you are left with nothing to hold back to. It is good to put down your thoughts but be careful when you are around wolves. Life is like going to a battle field. The strategy you have is what will guarantee your victory. When your enemy knows your plan, you are finished; it is as simple as that. To survive life’s many huddles, learn to reveal less and put more of action. Just let no one determined your next move.

It is never a good option to live a life where you are determined at all time. Do not let anyone know the direction to which you are coming from. When you are not easily determined, you become a fearful delight. People will respect you when they seem not to determine that which your strength based is.

When you talk less, you reveal less but when you become a talkative, then there is the tendency that you will have no secret of your own. Those who talk too much are never considered to be serious in anything. Build your thoughts to resist the temptation of talking too much. Even when you are friendly to all, let there but that which guides you not to real all that is your ultimate strength.

Learn to take people by surprise. Surprises have a way of keeping you relevant and above your peers. You should be a man that is trusted at all times and this would be possible when people come to know that you are a person that keeps secret.

Your strength to overcome any battle of life is hidden in your ability to be yourself at all times. And that requires that you keep that which is your guided success secret, secret. Revealing your secret to your enemy is a direct way of making the bed that you might not come to sleep comfortably.

It is that which people knows of you that would be of use in fighting you when the needed time arises. In as much as you can, learn to reveal less of yourself to all and sundry. When your game plan is known, that for sure will make the defeat of you become easily possible. In all you do, guide your plan till you make a success out of it. It is what will keep you alive for a longer time and not what would easily destroy you.

We All Have An Enemy

If you see the light of every morning, do not think you are free from the eyes of those who want to see you go down. Even if you are a man pleaser, they are those who just would hate you for nothing. You do not need to look for trouble before someone makes an enemy out of you. The simplest fact that you smile at all time can make someone just hate you for nothing. I remember in my little kid days when a man of God preached and said that even our white handkerchief that we kept clean at all time could become what someone might hate us for it. Sincerely I never believe on this till I grew up.

Hater will always hate. There is nothing you can do about it. It is not everybody that will like your face. In all you do, you will never satisfied everybody. People will look for a reason to hate you for nothing and it is of essence that you developed a thick skin against haters.

“The boost you need to get to your success is the enemies’ attitude embedded in their hate.”

The worst of it all is that the enemies are those around you. Those you trust and can give your last dime to see that they make a value out of their lives. As bad as this may sound like I said, an enemy has a role to play in your pathway to success. When an enemy keep-hating; that is when you have the zeal to strive towards achieving your goal.

Your aim in overcoming the enemies hates; is to stay focus. When you are focus, nothing can distract your mind from making your dream come true. You have a task in life to fulfill and in fulfilling it; you should not allow the enemies hate to distract you. If you keep dwelling on their hatred for you, you will never have the courage to pursue your task.

When they hate, you keep riding on their hatred to achieve your given goal and purpose. Remember there is nothing you can do to stop the enemies from hating. If you will have the time and love for your enemies, you can help pray for them to repent from their hatred. Sincerely this is the best you can do for them but if they refused to repent, then there is nothing you can do about it.

If you are to fulfill your destiny, do not dwell nor focus your energy trying to make your enemies to like you. Remember that envy is the foundation of their hatred. And the more you focus your energy in trying to make them like you; you not only waste valuable time but also might lose focus. And you know that we have not all the time down here to fulfill our purpose if we are not focus on that which we set to achieve. Be it as it may, enemies for us shall also always be here. For us it is not to give them a listening ear that could draw us to their hating but rather to always make sure that we put in our best to make a meaning out of our life. Actually rather than give in to their hating and at the end have nothing to show for our life, we should be at our best at all time in other to achieve the best all the time.      

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