Reflection On The Old Man And The Sea By Ernest Hemingway

Communication in English, that GNS 302 course. See what I found after many years. The short summary of my Reflection On The Old Man And The Sea By Ernest Hemingway. The story here has to do with the moral lesson one would learn from this book.

The old man and the sea symbolism is something we all should take into consideration as we journey through life. Remember that challenges will surely come but how you face it matters.

Do not make life feel as if it is the end when you come face-to-face with a difficult situation. Learn to make the best out of every challenge in life. Be calm, your victory would forever be guaranteed if you take life one step after the other without allowing it to keep you at one place. Best Simple Steps To Make A Man Happy That Is Not Harmful As You Might Think

Reflection On The Old Man And The Sea By Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway is a Latin American born in 1899. During his time, he has experienced the 1st and 2nd world war. These experiences culminated or influenced his writing.

To a great extent, the author through his book demonstrates the vision of courage, of hope, determination, faith, optimism as opposed to the sordidness of life. This vision summaries the philosophy of the 21st century modern man.

Today's world calls for survival of the fittest. This is the principle of existentialism - this means ability inself. Self is indestructible. A man can only be destroyed but not defeated. You can only be destroyed means - negative criticism we face in life e.g. hunger. Here, destruction does not mean physical extinction from life. That is, life is not a bed of roses (waiting for godot to come - good things to come).

Regrettable, the old man who emphasizes these vision of hope, optimism, courage etc when he was faced with the extremes of life (hopelessness, discouragement, difficulties, frustration) unfortunately committed suicide.

About The Book: The Old Man And The Sea

This book is an allegory (story with two levels of interpretations). The story has a universal application not limited to the setting of Latin American only. It could be applied to all races. The story portrays an old fisherman which he called Santiago. This man was a born fisherman who had the ill luck or misfortune of catching fishes. But he was determined to succeed in his endeavour as a fisherman. He was determined to get to the echelon of his profession. Beautiful Refreshing Perspective About How To Let Joy Flow Within Your Heart Like The River Of Joy

He guessed that by chance or paraventure he goes deep into the sea, he will catch more fishes. He was on the high sea for 84 days without catching a fish. This portrait for the man hopes, long-suffering, endurances.

During these 84 days in the sea, the opposing factors portrayed on his physic are frustration, loneliness, cold and elemental forces where after him (which are frustration, hunger, worn out, etc). But luck was on his side in the 85 days as he caught a big fish. He now attains his goal of catching the big fish.

Here begins his troubles as he could not carry the big fish alone. He tied the fish around the canoe and began to sail home. During his sailing home, other fishes ate up the big fish and he sailed to the shore with only the carcasses.

The other fishes that eat up the big fish represent the elemental forces that eat up man’s successes in life. Even at that, he did not despair, he came down from the boat, made himself some coffee, drank and fell into a deep sleep dreaming.

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