Deep Wise Words of Wisdom, Old Sayings and Proverbs about Life Lessons

These Wise Sayings and Proverbs are Wise Sayings about Life Lessons, Wise Words of Wisdom and Intelligent Sayings.

Best Deep Words of Wisdom, Old Sayings and Proverbs about Life Lessons

The wise sayings and proverbs are words of wisdom that are told from generation to generation. There are words of encouragement and strength to make us go through life with the determination to face the challenges of life with the hope that sooner or later we shall overcome them.

We are bringing to you the best among the Nigerian proverbs that have within them words of wisdom that would propel you to stand tall and overcome that which is seeking to make you fall.

These parables are funny Nigerian proverbs, Nigerian proverbs and wise sayings and Nigerian proverbs that are relevant today.

Wise Sayings and Proverbs

Nigerians and indeed African proverbs are believed to be the wise sayings of the Elders which came from many years of life experiences. These proverbs are so amazing and are the words that bring about an early correction in a moment of dispersion. For your pleasure and delight, here are some of the wise words of Nigerian Elders that come with deep meaning for an everyday situations of life.

[1]. There is no shortcut to the top of a palm tree.

[2]. It is better to see the dead body of a dog at the house of a fowl than to see the dead body of a fowl at the house of a dog.

[3]. It is not only well you hear the cry of a baby that you would want to breastfeed him.

[4]. Women are like clothes in the market, not the first person that offers a price will later buy it.

[5]. A man who refuses to work hard in life will end up being a best friend to poverty.

[6]. If you don't stand for what is right why then stand at all.

[7]. A wolf cannot intimidate the sheep when the Shepherd is awake and vigilant.

[8]. All ways are no ways. In life pretending is the worst thing so far but let every man be careful.

[9]. The old age of King Methuselah has nothing to do with the Wisdom of Solomon.

[10]. A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

[11]. There's no way without the Way.

[12]. He who tells you not to border on little things has never slept in a room with mosquitoes.

[13]. Two heads are better than one but all fingers are not equal. The way you make your bed so you sleep on it.

[14]. A fly that follows the corpse to the grave end up being buried.

[15]. The believer is naturally disposed to all the traits except betrayal and lying.

[16]. Chameleon said, not that he cannot walk faster but he begged the ground before walking.

[17]. Patient is the stepping stone.

[18]. The white pot on firewood has not seen the test of life.

[19]. The road to success is always very busy. You have to clear the bush.

[20]. If you say I am good for nothing therefore you are bad for something.

[21]. You can only give what you have.

[22]. It is only the woman that has not seen the trouble that would hold her breast while running.

[23]. What do you gain by asking a leper to clap? It is never fun oppressing those you are better off.

[24]. In a community in which a dog kills a lion, such a community is not fit to live.

[25]. You cannot feature in a future that you did not picture.

[26]. A woman without a husband is like a well-dressed person without footwear.

[27]. Even if education is free a rat will never go to the same school as a cat.

[28]. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can’t spend. A successful woman is a woman who finds such a man.

[29]. When you go to sleep with an itching anus, expect to wake up with smelly fingers.

[30]. Don't believe every picture you see because even the salt looks like sugar.

Wise Sayings about Life Lessons

The Nigerian proverbs are so inspiring to the ear. If you love proverbs, then these wise Nigeria inspirational proverbs for friends and loved ones would reawaken their consciousness and make them strive to do that is the right thing. If you care about inspiring the people around you, why not share these proverbs with them.

[31]. Never argue with an old man that talks with parables because you will never know when your questions have been answered.

[32]. A monkey that wants to see the hunter's face will one day receive bullets in its face. Give way immediately you sense trouble.

[33]. When you see a man diligent on his way mark him; he shall one day stand in front of kings and not meek men.

[34]. Bitter cola is so bitter yet people eat them with respect. What's good can still be found in a bad person; so stop discrimination.

[35]. You can force the cow to the stream but you can't force him to drink the water.

[36]. Beware of the naked man who offers you clothes.

[37]. The future belongs to the risk-takers, not the comfort seekers.

[38]. Do not associate with heavy drinkers of wine or with gluttonous eaters of meat.

[39]. A toad does not run in the daytime for nothing. It’s either, it's running after something or something is running after the toad.

[40]. When you hang around a girl you love without saying anything, soon you will be serving guests during her wedding.

[41]. That a ram takes some steps backwards during a fight does not mean that he is afraid. He is only gathering momentum to launch a fresh attack.

[42]. When three men slept with a woman on the day she became pregnant, then the real father of her offspring became a matter of investigative journalism.

[43]. A hen that swallows beans will see it in the eyes of its children.

[44]. When a handshake passes the elbow it becomes a wrestling match.

[45]. A mad woman did her sign of the cross both front and back because she doesn’t know where the blessing will be coming from.

[46]. By their fruits, you shall know them. A man is not defiled by what goes into him, but by what comes out of him.

[47]. The first experience you should gather in life is that nothing good comes easy; so be courageous no matter what.

[48]. No matter what you do in this world people must talk about you, so do what makes you happy and live it to God to judge.

[49]. When a fowl starts chasing you in the morning, you had better run because you never can tell if it has grown teeth overnight.

[50]. Many people say Chameleon walks too slowly, but Chameleon says it walks step by step and any step it walks it studies the environment.

[51]. The ends they say justify the means.

[52]. Every garden egg is reddish in colour unless it is not heated by the sun.

[53]. A brave man is not one who has no fears but one who triumphs over his fears.

[54]. It's said that "When the water starts boiling it is foolish to turn off the heat".

[55]. When a little boy has made money, the elders will acknowledge and visit him.

[56]. If you want to go fast walk alone but if you want to go far; walk with others.

[57]. Don't judge people by their appearance.

[58]. The toad likes water but not when it is boiling.

[59]. When you see a rat playing with the tail of a cat, you need not ask if the rat wants to join its ancestors.

[60]. Never work in the association of mediocre.

Wise Sayings and Proverbs Ideas

Wise Words of Wisdom

Friendship proverbs are to bring words of wisdom into your life and that of your friends. When you understand the true meaning of any proverb, it would help you leave a worthy life. We have here some collection of friendship-wise words of wisdom and proverbs that you can share with your friends.

[61]. The truth is very bitter to hear. It's better to say it and hurt the person than to tell the person when the mistake has been made.

[62]. He who borrows shoes and cloth for a particular occasion, will certainly not dance well in the public.

[63]. The Tongue said that the drinking water he always requests is not for himself but for the people of his community, that as for him, his compound doesn't lack water.

[64]. You cannot go with a gun after someone and decide for him how he would dodge and escapes from your terror.

[65]. It's only the elders of the town that knows the boundary of the land.

[66]. A fish dwells in a river, but that doesn't make it a crocodile.

[67]. He who fetches and brings in ant-infested firewood to his house should not complain when a lizard begins to pay him a visit.

[68]. He that complains that his house is too far should not forget that someone is living behind him.

[69]. If you want to know a man's true character and behaviour, then give him money, freedom, power and authority; he will behave strangely.

[70]. No matter the high velocity of an aeroplane it must surely come down to obeying the law of gravity.

[71]. An honest man is a man who has no opportunity to steal.

[72]. The best advice to oneself is to stop eating what you don't love so that if it becomes yours; you won't find a way to escape.

[73]. When you see a rabbit, in the hot afternoon, it means there is fire on the mountain or soldier ants have invaded his territory.

[74]. Any man who complains that the soup is too much and the garri is small, that man cannot handle success.

[75]. A man that keeps a female as a best friend, is like keeping a chicken as a pet one day you must eat it.

[76]. If the crocodile can eat his own eggs, what will we do to the flesh of a frog? Meaning he who can destroy himself will not spare another.

[77]. The old age of Methuselah has nothing to do with the wisdom of Solomon. Meaning age doesn't determine maturity.

[78]. After the days of ignorance, the children of the Frogs told the children of the Snakes, that the words of wisdom that their mother gave to them, our mother has also given to us. No more playing together anymore.

[79]. If it were left for only the tortoise and the snail in the bush then there is no need for a gun shot.

[80]. Something must be done to a barking dog before it pronounces the name of its master.

[81]. Wise men don't fight with weapons; of course, they sit at the table to settle their differences.

[82]. Any man, who fights using his strength, is not fit for this 21st-century generation.

[83]. He who presents his head to break a coconut will not partake in the eating of it, be wise life has no duplicate.

[84]. People may say, I know how you feel, but the truth is that no one else can really know how sad or happy you are.

[85]. The gentleness of a tiger is not cowardice but a calculated assault be careful.

[86]. When a goat that doesn't know how to eat yam continues moving with a goat that eats yam, soon it will start eating yams more than the one that eats yam.

[87]. A child at the back of his mother doesn't know the distance covered by her on the way.

[88]. If you marry the right person you have a prayer partner and if you marry the wrong person you have a prayer point.

[89]. No matter how fast an eagle can fly its belly must be seen.

[90]. The dog of the village Chief is not the Chief of all dogs in the village.

Intelligent Sayings

Sometimes these words of wise saying are something we need to better our lives and thoughts about any situation we encounter. If you care about your friends, go ahead and share these proverbs with them.

[91]. Money doesn't change people; your attitude when they have nothing does.

[92]. You don't see one going to bury his dead and ask him to hope all is well.

[93]. You don't cry more than the owner of a dead body.

[94]. He who swallows a coconut has absolute trust in his anus.

[95]. Charity makes way for good tidings.

[96]. When your motive is right your future is secure.

[97]. A child that doesn’t know his mother’s boyfriend calls him brother.

[98]. Any man who says his brother will never become a king will never be a brother to a king.

[99]. A fellow who cannot work will remain in the structural church forever shouting "I receive it".

[100]. The gentleness of a lion in the forest does not mean he is lazy but rather on target.



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: Deep Wise Words of Wisdom, Old Sayings and Proverbs about Life Lessons
Deep Wise Words of Wisdom, Old Sayings and Proverbs about Life Lessons
These Wise Sayings and Proverbs are Wise Sayings about Life Lessons, Wise Words of Wisdom and Intelligent Sayings.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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