Love Sad Poem

The Double Dice

Games are played to be won
But what happens if the centre doesn’t hold?
Cry your head out or blame your misfortune on nature
Nature has been so kind to some
To others, it has been a step to misery.

Who do you blame when you had to
Smoke away two packets of cigarette
Or drink to drunk just to relief an emotional stress
The stress of realizing too late
That you had been fooled-up.

I wondered why love exist
How did it come to being!
Could it be wrong to call it an unseen spirit?
How do the mighty turned jellies on sighting love
With all the educational development and advancement
Nor had found the perfect cure to a lovesick fellow.

Time they say heals wound
Even if it heals, does the heart forget?
In love, everybody are learners
No one claims to be a perfector
In love, everybody’s hearts are broken
Some are healed.

To be in love, you must have a heart of double dice
Do not expect a double six throw always
To perfect the art, learn the coin philosophy
Head you win or tail you lose.

Nsikak Andrew

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