Friendship Poem For A Friend

Who Could It Be

A mad man has friend – goes the saying
An ugly woman do have friends – the idiomised
A true friend is in the beauty of the heart
Not the outward appearance – they say.

Who could it be,
So tenderly,
So lovely,
So accommodating...
Someone who could love without blemish
And undesirable of love in return.

Someone whose natural aroma are felt through the air
Someone whose present springs surprises
Someone whose smiles melt a king’s heart
Someone whose presence bore not a soul.

They’re full of energy,
A natural giver,
Always thinking of others
And denying itself some comfort.

One who pleases
And ones to see the best in other
If you have a heart for others
Then, you could be that friend.

Nsikak Andrew
4th March, 2002

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