Poem For Someone You Love

Sweet Day

Here they stand
Sharing love the way it should be shared
The `Gee' hug his lady
Holding her tight
As the other fellows discussed on
Here they smile, tease, laugh 
And make a chill merry of the day
As the sun began to fade away
For an evening of love encountered.

Right beside the road side,
Cars drove pass,
People walked through
Enjoying the atmosphere
As they stroll along
People sat around their front houses
Some on the block
Some peeping from the Windom
All to catch a glimpse of this 
Sweet Sunday day

Here I sat around the block
Feeding my little eye
With lots of happening 
That excites my heart
The three-by-two's made my day
As I began to forecast
With a strong passion 
For the love
That will happen sooner.

I wish for my Babylove,
Me and her with friends
Standing around, hugging,
Holding hands, playing,
Smiling, talking, sharing,
Making sweet vows, and
Burning the day
With sweet-romantic-passion
That will keep us a happier being.

In those three-by-two fellows,
I saw what I love,
A chill evening out,
Just discussing in each other’s arm,
Admiring the work of nature,
And getting chilled with the cool breeze
That creams our heart
To love and be loved
As I looked on
Admiring the scenery,
They hallo-out to a lady
From a bike that just drove past
She drop, ran to the group
And began to hug all
As they talk, laugh,
Smile and gets along,
They seems to be a complete pair

Here again, 
I was still in a deep thought
Cuz' I read so many thoughts
To that rewarding scene
Happy people there are!
Caring not about the world
That passed them by
All they seem to care
Is the joy their heart felt 
I could see in their eye

A love that will last the taste of time
A love only thought about in reality. 

Now I began to smile
Cuz' I found their kind of love in you
I couldn't wish for more
Cuz' everyday begins 
A Sweet day for me
And all my major thoughts
Now directs to you
I feel you in all I do,
I adore your personality in all I do
I dream for our Sweet day
Yet but soon to come.

Nsikak Andrew
4th March, 2003

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