Hilarious and Funny Idan Trend Meaning in the Nigerian Language

These funny and hilarious meanings of Idan the new Nigerian street slang are hilarious and funny Idan trend meaning in the Nigerian language.

Best Hilarious and Funny Idan Trend Meaning in the Nigerian Language

A slang phrase known as "Idan" has recently become more common on Nigerian streets and social media platforms. Idan, a word of Yoruba roots that originally meant "magic" or "wonder," has a new connotation in Nigerian street slang.

Go to Facebook and Twitter and searched for "What is IDAN?". If you no get more confused than before with its meaning, tell me say, I dey lie. Nigerian will not kill someone with multiple laughter. I love my country, we keep getting it right as we go. This no be wotowoto matter.

If you still want to know the meaning like we talk am before, Idan means magic in the Yoruba language. But that meaning is becoming a hilarious interpretation as we take am make funny expression wey go make you just dey happy like you hit the jackpot. You cannot have BP in Nigeria once you have data. IDAN day! Hilarious Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs for Family and Friends

Hilarious and Funny Idan Trend Meaning in the Nigerian Language

Make I no waste your time, if you are ready to laugh like you never laugh for a long time, here we are with the many different meanings of Idan as seen across Facebook. The hilarious meaning of the word Idan came from fans' comments and reactions on Nelly Agbogu's posts "Please what is IDAN?" and "I asked what is IDAN and I see 723+ comments but no CLEAR answer. πŸ™„ Went on Twitter and asked, after 11 comments I see it means “I DON'T ACCEPT NONSENSE”... Facebook ppl no de stress me". And Ekwutosinam Ada Nsukka's post on "What is this IDAN I have been hearing since yesterday? The meaning πŸ€”πŸ€”".  

Abiodun Ariyo
The whole thing started from Tinubu page when he congratulated Victor Osimieh for his role in Napoli winning the scudetto. He called him Idan gan gan. Idan is a Yoruba Lagos kinda slang meaning, smart one.

Ifeoma Opara
It's a touch of sarcasm for someone being a Boss (A Boss that can do anything he or she likes at any time). But the real meaning is MAGIC.

David Igwe
If Idan comes for Holy communion na Rev Father and man servants dey receive the communion from am 🚢🏿🚢🏿.

Humble Mexie
Idan no, suppose know you, na you suppose know Idan.

Oliver Dieke
IDAN no dey trust the process, na the process dey trust IDAN.

Mercy Chinazaekperem
It is used to refer to someone who is held in high esteem and regarded as having attributes such as power, wealth, influence, and more.

Orynma Ottah
Na love Dey find IDAN. Nothing concern am with finding love.

Deborah Grace Awosika
Idan can never be wrong, it's the truth that is wrong.

Adebiyi Crown Abraham
Idan means magic in Yoruba but also means a bad guy (baddo). Example: If Idan lose election, Idan no dey go to court, na court dey go to Idan.

Kachi Denzel Milly
Oxygen needs IDAN to survive. If Opportunity comes knocking and IDAN is not at home. The Opportunity gats wait!

Danny Corban Daniels
When a lady dates IDAN, na the lady go buy car give IDAN and foot every bill.

Barbie Tessy
For those of you that want to satisfy your curiousity (meaning of idan) Idan actually means someone who fits in everything effortlessly either good or bad ways but mostly the bad aspect.

Bolaji Oluwafemi
First time I am reading so much incantation... make una calmdown na raining 🌧 season we dey fah. Make idan no come show for market place.

Kanyinsola Kemi
If idan like your husband... U don become ex wife be that. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Dorcas Anuoluwa
When idan phone rings in d cinema, they pause the movie. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Badmus Raheemot Eniola
Idan doesn't need to find food, food comes to idan.🀝

Chinenye Assumpta Nwabuluo
If idan go hospital na idan go treat doctor. πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Noel Ijezie
If you borrow Idan money, na you go still pay Idan back.

Oreoluwa Adebayo
Idan is a Yoruba word that means magic or something unbelievable. It is used to describe a male who act non chalant and unconventional.
Idan is very cunning, has power, influence, and intelligence.

Iphy Okonkwo
IDAN "I don't Accept Nonsense".

ELe Guchi
If idan enter upwork. Na up work go dae write proposal letter to am.

Boluwatife Fatukasi
When Idan reads the book gains the knowledge.

Boluwatife Fatukasi
If Idan has carryover na lecturer go write am.

Nwuze Nmeso
IDAN no dey ever go late, na the time no correct.πŸ˜…

Vembe Vivian Dooyum
Idan doesn't take loan from the bank, the bank take loan from him. If idan visit you, you become the visitor. If rain beat idan,the rain gets wet. Hunger doesn't catch idan, idan catches hunger.

Vembe Vivian Dooyum
If idan go late to a meeting, the people there will apologize to him for coming too early.

Vembe Vivian Dooyum
If idan decide to attend class now na you go pay am oo.

Chiagoziem Anthony Chiagoziem
Idan no get identity, nah you go explain yourself to Idan.

Ozioma Shuga Nwabufoh
If Idan loves your wife you will use your hand pay for she and Idan"s traditional marriage.

Chibuzo Ruth Oparaku
If opportunity knock and Idan no dey around, opportunity go siddon wait for Idan.

Barbie Tessy
When IDAN crosses the road, the drivers look left and right.

Otor Ogy Patience
IDAN wey no get money for account IDAN na OMIDAN!'

Kehinde Kehinde
If an online vendor decides to use disappearing message on whatsApps, she is an idan and you will only pay for the goods you will not receive.

Shittu Olanrewaju
Idan no dey prepare for exam na exam dey prepare for Idan.

Adeshina A Adeshola
If opportunity comes for idan and e no meet am, opportunity go wait for idan. If idan wan rent house, na landlord go pay idan.

Mimi Rollins
Idan doesn't need you to understand what it means... Idan understands what you mean.

Tabansi Vincent
If Idan like your babe you don turn to ex.

Shittu Olanrewaju
Idan don't need explanation, na explanation need Idan.

Chukwunenyenwa Cynthia
Idan na one man squad... e no need crowd. πŸ˜‚

Sarah Simi
If idan borrow money from you na you dey owe idan.

Victory Enyichukwu
IDAN is a yoruba slang meaning wonders and magic. But gen z they use am refer to people as boss.

Vivviene Peters
You can never know the meaning of IDAN, it's IDAN that will know your meaning.

Centreal Armstrong
Idan no da do once beaten twice shy, he must do him own back.

Ogubuike Jessica Ezinne
Nigeria my country, so someone can not miss road and ask for direction again? Na so una go use confusion comfix the person, I say make I stylishly read comments to know wetin IDAN be, e come be like I use my hand buy headache.

O'labi Famodimu
Idan just like saying strong man. Person wey nothing dey move or shake, wey no dey bother, wey dey ontop the game always. Shey you get.
It is yoruba word sha. Idan na wonder

Kehinde Kehinde
If idan goes for NYSC, no be idan go serve Nigeria, nah Nigeria go serve idan.

Arowolo Omolara Omowunmi
IDAN Gan Gan, I Don't Answer to Nobody... Idan na boss! If Idan go school, na lecturer dey write exams!

Anyaogu Sean Kessy
When they gave birth to Idan, Idan drove his mother back home.

Jessica Ozioko
If Idan come your house, na Idan go use em hand select meat for your pot.

Ogbanufe Udochukwu
IDAN no dey go Church for Thanksgiving, na Pastor dey carry Church go IDAN house.

Ike Immaculate
Idan is a Yoruba language... Idan is someone who fits in everything effortlessly both good and bad... Mostly bad aspect.... Idan is always perfect in everything.

Temitayo Donald Adekoya
If Idan visit your home, you become the visitor.

Anita Victor
IDAN no dey lack money, na money dey lack IDAN. If IDAN come your house na you be visitor.

Anni Esther II
IDAN don follow comment about IDAN for this post but you no go know the comment wey be IDAN own. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ifunanya Cletus
If idan like ur babe... u be ex already. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Idan come to ur house na u be visitor.

Nzubechukwu Umejiburu
IDan na ur mate? Na u must shower Idan with respect...πŸ™„

Helen Chuks
Idan doesn't lie, something is just wrong with the truth. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Itz Debby Chisco
It means "BOSS"

Adiaha Essien
If idan cross road na the drivers dey look left and right πŸ˜‚

Jane O Balogun
I fear who no fear idan. πŸ˜‚

Ernest Stainwhite
If Idan pays you a visit then you're the visitor.

Thosyn Holuwa
Idan means magica or wonders. Gen Z people sha turned the meaning to BOSS.

Peace John
If idan register for ur class na u go be student.

Beverly Adachukwu
IDAN no dey do talking stage. IDAN no dey go on a date, straight to lo lo lo. IDAN no suppose find love, na love suppose find IDAN. If opportunity knocks and IDAN no dey around, opportunity go wait.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Baron Corbin
Idan is always right, but if u think he's wrong then u are right. πŸ‘✌️

AdeOlajumoke Akintola
Idan literally means magic. But figuratively (streetwise) simply means badoo. πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Esther Abraham
It's not an IDAN move to not know what IDAN means.

Azeezat Ibilola Shodunke
Idan means magic (wonder)... but the streets don turn am into anything and everything.

Amaka Lyn
Idan read book, book gained knowledge. 🀧

Abe Victor Diekola
If idan come your house, na idan get your security dog.

EmpressDian Uchechi Aguwa
If Idan read book, na the book dey get knowledge. πŸ˜‚

Ozioma Sam-Aliozor
If Idan rig your election, na you go apologise for contesting in the first place. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸƒπŸƒ

Osigwe Mike
When Idan rent an apartment, landlord becomes the tenant.

Victoria Sodipo
Even if idan clock no get battery, he go still work. πŸ’―

Realkween Inioluwa Adegunloye
IDAN no get belle but e dey deliver.

PhenΓ³menal Philip
If you post IDAN, na you give IDAN your respect online.

Imonikebe Ewoma Praise
IDAN doesn't call police, na police dey can IDAN. IDAN won't lose his virginity because IDAN never lose. If IDAN dey run out of time, time go adjust. 

Precious Ifunanya Ikwuka
You fit no no IDAN but idan knows you.

Oluchi Loveth
Idan no go school, na the lecturers dey learn from idan.

Esu Loveth Etta
Na palm pay the beg IDAN make e no pay back the loan.

Ogechukwu Ibekwe
Idan, no dey apologize, if he do something wrong, na people dey beg am.

Onyinwa Jenny Chika Muonyelu
Idan no dey do transfer.

Samuel Otiono
If Idan na Apprentice ‘Nwa boy’ na master go learn learn work from Nwa boy.

Hannah Onuigbo
If Idan no show face, dead body no dey enter ground oo. 

Nkiru Anneejosy
IDAN means Interior Designers Association Of Nigeria.

Archibong Ekeng
See ba, as a Landlord, if IDAN comes to rent your house, just know that you're now the tenant cuz na you go dey beg am to collect rent from you.

Tosan Efele
Idan no dey stress himself to hack person account na only you go give am your details.

Amara Elias
When Idan joins Upwork na Jobs dey look for Idan o! Idan no dey look for work.πŸ˜‚

Chim Nonso
If Idan no write well for exam, na lecturer go get F.

Γ…hm Δ’kpΓ³nΓ΄ Γ€bΓ£sΓ­
If Idan smΓ²ke wΓ©Γͺd, Na de weΓͺd go high.

Ibiwari Sunday
IDAN no dey explain himself na explanation go explain give IDAN.

Kona Emmy
When IDAN graduate na IDAN send NYSC callup letter to come serve am.

Ede Nwede
Idan no win 25% votes of the FCT but na him wan be president. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Temitayo Donald Adekoya
IDAN doesn't visit the Google, na Google dey study IDAN.

Temitayo Donald Adekoya
IDAN no dey post on social media to gain traffic, na social media dey post Idan to make money.

Rutherford Chijioke Agbo
Idan no dey trend na trend go dey trend idan.🀣πŸ”₯✌️ Confuse ga dma.!!!!😁

Bright Paul
IDAN no dey get perfect definition, IDAN na IDAN. πŸ₯±

Odoro Gideon
Idan no dey ask for meaning.

Gal Komft
Idan no dey buy landed property, anywhere IDAN land, Idan dun land.

Chidiebere Ogo
If you trek, no be you, na Idan posses you.

Isaac K. Onoh
Idan is Nigerian politicians, dem no dey every dey wrong.

Chidinma Peace
Lagos trailers stop for IDAN to pass, especially at the Lagos-Badagry expressway. IDAN no dey look left and right before crossing the road. πŸ“ŒπŸ“ŒπŸ“Œ

Nosa Ovie
Idan no dey find clients. Na clients dey wake am for sleep.

OC Babhylon Jnr
Idan no get meaning na meaning get idan. 🚴🚴🚴🚴

Inyang John Itsno Bigdeal
When idan get carryover, na lecturer go still write am for am.

Helen Zino Osede
Na better days ahead dey come meet idan. Idan no dey wait make he see light at the end of the tunnel, as idan enter tunnel Nepa must bring light.

Anabuike Chinenye
Idan no dey fail exam, na the question no correct. 🀣

Collins Wiz
Idan no dey check result, na result dey check on Idan.

Christo Penz Art
Idan no dey host party, na party dey host idan. Idan offend you, na you go beg for forgiveness.

Kalu Sandra Oriaku
You can hear about IDAN but IDAN can never hear about you.

Peter Richard
Idan na boy but na him do oga freedom... Idan no dey attend to customers, na customers dey attend to Idan. πŸ˜ͺ

Adepeju Odunayo Oluwabukonlami
After all this social media capping....if you dey close to idan you go know say idan dey go through idanwo.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Fadilat Damilola Ahmed
Idan no dey listen to advice, na advice dey listen to Idan.

Jide Paschal Agwadike
What does the slang Idan mean? Directly translated, it means 'magic' on the streets and on social media, 'Idan' has been used colloquially to mean "Boss". It is used to refer to someone who is held in high esteem and regarded as having attributes such as power, wealth, influence, and more. What does Idan mean in Yoruba? In Yoruba language it means magic, but in street language it means Boss.

Realkween Inioluwa Adegunloye
What is female IDAN called, IDANRE. She now wear heels she's IDANRE hills.

Wayne's Bro
When Idan eat, the food beleful.

Jokeboy Rap
Idan no need food na food need idan.

Chidi Ebere
Oxygen needs IDAN to survive.

David Grace
Idan no get meaning,na meaning get idan.

Chikaodili Okonkwo
You no fit know IDAN na IDAN go know you

Bright Paul
If Idan wan propose, na the the girl go knee down.

Freeman Otu
If IDAN late come meeting, others must apologize for coming early.

Promise Chii Ekeh
If you ask Idan question, na you go answer the question for idan.

Okwyla Nwamama
If Idan download an app. The app must agree to Idan's terms and condition.

Jennifer Alisigwe
When IDAN create upwork account, na $200/hr job offers e go dey get.

Lillian Mma
I no dey accept nonsense. πŸ˜‚

Kenny Prime Ukonne
Na only IDAN knows Victoria's secrets.

Badmus Raheemot Eniola
If Idan offend you, na you go dey ask for forgiveness from Idan.🀝

Chekwube Agu Eneh
I hope idan does not connote Tinubu.

Ebube Success
IDAN can't lie nah, na the truth dey wrong.

Amuni Ghaneeyat Olaitan Peace
Idan no dey pay sch fees na sch dey pay idan for coming to sch.

Williams Emeka Okonya
If idan rigg election na idan go still win.

Olaleye Sunkanmi Cole
Boss sack IDAN, na boss first stop work before idan.

Akinwande Eniola Gabriel
Idan don't go on a date... Na Lolo straight up. 🀧

Okafor Chidiogo
I - I
D - Don't
A - Accept
N - Nonsense

Marvelous Amanam
Idan no de source for jobs, na them de rush am.

Anita Kinikachi
Idan doesn't need you to understand what it means... Idan understands what you mean.

Osaigbovo Helen Itohan
If Idan has carryover na lecturer go write am.

Oliver Dieke
If IDAN get Dental issues come your clinic, na you be Patient, Na IDAN be the Doctor.

Kelvin Nwani
Idan na person wey get doings. Strong person.

Jo Wonah
In this context, I think it means person wey gather mind do person bad without batting an eye lid. Idan means many things, strong person, boss, a respected fellow in a particular position or whatever they find themselves.

Samuel Obike Gentle
E be like say this idan na Osuofia “Nkem owoh”. 😌 Baba na senior man… he no Dey ever Dey wrong gan. πŸ˜…

Jessica Clever
If idan like your husband, you don become ex wife be that oh.🀣🀣🀣 Otilo.

Vembe Vivian Dooyum
If IDAN sleep with your husband, na you dem go blame oo.

Kelechi Cosmas Ukulor
If IDAN come to class late, all the class go apologise for coming too early. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

If you de give IDAN advise na you go dey listen attentively.

Dorcas Anuoluwa
Idan no get skincare routine, but idan dey dan.

Jane Okorie
Idan in social media context means boss or guy man.

Jessica Clever
Idan no the fail exams, na the questions wrong. Idan no they wear color of the day, na idan be the color of d day. If Idan has carryover na lecturer go write am. Idan na the man wia be tenant but na landlord the pay am rent🀣🀣🀣. If opportunity knocks and idan no dey, opportunity go wait for idan. Idan no dey do transfer, if e manage do transfer, na the bank go collect debit alert.

Ray Ifeanyi Ugwu
If you set exam for Idan, na Idan be the marking scheme. 🀣

Jennifer Alisigwe
If IDAN like your husband, you feel honored and let IDAN have him all to herself. You will tell your hubby to bank roll IDAN.

Ngozi Bello Uche-Nwandu
In this case it means she is the indabosky,the infact the jagaban of everything

Chukwubuzor Emma Anthony
IDAN sounds like the name of a City in Kogi.

Charity Ugwu
If idan come marry your daughter na you go pay bride price.

Eze Confidence Ngozi
If IDAN like your husband, you don turn EX-wife. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tonye Macpepple
IDAN himself go become president by May 29.

Jerry Oibe
Idan no the wear color of the day, na idan be color of the day.

Ugwa Gift
Someone said is boss lady or boss whatever.

Ifechukwu Emmanuel
If IDAN like your husband, you go leave your husband for IDAN.

Jerry Oibe
Idan na the man wey be tenant but na landlord the pay him rent.

Blessing Isoni
If idan like your husband, you don turn side chick.

Vivian Chika
Idan means magic or street smart according to my friend.

Queen Olayinka Akinlolu
IDAN is always looking for money. IDAN cannot be easily seen. IDAN cannot be predicted. IDAN is always active. IDAN no dey use business play. IDAN dey get ogba once in a while. IDAN is full of doings. IDAN no dey fall. IDAN no trust anybody. IDAN no get helper.

Sandra Ezendiokwere
Idan no dey explain. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ogbanufe Udochukwu
If opportunity knocks and IDAN no dey... Na opportunity go wait outside for IDAN.

Kastic Festus
If you beg IDAN for money na you go turn send am money.

Nnamdi Chukwuka
IDAN is social media jagon not the Yoruba Idan. IDAN - I Don't Accept Nonsense.

Jessica Ozioko
Nobody fit explain Idan well, na Idan go explain you.

Efua Umoru
It's actually a Yoruba word meaning magic or wonder. Used in the streets as hailings for someone with "doings"

Charles Dara
IDAN is a word for Boss. Simple and short.

Graham Potter
Idan once missed school two days in a row, later on these days were called Saturday and Sunday. 😌

Nseobong Umoh
Thank you very much for this question, the real full meaning of IDAN is
I - I
D - Dance
A - Around
N -Nigeria

Ademoye Gbenga
Idan in the perspective that it is currently being used is synonymous with the following... Capone, oga, boss. It also means someone with unpredictable moves etc.

Ernest Bucci
Nobody can explain IDAN, IDAN is unexplainable.

Catherine Arungwa
Idan is "to perform wonder" or magic.

Emmanuel Linda Chinwe
You suppose know the meaning of idan before it's ask for the meaning.

Kabirat Kehinde
Idan in Yoruba means magic. Have u ever head of professor Pellet the magician? It could also means someone that his doings are not clear or legal.

Sopulu Anagboso
IDANWA cannot answer unnecessary questions, you better decode it yourself.

Musa Lukumon Ayomide
Idan no dey check results, na results dey check idan. Idan no dey chase money na money dey chase Idan.

Jonathan Daniel
If Idan wan marry you, he no go go see your parents, na your parents go go see am.🀣🀣

Dave Esiaba
Na who ask about Idan dey answer the question.

Bookey Bukola
Only a yoruba person understand idan meaning ,to explain in English or other languages can't really translate the full meaning. IDAN I stared at the mirror but there wasn't any reflection because there can be only one idan.

Akintayo Amusan
Idan in Yoruba simply means MAGIC. So the narrative could twist any situation to it's taste and switch places as it wishes considering its effect. Idan in the narrative of this trend is both the MAGIC and a MAGICAL personality.

Tochukwu Benedict
If you ask Idan question, em no go answer you but you go get the answer by yourself. πŸ˜…

Ruth Onyedikajah Ugbaja
Idan no dey answer question na person who ask idan question go still drop answer

Blessing Ruth Ikwuje
Idan no de explain wetin Idan mean, na explanation need idan. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Freda Raymond-Obi
Ha! πŸ™† Scandal, I heard it means magic maker and I have been using it to hail people. 🀣🀣🀣

Razaq Adeniyi
When Idan was born, his father called him DAD.

Ighodalo Blesyn
Idan means the oga kpatakpata of them all.πŸ‘©πŸ»‍πŸ¦―πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🦯

Rad Solo
If IDAN borrow money from Palmpay na Palmpay go pay IDAN. 😎

Dorothy Kumwar
I also came to learn o. And saw nothing I could understand. I actually thought IDAN meant ‘Interior designers association of Nigeria’. Just like I think ARCON is ‘Architects registration council of Nigeria’. πŸ™„

Peter Ojo
Yoruba people speaks in parable and they make use of hyperbolic expressions alot. Disecting the meaning of "Idan" could mean many things, depending on the antecedent, atmosphere and the occurrence. The word literally mean, magic. However, it could be used to mean so many other things either positive or negative. It could be used as a word to give accolades and as well as a representation of shaddy characteristics/feature of a person, thing or place. "Idan", could mean surprises as well as an exciting moment in a character of either a person or thing. IdΓ‘n in Yoruba means magic/wonders. But as a slang, it is often used for hailing. E.g Senior man - IdΓ‘n. Someone who is street smart - IdΓ‘n. And so on.

Christian Uchenna page
This result nah eyeneck do am. Eyeneck na Idan dem no dey follow IREV na IREV dey follow them. Make I come.

Agu Tony Moses
If Idan borrow money from you, you're the debtor.

Charles Dara
IDAN fit even arrest Police sef.

Ejike Blessing
Idan say make una confusion no reach am. Na him supposed confuse una.

Francis Akeredolu
Idan is a Yoruba word roughly translated as magic or shege.

Adebayo Ajibola
Idan is a name in Yoruba originally meaning 'Magic', 'Power', 'Influence'. But in the context of this trend, it's more like saying Odogwu.

Ejike Blessing
IDAN say make una gather for meeting for Aso rock tomorrow, nobody fit say no or no come, Idan don talk am.

Seyi Abimbola
Let's say someone who's logical.

Tekena Liamge-Koko
IDAN no dey feel stress, na stress dey feel idan. 😜

ArÑkùnrin Monsurr Ayọade
If IDAN phone ring for cinema dey go pause movie for IDAN to receive his call.

LaTunji Femi
Idan orita is when you add K to ordinary 723. That’s the real idan. No photo description available.

Iniobong Joseph
Idan doesn't have meaning, it's meaning that has idan.

Paul Nwaeri
Someone explained IDAN as ilumoole.

Martins Ameh
IDAN no dey look for business to do, na business dey find IDAN to give am profit. πŸ•Ί

Justice Kay
Person wey dey define Idan to you no know Idan. Even dictionary no fit define Idan. Idan no dey check dictionary na dictionary dey check Idan for meaning.

Fèrd Iñañd
If idan dey cross road na driver dey look left and right before em drive. πŸ˜‰

MacMarion Mde
Idan no dey ask questions, if Idan ask Idan dey clear.

Felix Tims
Idan originated in lle-ife in Osun State. It was understood to mean Don't Appreciate Nonsense because lle-ife was known for its upholding of culture and tradition. So the old men noticed that the influx of the younger generation led to gradual shift in cultural and traditional processes. They came together to voice their displeasure, hence the acronym IDAN. So strong was their dislike for nonsense that each one of them personalized it. Don't Appreciate Nonsense.

Theo StatiquΔ“
That's not the real IDAN! The real IDAN no dey celebrate Christmas na Christmas dey celebrate IDAN.

El Haj Alaga
Idan gan gan. No dey win election. Na election dey win by itself to Idan.

Allwell Chinyere Jnr
Idan is a comrade, he doesn't accept nonsense.

Promise Nakanda
IDAN is anything but anything is not IDAN. 😝

Ema Adewole
Idan no dey love na just tatata straight.

Hamzat Seleem Opeyemi
IDAN no dey catch feelings, IDAN has no hand.

BFG Footwear
If you ask who is an IDAN, you are not an IDAN. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Arinze Nonso Chukwuma
IDAN doesn’t win elections. He buys the whole electoral agency and declares himself the winner by 4am in the morning.

Sample Pee
Idan is the senior brother to Comrade.

Bay Bay
That person wey tell you that can never be an Idan! He has lost the single opportunity of a lifetime to ever become an Idan. Because Idan no get meaning! Na Meaning get Idan!

Uche Ali
IDAN is a MYSTERY. Any attempt to Unravel it will result in MISERY. Amen? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Adaeze Jennifer Ogbonnaya
Police no de arrest IDAN na IDAN de arrest Police.

Ezinne Favour Chukwunwem
Idan What is Idan? 1. An extremely stupid person. Someone with very limited mental capacity. An idiot. Idans can be found almost everywhere (schools, universities, workplaces etc.) Idans do not have the mental capacity to understand that they are stupid or that they are being used. Idans are the source of most problems is our society today. 



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: Hilarious and Funny Idan Trend Meaning in the Nigerian Language
Hilarious and Funny Idan Trend Meaning in the Nigerian Language
These funny and hilarious meanings of Idan the new Nigerian street slang are hilarious and funny Idan trend meaning in the Nigerian language.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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