Relationship Advice from Valerie Effik on How to Build the Right Relationship

Here is the best Relationship Advice from Valerie Effik on How to Build the Right Relationship that will make you rethink.

 How to Build the Right Relationship

September 11, 2020, at about 8:37pm, I sent a message to Valerie Effik which says, 

Good evening. I stumbled on your relationship advice on your Facebook page, and here I am asking for your permission to make a post on some of them on our site with a proper link back to your Facebook page. Here is the title I propose "Relationship Advice from Valerie Effik that will make you rethink how to build the right relationship".

If you would provide us with your bio to complement it, that would be fine. Best Relationship Advice on Marriage from the Richest Black Woman

Here is our blog. NsikakAndrew

And her response came this way.

Hi Nsikak,
Thank you for making contact.
I would like to know if it is a one-time post or continuous

And I replied,
One time post with a selection of about ten articles.

To which she said,
Okay then.
So what would you want me to list in my bio?

And I responded,
Just a short bio about yourself and what you do.
You can provide social media pages to link back to you.

And she re[plied,

I waited this long and no bio was sent. And today 29th December 2020 at about 10:40pm. I saw a post from her while checking around Facebook and had to go inbox to check our communication in order to fulfil my promise.

And while still putting down these collections of relationship advice, I came across these motivations from her, which to me is as inspiring as a bio shared at Motivation - the energy required for success and at Billionaire Talks.

To be honest with you, when this #pandemic struck the earth and the #world stood still, I did not believe that despite this, I would testify. ⠀

Have you ever given up on #God and He comes to you by Himself and says " hey, you think I'm done with you yet? You must be joking"

This was my story from 2010-2012. If you wanna hear it, ask for it.
I remember in 2018 when I was in between #planning on what to do as a side #business. I knew I #loved #luxury and #jets but I didn't have the means to show off a #luxurious #lifestyle so people can believe in what I had to offer (as per I was measuring #growth and #success with #Instagram fake posts..... How foolish of me!)⠀
When I told a #friend of mine back then which unfortunately, we no longer talk about because his intentions were not good (regardless, I am still grateful to him for the push in the right direction), he believed in my dreams, asked me to write them down so we can discuss it.⠀
I did and presented it to him (are you committed to your dream enough to make another belief in you?), we discussed my business plans and he sent me N100,000 in less than 24 hours
That, my dear family, was how @EffikClan Solutions Limited @jetffikluxury_co was born.⠀

Was I scared of starting? Of cos but I did it anyways.
My first ever paying clients were @mamagee/her king and   @gleeforlife_empire/her king (very easygoing couples I love and respect so much) and this was after about 6 months of slow growth, marketing and brand awareness.⠀

Guess what? I never gave up.
Now, we get overwhelmed daily by travel requests, inquiries, and partnership requests and we are steadily gaining a presence in Africa, Europe and America.⠀

Soon, we will be extending our hands of business to investors and stakeholders by God's grace.⠀

You see, if you let life screw you which of cos it will try to every time, you will always get f**ked over (excuse my french) but if you believe in yourself, your God and you have supportive people around you like my man and my child, you will move mountains even with shaky hands.⠀


@Motivation - the energy required for success. 

I have always loved #entrepreneurship but I am also very conscious of building myself up before settling in fully to enjoy being called a #CEO.⠀

This has led me to gain a good amount of years of #experience in different #sectors.⠀
At first, I used to be frustrated about working so hard and earning so little until I sat down with my mentor one day, poured out my soul to him and he was able to counsel me (Who is your mentor?).⠀
That conversation changed my life, reset my #mindset and gave me a new perspective towards #goal pursuit.
I have always been drawn to #startups and I have built a considerate amount of #companies from scratch it wasn't until I spoke with the #mentor that I understood that life was putting me through a process of #building so that when the #responsibility of building mine weighs on my shoulders, I can carry it conveniently.⠀
Today, I can say that journey was a #blessing in disguise and I am grateful.
This also shaped the way I see my #life #goals. ⠀
I received #mentorship for free so I also give it out for free to whoever wants to #drink from my cup.⠀
My desire is not just to be known as a #business #mogul / #tycoon / #lord but to be known for #impacting #lives, #remoulding lives, #reshaping #destinies and I will say, it is starting out just fine.⠀
As you all know, my DM is open, and my phone lines are open to anyone who would like to ask #questions or seek #counsel in areas where I am well knowledged so get in touch and stop dulling. ⠀
My name is still Valerie Effik aka #Valerianluxury and I run a luxury group @jetffikluxury. Check us out and share your thoughts. 

@ Billionaire Talks.

Like they say, your word is your bond.

Here we are providing relationship advice from Valerie Effik.

Relationship Advice from Valerie Effik on How to Build the Right Relationship

Now the show begins. 


Hi there, 

It’s okay that we all feel anyone who is coming to love us must love us the way we want to be loved but do you really love yourself the way you want to be loved?

So you love to be told nice things huh? When was the last time you spoke kindly to yourself? Told you you love you, told you how amazing you are and how hard you work? 

Oh, when last did you say “I love you to you?”

Oh damn, I miss nice dining and I wish he can take me out. Hello ma, he won’t understand it’s your love language when he did not meet you doing it for yourself.

“Imagine o, other men/women are shopping for their boo or giving them something nice but mine, it must always be a fight”.

Is this your mama/papa?

Stop eeeet now!

Did he/she meet you gifting yourself stuff? How would he or she know you love gifts?

There are so many things I want to teach you about love language but if you keep being entitled instead of making yourself your own priority, ‘the partner’ will never truly know how to love you.


Valerie Effik

Right Relationship Advice


He was in debt when they got together, and she created a stream of income to pay off his debt. 

Now he is debt free and is worth billions of dollars.

Now I understand why he treats her like a Queen.

Sister, you want a rich husband ndeh?

Most wealthy men are living in debt just so you know.

What are you worth, ma?

Can your human hair and iPhone save a drowning man?

Do you have the brain to create wealth or the capacity to build a brand that sells?

Before you desire something, be sure you have what it takes to sustain your desire.

As for me, I am not working hard to show off but to be a strong ally to any man I will choose to say yes to.

Valerie Effik

Best Relationship Advice for Man and Woman


Is it just me or does anyone else picture the one they are dating from an "old age" perspective? 

Like bro, I am going to visualize what you'll look like in 40 years cos I wanna grow old with your annoying ass I don't wanna wake up scared of who is laying next to me because your nose is so wide open and your grey hair so white it seems Santa missed his way and landed on my bed.

Yea! I know I am a bag of trouble y'all.

Just a lil something to make you laugh but I am serious tho.

Valerie Effik

Best Relationship Quotes for Man and Woman


I don't care what baggage they carry, if they only love you behind closed doors and among only close friends, they do not love you at all.

True love dey makes a person mad.

Hahahaha! They will say I have started again o.

Shebi y'all are in my inbox saying I've stopped posting ndeh??

Oya, what would you like me to talk about besides private jets and luxury??

Some say they want to see my photo to confirm I am not pregnant  What if I don born already?

I missed you all too.

Valerie Effik

Best Relationship Sayings for Man and Woman


My name is Valerie Effik and I am a woman, I love supporting other women on what is right and also the men on what is right too but I get really disappointed at both parties when I hear or see stuff like this…
Dear woman, you are blessed with a mind of your own. Why then do you get easily manipulated by a man all in the name of love and empty words that are not built on any foundation?
Dear man, you are a leader and the head. Respect is not taken by force because you are a man, you either get it freely because you live a respectable life or you earn it by showing proof that you deserve to be respected.
I hear a lot of girls say they want to give up their friends to save their relationship which they have nothing to hold on to but empty words and it baffles me.
Why would you give up on your friends who have been with you through thick and thin, supporting you all the way up for a mere man who feels insecure about them yet his contact list is packed up with women of different sizes and ethnicity and you feel that is love?
My dear man, you only just came. You love her, yes then why all the insecurities looming in the air? You don't cage or manipulate someone you love to suit your life. The Bible didn't say a woman should submit to her boyfriend but to her husband so if you want her to discard all her friends, toss them in the toilet and flush them like some trash then change her last name.
And for you sissy, you don't have to be so naive. You hardly even know what this man is capable of, never ever put your life in the hands of any man all in the name of a relationship. You are created to be a help meet not a slave queen. Marriage is honourable and a great sight to behold in heaven and on earth. Don't become too desperate to swallow every bitter pill.
In conclusion, a partner that loves you will first work on his/herself then help you work on yourself not manipulate you into doing the things that only suit him/her all in the name of love and marriage.
Have a good day Kings and Queens.

Valerie Effik

Powerful Relationship Advice for Man and Woman


I am a #romance #freak, to be honest and thoughtful things like this just have me in tears..... Happy tears I mean.

Being in #love will have you #exploring all your #creative #abilities (if you are not eager to show your partner how thoughtful and creative you can be, you are probably in the wrong place so switch lanes please) which includes how you can be of #service to them.⠀
I am a #relationship #counsellor by the way so when I say some things and you argue, it's on you not me.⠀

The last married woman that judged me for being single and inexperienced came back after some weeks and paid for the free services I offered her because her friend who is my senior friend recommended her.

Never judge a book by its cover, especially when seeking counsel because if you knew it, you would not be seeking help.
Sha sha, the koko of this matter is that I love what this couple did and I am inspired to wow my husband on our wedding day.⠀
In fact, I'll surprise him on our engagement day too. I hope I get a hint because everyone I know is good at pulling stunts

Aproko people are already asking "WHO IS THE HUSBAND?" 
Ooin!  Do you want to run faster than your shadow? #calmdown o

Valerie Effik

Best Relationship Advice for Couple


I was talking with my friend the other day about the power of a strong WILL.⠀

There are two reasons I do not like to share my story and that is I hate to be pitied and also I hate to be asked repeatedly about the same things.⠀
If I open up to tell you about the JOURNEY TO BEING VALERIE EFFIK (sounds like a good name for my book) then it is either I am trying to motivate you or you must mean something to me. I only tell stories to motivate.⠀
Anyways, it was the power of strong will that got me this far.⠀
I could have decided to make do with my situation after being a single mother at a very young age and lost all of my family's interest and support.⠀

No one believed I needed education anymore cos I was now worthless but WILL told me I cannot be another failed youth (what will be your story he kept asking).⠀

WILL made me get a job, WILL made me write my WAEC, WILL made me stay up at night to read after being a mom the whole day, WILL made me desire to be in a better place because my child deserved a mother she can be proud of.⠀

Oh! Did I tell you that WILL gave me the courage to walk out of an abusive, toxic relationship of 8 years with no help or support from anyone?⠀

WILL pushed me when I could not find the strength to put another foot forward.
WILL is why you can look at me today and say "Damn, she is a strong woman".⠀

Are you friends with WILL?⠀

You should consider being an acquaintance.

Valerie Effik

Best Relationship Advice for family


Before I say anything, let us look up what temperance is.
1. Temperance is a bridle of gold that controls your wild-horse instincts, which, if left uncontrolled, will utterly destroy you.
2. It is moderation of one's desire in obedience to the word of God.
3. It is the foundation of health, strength and peace.
4. It is moderation of the things that are good and total abstinence from the things that are bad.
I could go on and on but let me pause here while I continue with the main reason for this post.
Do you know that temperance is one of the virtues that breeds success?
Have you noticed that in this age of advanced technology, we have control over everything. The sun heats our houses, the mighty rivers produce electricity, satellites in space transmit communication signals to the nations of the world and deadly diseases with wonder drugs. Man finds it easier to control the universe than to control himself.
Taking into consideration the source of all major problems in this world, you will find that it is a result of a lack of temperance and the lack of self-control.
Do you have self-control??
Whatever your answer may be, I implore you to place within your mouth the golden bridle of temperance before you destroy yourself because whatever choices you make or solutions you discover to solve your problem, you need temperance to achieve your provision.

Valerie Effik



We must prioritize and normalize bringing something to the table not always come as orphans. Even some of us that are orphans bring something to the table.

Valerie Effik

Best Thoughtful Relationship Advice


It is not that you cannot win, it is just that you do not believe that you can win and until you start believing then will you count your wins.

Colour, gender, background, and past cannot deter you if you understand that impossibility is nothing.

I heartily congratulate the Winners of the United States of America presidential election and also congratulate the opposing party for putting up good conduct throughout the elections.

Just like @Kalama Harris did it, I/You can do it!

Valerie Effik

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Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: Relationship Advice from Valerie Effik on How to Build the Right Relationship
Relationship Advice from Valerie Effik on How to Build the Right Relationship
Here is the best Relationship Advice from Valerie Effik on How to Build the Right Relationship that will make you rethink.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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