Monday, November 4, 2019

I came across this post Men Combo To Save Your Marriage And Relationship as shared on Vaginal Health Movement facebook page. The interesting part of the post is that any man who is experiencing this challenge can apply the natural tips given to have the best in his marital life. Here it goes. 

A man messaged me that whenever he goes home at night, if his wife start bathing and brushing her teeth his mind will fly out of fear of not good in bed.

Don't be confused I will explain.

Sometimes if he manages to do one he will sleep off.... now listen. If it happens that when you come ones the next minute you will be seeing double then your sperm need help and you need energy too.

To achieve a good result soon to have a baby you need a healthy sperm... thick and good. If you drop it "one is one".

If you give your partner for four days she will be calling you lovely names.

Stop blaming the woman or witches try this combo now...

Some of the sperm leakage is not as the fault of the woman; it can be caused by light and weak sperm.

Men Combo:

  • Use this combo to boost your sperm and stop weak ejaculation.
  • Dried Unripe Plantain.
  • Dried Date Palm.
  • Fried Soya-bean.
  • Dried Wonderful Kola 2 Pieces.
  • 1 Alligator Pepper.
  • Few Dried Ginger.
  • Dried Corn.

Grind all the things above and store in a bucket with tight cover.

Then add Two spoon of the powder to pap or custard and drink once a day for three weeks if you want to boost sperm then if your `member’ is not functioning well use up to a month.

Please I advise all men looking for baby should have this at home if you can, buy honey too and be adding soon. God will bless you.

This is for all men.

NOTE: Pap should be very hot before adding the grinded powder.

If you truly like this information, do well to share it with others to benefit from it.

Source: Comfort George-Iyire

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