Recharge And Get Paid Mission, Products And Compensation Plan In RAGP Business

Dear network marketer, if it took you almost 1 or 2 years to make up your mind to join a business but after just 2 weeks, you say people are not joining you. Really? Why not use yourself as an example. 

For your information, network marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry. So, why are you shy to work out your own millions?

Your lack of funds should be your biggest push to succeed and not an excuse to relax.

To earn in network marketing, you must be ready to learn. If you calm down and understand the  business model, you will go crazy with the excitement and ideas. 

I rather take 3 to 5 years building my business than working 35 years just to pay bills. Leave a debt free life.

Money is not what you need. What you need is what generates money. If you care, I can show you one. 

People who transform their own lives and then help others to do the same are the people who build the largest empires. How I Improved My Daily Inspirations About Work, Time And Pride In One Day

Recharge And Get Paid Mission, Products and Compensation Plan

Firstly Our MISSION

Recharge and get paid mission is to create wealth for the people. With our superb products and unique compensation plan, we will provide employment opportunities for people to improve their well-being and quality of life

Secondly the PRODUCTS

The Business of Recharge and Get Paid revolves around the following products:

  • Airtime of all networks.
  • Data of all networks.
  • Dstv subscription.
  • GoTv subscription.
  • Startimes subscription.
  • PHCN subscription.


  • When you recharge/sell airtime, you get paid (2%).
  • When you buy/sell data, you get paid (10%).
  • You refer people,  you get paid (20%) with point values.
  • Your People recharge recharge you get paid (0.35%).
  • Your people buy data, you get paid (1%).
  • Your people refer people, you get paid (10-1%) with point value.
  • You register with RAGP, you get paid (20%).

ABC Breakdown Of The RAGP Earnings For A Better Understanding

[1]. SIGN UP  COMMISSION (SUC) 20%: You earn 20% of your own personal sign-up fee. 

Example: Your Registration/Activation fee is ₦50,000. 

SUC is 20% of that ₦50,000 = ₦10,000.

[2]. DIRECT REFERRAL COMMISSION (DRC) 20%: You earn 20% DRC for anyone you refer directly to RAGP irrespective of your own activation fee.

Example: You referred KATE who registered and activated with ₦50,000.

Your DRC is 20% of KATE'S activation fee i.e. 20% of ₦50,000 = ₦10,000.

[3]. INDIRECT REFERRAL COMMISSION (IRC) 10%-1%: Indirect downlines are people referred by your direct downlines up-to your 9th level of your network.

 You earn 10%-1% IRC for anyone referred to RAGP by your downlines.

2ND LEVEL: 10%
4TH LEVEL: 2.5%
5TH LEVEL: 1.25%
6TH-10TH  LEVEL: 1%


You referred KATE the company will pay you  20% of her registration fee and Kate also regarded as your first Level or Level 1.

Then KATE now referred, BOSE (You will earn 10% of BOSE registration fee) and BOSE is regarded as your 2nd Level downline.

BOSE referred AYO (You will earn 5% of AYO's registration fee). And AYO is regarded as your 3r Level downline.

AYO referred MUSA (You will earn 2.5% of MUSA registration fee). And MUSA becomes your 4th Level downline

MUSA referred ADA (You earn 1.25%). And Ada becomes your 5th Level downline.

ADA referred IDIDIONG (You earn 1%). IDIDIONG becomes your 6th Level downline.

IDIDIONG referred AKIN (You earn 1%) Akin is your 7th Level downline.

AKIN referred DIDI (You earn 1%). DIDI is your 8th Level downline.

DIDI referred LOUIS (You earn 1%). LOUIS is 9th Level downline.

LOUIS referred ROSE (You earn 1%) ROSE is your 10th Level downline.

Now by so doing, the company rewards you with an incentives and leadership bonuses. 

LEADERSHIP BONUS (LB): You earn LB based on your team's total MONTHLY Point Value (PV) of all your partners or downlines and yours. 

To qualify you must be a platinum member with the cumulative PV of 10,000 PV to earn ₦100,000 in any given month.

Accumulated over time 25,000 PV from all registered members in your network and qualify for a Tourism / Vacation trip to Dubai or Receive ₦500,000 cash.

INCENTIVES: You qualify for incentives based on your team's CUMULATIVE point value  (PV) of all your partners or downlines and yours. 

Distributor must attain the level of PLATINUM MEMBER before qualifying for any incentive as follows below:

SMALL CAR AWARD = ₦2,000,000
Accumulate 60,000 PV over time from all registered members of your network (TEAM) and qualify to receive a small car or ₦2 million cash from RAGP LTD.

1ST HOUSE FUNDS = ₦3,000,000
Accumulate 100,000 PV from registered members of your Team over time and qualify for a 1st House Fund worth ₦3 million cash.

Wake up and join us in Recharge and Get Paid. Beware of get-rich-quick schemes. If it's a real business, hard work is required to build it.

You can join our team presentation via RAGP - #MoreMoneyTEAM WhatsApp Group link.
And if you are ready to come onboard, click here at RAGP website. And use: nsikakandrew as the Sponsor Referral.
Again, here are the breakdown of COMPENSATION PLAN IN RECHARGE AND GET PAID

What's PV

PV means POINT VALUES (PV). And  Point Value is a measure of team performance and building.

Every member of RECHARGE AND GET PAID is worth a certain amount of PV based on their membership level.

Accumulating PV is very important in this business.

As partners/distributors join your network/team, your PV adds up.

What this means is that even the PVs of people who join your team at the 10th level deep will still be added to you.

We also make points values when we or our generations upgrade their membership package to another package.

Each membership signup fee has their corresponding POINTS VALUE as listed below:

  • ₦5,000 Basic package: (20PV).
  • ₦10,000 bronze package: (40PV).
  • ₦20,000 silver package: (80PV).
  • ₦30,000 gold package: (120PV).
  • ₦40,000 diamond package: (160PV).
  • ₦50,000 platinum package: (200PV).
  • ₦100,000 executive platinum package: (400PV).

When anyone comes onboard in your team, directly or indirectly with any of the packages above, the points of the signup amount will be added up to you.

So, as people come onboard, those points will be adding up.

Now, here's what the company says, anytime those points adding up from you and your team members' registrations accumulates together and make:

  • When you and your team members generates 10,000 POINTS VALUE in any month, you'll qualify for ₦100,000 leadership award, this is given monthly.
  • When you and your team members generate 25,000 POINTS VALUE at any time, you'll qualify for ₦500,000 international trip award. you can make this anytime.
  • When you and your team members generate  60,000 POINTS VALUE at any time, you'll qualify for ₦2,000,000 Small car award.
  • When you and your team members generate  100,000 POINTS VALUE at any time, you'll qualify for ₦3,000,000 Small house award.
  • When you and your team members generate  250,000 POINTS VALUE at any time, you'll qualify for ₦4,000,000 big house award.
And the greatest of it is...

  • 500,000 POINTS VALUE at any time, you'll qualify for ₦6,000,000 biggest house award.

This is very wonderful, earning over ₦15.5M in one account including the daily passive INCOMES one will be making.

This is achievable in just a few years.

The accumulations of those incentives is over ₦15.5M in one account and we have the privilege to have multiple accounts.

What are your questions? 
Let's talk about it via RAGP - #MoreMoneyTEAM WhatsApp Group link.
If you are ready to come onboard, click here at RAGP website to join. Here is the Sponsor Referral ID to use: nsikakandrew 

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