Wedding Poem For Groom From Bride

Tears Down The Aisle

Right from the day,
He popped the big question;
There I held my heart down in tears,
This tears only the joy;
Of motherhood would understand.

Thinking back just as we walked,
In splendor steps down the aisle;
The moment that erased my shame,
And crowned in me the joy of living;
Right there, I felt this joy of a new glory.

This expression of my tears,
Meant so much, to my new found life;
It is for me an honour to be the Queen,
And I know same for him to be my King;
Where we have our Saviour to be our head.

Life was never this way that I imagined,
Those days of unyielding broken promises;
Spiced with a kind subtle sugar coated tongue,
Days that the thought of my mind seems so real;
But disappointed in the glamour of dazzled hope.

I have sworn never to feel a touch after the last one,
When promises of love became a nightmare to bear;
Just before our moment of treasured glorious reign;
When soul set on fire for a perfect union of endless love,
Became a prey of shattered dreams too hard to believe.

Time had passed, yet the thought still live a scar,
Scar too hard to eliminate within a short time;
Such that dethroned the power to ever love again,
But how you did it, is still a mystery that humbled me;
Thank God you came when it seems so impossible!

Now I am blessed to have a prince charming that cares,
One whose love had erased every of my unpleasant past;
Now I stand in honour of your love that gives me real joy,
Love so real that I can see the sparkle of a bright new sky;
As we walked down the aisle to begin an awesome new life.

Nsikak Andrew 
21st February, 2015

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