Trust In The Lord Your God

The motivation for trust in the Lord your God came from Psalm 1:1-6. The words of encouragement here is to trust in the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul. Trusting God in all circumstances shows that you love Him regardless of what you are going through. Let Your Thoughts Reference The Lord

Trust In The Lord Your God

[1:1]. The way of the Lord is the way of perfection,
And he who walked with Him shall never see shame.

[1:2].  Let your delight be in the law of the Lord,
And His words be your comfort day in day out.

[1:3]. When your ways are in tune with His ways,
You shall find favour in His side all the days of your life.

[1:4]. Delight not yourself in the ways of the ungodly,
For their ways are like the sand the wind blew away.

[1:5]. Oh, put your trust in the Lord your God,
For Him alone can deliver a righteous judgment.

[1:6]. He alone knows the way of all men,
And He alone will guide your path to righteousness.

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