Let Your Thoughts Reference The Lord

Inspired and motivated by Psalm 2:1-12, Let your thoughts reference the Lord is a guard for your mind and heart against drawing the anger of your Creator. Keep your mind on God and live for Him through His words. He alone rewards a faithful heart and makes your life, a living testimony of His glory. Trust In The Lord Your God

Let Your Thoughts Reference The Lord

[2:1]. Let not your heart imagine vain things,
And your mind wanders in deceitful thoughts.

[2:2]. Strives not to speak ill of the anointed,
Nor join in the condemnation of His prophets.

[2:3]. For this is a sure way to draw the anger of God,
And make your life a pathway to destruction.

[2:4]. The Lord God Almighty is our awesome God,
He alone rewards the secret thoughts of our hearts.

[2:5]. When He speaks in anger,
Who is he that can withstand His wrath?

[2:6]. Oh depart from iniquity,
And fear the Lord that created all.

[2:7]. He is kind to the humble at heart,
And merciful to them that called upon His name.

[2:8]. When He decrees a thing,
Who is him that can challenge His words?

[2:9]. He alone rewards a faithful heart,
And break asunder the enemy that seeks after your life.

[2:10]. Oh put on the garment of righteousness,
And taste of the goodness of the Lord.

[2:11]. Let your thoughts reference Him in truth,
And your life, a living testimony of His glory.

[2:12]. In this you will find favour in His vineyard,
And His grace will give you the strength to go on.

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