O Lord I Live For You

Words of supplication and proclamation are so powerful to our spirit, body and soul. O Lord I live for You is inspired by Psalm 3:1-8. Indeed you shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord. Be motivated by these inspiring words to live for God everyday. May your life be a testimony. Let Your Thoughts Reference The Lord 

O Lord I Live For You

[3:1]. Lord in your hand, I commit myself,
Let not my enemies have their ways over me.

[3:2]. Let not those who says we have gotten him,
Have their ways to plug me out of your Mighty hands.

[3:3]. To you O Lord, my eyes look up to your grace,
Oh, deliver me not into the hands of my enemies.

[3:4]. Hear me O Lord and let my cry found favour in you,
Lift me up and set me on a hill so high above my enemies.

[3:5]. Let those who seek my life behold your beauty in me,
And let them say indeed that the Lord God Almighty is with you.

[3:6]. You are my rock of ages and the lifter of my soul,
In you will I never be afraid of them that seek after my life.

[3:7]. In you, I put my trust in your grace that appeared unto me,
Your hands of grace that destroyed the works of darkness in my life.

[3:8]. I will live for you O Lord God my Father,
For your love for me is the love that is incomparable.

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