Inspirational Poem Of Encouragement

Let Me Clear My Throat

I hate publicity
Anything that has to do with it
Certainly count me out
Come to think of it
How could you accomplished
A God given talent without
Falling in love with publicity.

I thought publicity was for those
Who want to create an environment
For them to be notice, but hide as you may
The golden fish has no hiding place
I have hide for too long
Now is the time to clear my throat
And get busy with this fun
I cherished so much.

I realize many have talents
But how to express them becomes a problem
Many allowed their talents to die inside of them
Some do not believe that they are worthy
Of their precious given talents
Some envy others' talents without knowing
That theirs are greater than those they envy.

Some are just follow-follow
Everything they see others do
They want to do the same
Tell me, were you born the same day?
Why not be yourself
For being yourself is only how
You will discover and achieve your talents
Stop being follow-follow.

Nsikak Andrew

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