Positive Fascinating and Motivational Advice for Friends about Life

These positive fascinating and motivational advice for friends about life are meaningful inspirational messages that will brighten and inspire your friends to be their best no matter the challenges they encountered.

Best Positive Fascinating and Motivational Advice for Friends about Life

Life unfolds like a grand adventure, brimming with moments of elation and despair, challenges and triumphs. In this labyrinth of existence, the presence of steadfast friends becomes a source of solace and strength, offering a guiding hand through the maze of uncertainties. Among these companions are those whose words resonate deeply, infusing our journey with positivity, fascination, and unwavering motivation. It is within the tapestry of these relationships that we find refuge, support, and the encouragement needed to navigate life's twists and turns with resilience and grace.

The influence of friends who provide uplifting and captivating advice transcends mere companionship; it becomes a beacon of hope illuminating our path forward. Their insights and perspectives inspire us to rise above adversity, to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and to cultivate a mindset of resilience and perseverance. Through their words, they breathe life into our dreams and aspirations, fueling our ambition and igniting the spark of possibility within us.

As we journey through the ever-changing landscape of life, the significance of these friends cannot be overstated. Their unwavering belief in our potential, coupled with their genuine care and support, propels us forward on our quest for fulfillment and meaning. Together, we embark on this odyssey, enriched by the profound impact of positive and motivational advice, forging bonds that transcend time and circumstance, and shaping our destinies with courage and conviction.

Positive Fascinating and Motivational Advice for Friends about Life

Offering positive, fascinating, and motivational advice to friends can uplift and empower them on their journey through life. Encourage them to embrace change with open arms, cultivate gratitude for life's blessings, and find inspiration in everyday moments. By fostering a mindset of growth, resilience, and appreciation, they can navigate life's challenges with grace and optimism.

These positive fascinating and motivational advice for friends about life are meaningful inspirational messages that will brighten and inspire your friends to be their best no matter the challenges they encountered.

There are friends in your life that need to be inspired.  For them, they deserve these inspirational quotes about life and happiness to motivate them along the way to achieve their destiny. Motivational Thoughts and Words of Affirmation about the Value of Humility

How To Overcome The Enemy That Is You

There is no need to try to search for the number one enemy of man that seems to hold us down. If you keep searching for the other enemy, then first look at the mirror and the image you see is the first culprit that should be termed an enemy. The greatest enemy is the enemy of oneself. You can walk away from external enemies, but can you walk away from yourself? The enemy we have but seem not to recognize sometimes is ourselves.

A times we blame others for our misfortune but seem not to ascertain that we are a contributory factor to our failure for the things we failed to do right when it matters. The enemy of failure looms so real within us but for us to overcome such, we need to take action and do everything possible to eliminate it. The action we take is what defines how we will overcome the enemy that is us. Living a life of purpose is what will give us the edge to strive always in order to eliminate this enemy called average.

We shouldn’t give in to lazy thoughts that make us feel that our problem is the handiwork of others when we fail to do that which should move us to the next level. I know sometimes that our environment constrains us to some certain height in expressing ourselves to meet up with that which will bring about our breakthrough. But be it as it may, it is still left for us to fight the enemy called average so as for us to break loose and achieve our given purpose in life.  

“Never limit yourself or talk down on yourself. If you see nothing good in yourself, others will also not see anything good in you.”

Actually, our destiny is guided by what we keep saying to ourselves on daily a basis. When all we confess are negative words, then how do we expect positive things to influence our lives and ways of reasoning? To kill the enemy within you, always believe in yourself. It is your belief system that will drive the forces of change around you. And not when you keep dwelling and feeling that others are the problem that is you. Even if you feel that others are the problem that is you, if you do nothing about it, then that problem will still be there. You need the knowledge to understand that the major problem of you not getting to where you are at the position you are at the moment might be that of your own making. This might be a result of you failing to do that which should have been done in time past.

When you take responsibility for your action, then you will brave up to make amendments and get things done the right way. If you want to find a solution to that which is your undoing, then blame no one for your misfortune. You are the architect of your destiny and you can actualize this when you stop blaming others for your misfortune and rather would take the needed action to make things right to actualize your destiny. Beautiful Refreshing Perspective about How to Let Joy Flow within Your Heart Like the River of Joy

Stop Sitting On The Fence

A fence is never a convenient place for you to sit and make a living out of life. Those who find the wall as their sitting place in the harbour will never be taken seriously by anyone who has a destiny in life to fulfil. Sitting on the wall makes you a spectator rather than a player in the field of life. If you have sat on the wall for too long, take my advice, stop sitting on the wall. Get off it, and go do something meaningful with your life.

“Those who sit on the fence are like passersby who window-shop and have a story for every happening around town without owing anything to justify themselves as game changers.”  

The people who sit on the fence are like the people who write other people’s history books but owe no chapter of theirs. They are like `ticketers` at the airport who knew all the destination routes, flight times and airlines but have never travelled to any of the destinations. To be relevant in life, then stop sitting on the fence. When you do such, you lose time and have no mind to take action that can bring about results. Just don’t be a spectator who only watches a match but be a player on the pitch of life who made things happen. When you stop guessing and take action, you will help redefined yourself and do the impossible which can only happen when you stop sitting on the fence by just watching.

“If you desire a life that wins at all times, then you shouldn’t make the fence have a sitting space for you.”  

Life’s success stories are only made possible when you take action. So in daring the impossible, you need to take action and go after that which is giving you sleepless nights. Action is needed to overcome everything that seems to hold your breakthrough down. It is not for us to see our downward state of life and seems to do nothing about it. This requires that we give a good fight to win over that which will seem to bring us down. Most of the time we come across challenges in this, and it is not for us to do anything about it. The moment you become silent over that which is confronting you without doing anything in trying to overcome it, you will always have it there around you. If you do nothing about your situation, then expect that nobody will do anything about it for you.

When anyone finds you always at a particular spot without doing anything, such a person will not never want to take you seriously. On such occasions, you will be seen as a lazy person that does not want to do anything meaningful with your life. Life's actual success requires that you go do something for yourself and not try to wait for anyone. Remember that time is of the essence and if you can’t move with the moving time, then have no one but yourself to blame in the long run. Whenever that will bring a legitimate income instead of waiting for the big break, you should take a go at it. Remember it is by starting small that you will grow big. Start something and do not make your mind an idle workshop to be used for unproductive things because the moment you made such, you will have other things that will cross your mind to do wrong which will never bring to you the right way to make a living in life. If success is all that you want out of life, then all you need to do is stop sitting on the fence and find something meaningful to do with your life. If you desire a change, then take the courage to make things work not just for you but for others that shall benefit from the right step you took. Best Simple Steps to Make a Man Happy that is Not Harmful as You Might Think    

Learn To Trust Your Instincts

Your instinct has a lot to do with guiding your life out of danger and many trouble waters. If you are a man that is in tune with your instinct, hardly would you find yourself in any danger zone. Whatsoever that is about happening to us, our body instinct first will communicate such to us but it is our understanding of that instinct that will make us avoid such. There is body language that our spirit man releases each time we are getting into any danger zone. And it is our awareness of this that would guide us not to fail into such temptation. If there is one thing we should not be in contention with, it is our body's instinct for this is a guide and that which would always direct us away from evil.  

“Your body instinct is a guide that draws you towards accomplishing your destiny.”

In every step of life, you desire to take, your body instinct stands a better chance as a guide that would direct you if you can listen to it. Everyone has ways of how it would manifest to them. If you study yourself repeatedly, you will be able to hear the warming signal at any time it wants to arise before it is too late. When your mind, spirit and body resist a thing and at times turned weak on a journey you are about to embark on or on a new business deal you are about to enter, hold back and withdraw your steps at that moment. Sincerely, this is a way that communication is sent to you that all might not be well. Be wise! And do not ignore your body instinct which will always and repeatedly inform your mind that all as good as it might sound is not well.

People who always listen to their body instinct will always be ahead of others before any danger sets in. Learn to trust your instinct no matter how it might sound at every moment. Your instinct has a role to play in determining the direction of your destiny. If you ignore it many a time, you may find yourself going in the wrong direction and might never in such a situation be made fulfilled in the actualization of your purpose in life. Trust your instinct to trust your life. When you trust your instinct, you would always be in control of your life.  

Embrace Change with Open Arms

Change is an inevitable part of life, yet it can be intimidating. Encourage your friends to embrace change with open arms, seeing it as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Remind them that change often leads to new experiences, relationships, and perspectives. By fostering a mindset of adaptability and resilience, they can navigate life's transitions with confidence and courage.

Cultivate Gratitude for Life's Blessings

Gratitude is a powerful practice that can shift our perspective and enhance our well-being. Encourage your friends to cultivate gratitude for the blessings in their lives, big and small. Suggest keeping a gratitude journal or simply taking a moment each day to reflect on what they're thankful for. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, they can invite more joy, abundance, and fulfillment into their experience.

Find Inspiration in Everyday Moments

Life is full of moments that hold the potential for inspiration and wonder. Encourage your friends to seek out beauty and meaning in the ordinary, whether it's a breathtaking sunset, a heartfelt conversation, or a simple act of kindness. Remind them that inspiration can be found everywhere if we're open to seeing it. By cultivating a sense of wonder and curiosity, they can infuse their lives with purpose and passion.


Let us remember the profound impact that positive, fascinating, and motivational advice can have on the lives of our friends. By sharing timeless wisdom and uplifting insights, we can inspire growth, resilience, and transformation. Let us continue to support and uplift one another on this journey called life, knowing that together, we can overcome any obstacle and embrace the beauty of the human experience.



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: Positive Fascinating and Motivational Advice for Friends about Life
Positive Fascinating and Motivational Advice for Friends about Life
These positive fascinating and motivational advice for friends about life are meaningful inspirational messages that will brighten and inspire your friends to be their best no matter the challenges they encountered.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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