Motivational Words Of Inspiration About Criticism, Finding Fault And Digging Deep

Before you pull the trigger, think of these motivational words of inspiration about criticism, finding fault and digging deep. When you have the understanding of time and seasons, planting and harvest then you will come to term with the fact that there is due process one has to follow before attaining success in life. Relationship Motivations About Unconditional Love, True Season Of Love And How To Say No With Love

Before You Pull The Trigger

In the comfort of life, we all want to get to the top. And getting to the top by all means had made many people to do some unimaginable things just to be countered among those who are on the top. Sincerely, trying to get to the top by all means had made some people to forget the value and worth that makes us human. Many had forsaken and forgotten that the joy that makes us human is to live together in unity.

People who want to get to the top at all cost would want to do anything to get there and that involves pulling down another in order to get there. The strategies involves are blackmailing, backstabbing and the worst of it all is criticism. Criticism had done more evil than good to those who are criticized. Most of the evil we encountered in our society actually arises from undue criticism which acts no value to the person and growth of the society at large.

Before you criticize, pause and look back on your life. Ask yourself if your motive for criticizing is constructive or not. When your motive is not constructive, it is better to forget criticizing except you don’t have any human conscience.   

“Criticism is like pulling the trigger. It either kills or leaves the person injured and hurt for life.”

It is so sad that some people’s day time job is to criticize and make a mess of other people’s life. Maybe they derive joy in seeing to it that their criticism hurt others. When you hurt the feeling of others with your wrong choice of words, what actually have you derived? Next time when you think of criticizing, remember that when you point one finger at a person, the remaining four are still pointing back at you.

Criticism is never a better way that helps in making any progress out of life. If there is one thing that sets back the development of the human race and the society at large, it is unconstructive criticism. When you criticize without giving any room to objectivity; this is what will kill the zeal to strive in making any progress. Criticism brings about hatred and this is what if not control on time could become what could lead to destruction. 

Actually if you are been criticized unduly, that is the time for you to put in your best and never to give in to such criticism. If you allow that get into you it will never bring out the best in you. Sincerely the best time to strive to achieve your purpose is to take every criticism with the right attitude and use that as a point to achieve your defined purpose in life. If you think you wouldn’t be criticized for any of your actions either positively or negatively it is better you have a rethink. A word for the wise is enough. Favorite Inspirational Thoughts For Success Without Investing Too Much Of Your Time

Admit Your Fault

There is no one alive that has no fault. And when we say we have no fault then we are most miserable among men. Our fault when committed is not to make us condemn ourselves but rather to bring the best out of us that is if we admit our fault.   When we admit our fault, our imperfection can only be made perfect in that fault. There is no need hiding ourselves from the truth and the reality of life when it has to do with the things that are of essence towards making us a better person.

If you are serious with yourself in becoming a better person then there is no need for you to hide your fault from others. Let people know you just the way you are and if such a person cannot take you the way you are then such is not fit to be your true friend. Our true friends should be those who accept us just the way we are. They are those who seek for a better us. And such a person would not want to make a jest of you but rather would want to help you to become a better person.

“What you considered a fault to one is a blessing to another.”

The moment we learn to take responsibility for our fault; that is only when we would humble ourselves to make an amendment. Do not live like you know it all. When you feel you have it all, people will shy away from correcting any fault you have and also bringing you to the reality of life that is the truth. With your safe righteousness, you might be heading towards unnecessary destruction without you knowing it. When you are wrong, admit it to yourself and seek for possible ways out of that situation. The era of covering up our faults is over. You cannot claim to be perfect in hiding that which is your weakness. When you speak out, you would have a solution to that which is affecting you.

Be open. That is the only way for you to free your mind from unwanted nerve arising conditions which might be detrimental to your health. Remember that health is wealth; this you need to always have at the back of your mind. Covering up your fault means that you might be destroying yourself without knowing it. There is no need to pretend that all is well when deep down inside of you, you know that, that is definitely wrong. Learn to share your problems with others you never would know where the solution might come from. It is in sharing that you will find a solution and not in hiring your fault. A problem shared as it is said is half solved. Share that fault that is eating you up with someone you trust and see how relief you body, spirit and soul with ever become. You will be better for it, that is if you share it with someone you sincerely trust. Time Is Running Out! Think About These 3 Affirmations Of The Day Messages Of Inspiration To Change Your Attitude About Life

Keep On Digging

Every moment has its reward. The bottom line of every struggle is never to quit nor give up. When you keep on digging, you will in the process discover the tunnel that leads to your breakthrough. If you are going through a lot of difficult times right away, this is the time for you not to surrender to that which is making you want to give up. The braveness of life is never to surrender to that which is giving you the reasons to do so. When you surrender, you defeat not only yourself but those who look up to you.

If there is anything that will guarantee you your breakthrough, it is when you keep digging even when it seems as if you shouldn’t dig. It is when it becomes difficult, that is when your breakthrough is by the corner. If you must keep digging, do not allow that which is happening to you at the moment determine your intake. The future is what you should look out for and not the presence. Your life is not a definition of what you are passing through at the moment but that which is your future calling. And this involves that you shouldn’t doubt your ability.

“If you doubt your thought, please do not doubt your instinct.”

When you dig, never you have it in mind to quit. Quitters are losers you know. When you dig; be persistent and take a cure in the school of patience. Patience and persistence are the bedrock on which you should reason. It is in these you will find favour to overcome your many days and years of struggle. Whatever you do, have faith. Faith is the key to unlock your fears and self-doubt. When you wake up every morning, proclaim to yourself, “I will make it no matter the circumstances that surround me”.

Words of affirmation are so real when it has to do with our belief system. What you proclaimed is what will come into manifestation. And the moment you doubt your words of affirmation, then be sure that nothing positive which might impact on your calling will be given unto you. Believe yourself if others doubt you. You are the key factor that will bring your destiny to fulfillment. And that is possible if you keep faith with the words that come out of your mouth. Speak things into your life that will bring about a positive change. Provoke your thought pattern to deliver unto you that which is your sincere heart’s desire. You have the key to unlock your potential and nobody will do it for you if you are not in agreement with yourself through the help of your Creator.

Sincerely, when you keep faith with your words, you will have what you say. If you want success, then keep on digging for it. Do not give up for you all and what it takes to make a success out of your life.  I give a toast to your success. Cheers!

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