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Finding success as at when due is one aspect of life that will give you fulfillment. If you are searching for the best motivational quotes of the day to inspire you far beyond your imagination then these favorite inspirational thoughts for success without investing too much of your time is actually meant for you.

Choose Your Words Rightly

Men of class, choose their words. They don’t talk just for talking sake. Talk is cheap that is what you should know. Anytime you are out there among people, do not talk because all are talking. 

“When you learn to choose your words, you will be in control of your mind.”

If you jump into every talk, know for sure you will embarrass yourself by communicating out of point. Real men choose their words, they communicate with the finesse that have a grip on every line of words they speak. If you desire to go their way, then build yourself up with books; learn every topic that will give you an edge. And most of all have control of your speech mannerism.

When you lack the right ways to express yourself, you make a victim of your up brings and also put people in the perspective to judge the type of person you are. What defines a person and makes others think on where you are coming from is the way you control your speaks. When you speak the right way and use the right words, it adds value to your person and sincerely this will draw others around you. And this is what will make you win many friends around you.        

The moment you begin to speak as if you have no value for words; then you make yourself a victim of laughable circumstances. We know how powerful words are and what words can do at every moment when it is spoken. The moment you made words looks as if it is gotten out of the gutter, then those to which it is spoken to will begin to classify you as one that have no value and respect.

Actually the words you speak are a definition of who you are. Words have a way of influencing the person that is you and when you speak it the right way, it gives a classic class to the person that is you. You do not need to speak all the right grammar to define the person that is you. Words need to be spoken in a humble way that communicates a meaning. It should not be the in the way that will make others doubt your ability.

If you want others to take note of you, then learn to speak in the right way. And this involves that you choose the right words for the right occasion. Reading widely will give you the needed boaster to develop the right words that are fitted for every occasion. And when you communicate with a sure amount of confidence even when you seems not to know what you are saying, people will be drawn to your sense of confidence and actually will accord to you your due respect. Remember that you are honoured as a gentleman and lady when you choose your words right and never the other way round.    

There Is An Expectation On Your Head

A lot is expected of you if you don’t know. There is no need to sit on the fence and lament over any misfortune in life. When a demand is placed on you and you can’t deliver, you belittle not only yourself but everyone that looks up to you.

“Like it or not, everyone within his environment is expected to blossom and show forth the glory of his Creator.”

Everyone in this world has a family. Your loved ones are your family. They may not be the members of your immediate family, but in all as long as you exist in a given society, a lot is expected of you as a creature.

In anything you do, carry with you the consciousness that there is an expectation on your head to do right and contribute your quota towards the development of yourself, your family and the society at large.

Do not live like you have nothing at stake. Live every moment with the faith that no matter the situation of things, you will get there. The moment you believe, you will find the courage to face life squarely.

Living a life of purpose will enable you to focus on things that are productive rather than dwelling on things that will destroy the expectation that is on your head. You have a purpose to fulfill destiny and this you can do when you are ready to be used as a blessing for others to tap into the gift that is your calling.

Do not live as if you have nothing to lose. Live your life to affect your generation positively. When you live for a purpose, you will be a blessing to all around you. The gift you have is to fulfill a given purpose which is your calling. Even if you are not told, you should know that they are people who look up to you. And when you fail, you become a disappointment not only to yourself but to those who looked up to you.

In all your dealing, try to be of a positive influence to your immediate family and the society at large. People will remember you for how you affect their life positively and not for your wrong doings. In as much as you are a blessing to those around you, you will always found blessing around you.

The expectation on your head is to do well and be a blessing to others. And the moment you realized that you have a purpose to fulfill destiny, you will always find within you the needed tools that will guide you to make your dream come true. Believe in all you do for this, you will always fulfill the expectation that is upon your head.

Pride Never Brings Anything Good

A man of honour knows beforehand that the easiest way to fall from grace to grass is to let pride set in. What makes a man proud, what makes him feel that all he has will last forever? It is pride that makes a man feel that all he has is for eternity. What you have is never permanent but temporal. When you let pride sets in, what you have done is to prepare the pathway that leads to your downfall. 

“When pride sets in, it brings along with it one valuable lesson for remembrance and that is destruction.”

In every moment of the opportunity you have, learn to do good. It is the good you do that people will remember you for and not all the negative things you have done. Again, remember that all you have will not last through forever but the only thing that will last is the amount of time you invest in the life of others. When you invest in others, you create a lasting room that will accommodate your blessing. If there is one thing you should do is to help others get to their destination. When you are of help to others, favour will locate you even if you do not ask for it.

In life, there is one serious thing that is killing our mind to attain that which is our purpose and that is unnecessary pride. Pride has done for us more harm than good and this people seems not to notice nor give an ear to it. Sincerely, when I look around, I see pride dripping away our strength. And making us feel we have all when actually, we have nothing. Actually, pride never comes with anything good but with a bag load of envy, ego and all other unnecessary display of stubbornness.

When pride sets in, we feel we have it all. We feel on top of the world. The moment we felt this way, we make ourselves excluded from the reality of life. And when people notice this in us, they would rather not want to tell us the true which would be of help to our life but rather would want to fake it as it is and we for this could be in problem feeling that all we have done is the right way whereas, we are actually going the wrong direction. There is never a good reward for pride but rather it is what will lead us to a life of regret.

To kill pride, learn the virtue of humility. This is what will drive ego and the fake reality it brings away. When you are humble, you will see life in a difference perspective. There in it you will respect, value life and the people around you. You will have the honour to treat others right. Let go of your pride and learn to value people, that is what will bring you the needed relationship that will help build things around rather than feel without you nothing can be done. If you still feels this way that it all about your ego and pride, then you might never experience what it takes to actually have a peace of mind and to live in peace.   

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