Analyzing Pay on Delivery and Why Some Nigerians Have Messed Up The Opportunities

Here are complaints about pay on delivery services and why some Nigerians have messed up the opportunities for others.

Best Pay on Delivery: Why Some Nigerians Have Messed Up The Opportunities

Analyzing the dynamics of "Pay on Delivery" in Nigeria unveils a complex interplay of consumer behavior, economic realities, and systemic challenges. This payment method, which allows customers to pay for goods upon receipt, has emerged as a popular choice in the country's burgeoning e-commerce landscape. However, despite its convenience, Pay on Delivery has faced criticism and skepticism due to instances of misuse and inefficiency, raising questions about why some Nigerians have failed to capitalize on its potential opportunities.

The allure of Pay on Delivery lies in its promise of security and trust, offering consumers the reassurance of inspecting goods before making payment. Yet, the prevalence of order cancellations, product returns, and fraudulent activities has marred its effectiveness and eroded confidence in online transactions. Understanding the underlying reasons behind these challenges requires a deeper examination of factors such as financial constraints, distrust in e-commerce platforms, and logistical inefficiencies in the delivery process.

As we delve into the complexities of Pay on Delivery and its implications for Nigeria's retail landscape, it becomes evident that addressing these issues necessitates a collaborative effort from various stakeholders. By improving transparency, enhancing consumer education, and implementing stricter verification measures, businesses and policymakers can work towards restoring trust and optimizing the benefits of Pay on Delivery. Only through concerted action can we overcome the obstacles hindering its potential and foster a more robust and inclusive e-commerce ecosystem in Nigeria.

There is no need for now trying to define POD. Anyway if you google it, you would have many options to the meaning. But what we are talking about here is Pay On Delivery. With the coming of Ecom, a lot has changed in the way we now do business in this digital age.

Right now, you can sit at the comfort of your home and place an order for any product of your choice and jack, delivery is at your door steps.  

Maximizing this new trend in town, what are the advantages and the disadvantages of it. We take a look at the delivery stories shared by others.

Ajeigbe Moruf Olalekan, shared this sometimes back on his facebook timeline and got lots of reactions.

Nigerians have messed up the opportunities of this POD.
Imagine someone ordered a product worth 100k from our company.
We sent a dispatch from Abuja to Nasarawa to deliver the product.
Meanwhile, we called the customer more than 10 times to confirm the order several times.
He told us to bring the product.
On getting to the destination, the dude switched off his phone.
After an hour, we were able to reach him, the customer said he was already on his way to Lokoja.
Someone that we called more than 2 times when the agent was on his way o.
I just wanna reach the guy on the phone tonight make I pour all my anger on him.
Over 4 hours journey from Abuja to Nasarawa.

I need not say much, let's take a look at reactions.

Lukman Ademola Egbekunle
Alaiye ti Japa.

Peter Augustine Chigozie
Wickedness in high places...
Abeg drop em contact make we yarn with am.

Ajeigbe Moruf Olalekan
Peter Augustine Chigozie I will drop it

Afolabi Okikiola Olasunkanmi Segun
Just say Konga and jumia introduced a useless marketing or sales technique.

Ajeigbe Moruf Olalekan
Afolabi Okikiola Olasunkanmi Segun seriously they have messed up the system.

Osazee Kelvin King
Afolabi Okikiola Olasunkanmi Segun And it can be changed... Or modified.

Afolabi Okikiola Olasunkanmi Segun
I hate pod.

Umoru Shaibu
It happens... You will need to see how clients causes problems between a delivery agent and a distributor. Some will even lie using agent as a case but it's well. Better days ahead.

Ugbogu Ihechikara Chuks
You ain't seen nathin.

Evalsam Atu
You don see am finish, delivery agents dey see shege eh.. you go call customer confirm order, reach there e go tell you say emergency travel or e don change mind.

Osarogiuwa Promise
Maxwell Omada You see why I am always brutal with any bastard who catches cruise with my business?
Ajeigbe Moruf Olalekan you should have requested for commitment fee. If I am to sell a product of such amount. If you no pay commitment fee... GET OUT!!!

Evalsam Atu
Osarogiuwa Promise will a customer be willing to go down that route. I have gotten orders from my distributor and went to deliver, got there and called the idiot man oh and he was just peeping through his window that he is not around.

Osarogiuwa Promise
Evalsam Atu Yeah they pay commitment fee. Stress from Nigerian customers can kill.
To manage stress and preserve your sanity. Request for commitment fee.

Olasupo Yusuf Olalekan
Osarogiuwa Promise it's not everytime you'll be able to get commitment fee.
When a customer is serious, he's serious.
One called me randomly 2 days ago and bought 120k product and no story the next day when agent went to deliver.
It was smooth and fast.

Maxwell Omada
Osarogiuwa Promise I know it’s difficult not to mix emotions with business because of some annoying and frustrating customers you’re going to meet, especially in naija E-com.
But, I’d say, you’re better off utilizing the energy on other things that will move the needle forward for you instead on wasting it on unserious people.
I know it’s easier said than done, especially when you’re at the receiving end of everything— but you’ll have to develop thick skin for it and make your confirmation process even stricter because you’re still going to meet more of these unserious elements.
At the end, console yourselves with the greens and learn how to repel the reds more.

Lawal Fatai
This person is Kogi buyer in disguise ooo. Those kogi buyers are expatriates when it comes to rejecting products. Chai, sorry bro

Nnamdi Matthew Nwedu
ecom get too many headaches. Chai.

Aminu Ibrahim Nasale
That's why you don Japa.

Nnamdi Matthew Nwedu
Aminu Ibrahim Nasale since nah... if FB no worry you, customers go worry you, then dispatchers go hold your money. E just too much.

Ajeigbe Moruf Olalekan
Nnamdi Matthew Nwedu I swear, the whahala too much.

Aminu Ibrahim Nasale
Nnamdi Matthew Nwedu the frustration too much. But person gats to just work hard.

Ada Powers
Thinking of solutions to this problem:
- will it make a difference if you *only* ship after payment confirmation?
- yes you probably have competition but what if you have products so well-differentiated (branded?) so that you will have established enough trust to demand full payment before shipping?

It’s easier said than done. Nigerians will hardly pay before delivery no matter how trusted the brand is.

Ola Abikoye
Ada Powers
Building a trusted brand in your niche.

Ada Powers
Chijindu Have you tried it? I know people buy from abroad and pay 10x for delivery, so what's the difference in the psychology?

Making someone pay for what they’ve not seen is difficult. Purchasing power is low enough already, with pod we still have poor conversion, how good will it be with Pay before delivering?
Most people talking about collecting payments first have actually never done it while others are saying it to eliminate competition so they can do pod in peace. How many people in this comment section will pay first for what they’ve not seen?

Ajeigbe Moruf Olalekan
Chijindu you have said it all.

Ada Powers
Chijindu I understand what you mean. I serve a different market in ecom (US, Europe, Canada, Australia) so my experience is different and pod is actually out of the question for me.
I also do have a Nigerian store that doesn't accept POD, but we go through great lengths to show authenticity. Our main platform for that is Instagram and we spend a lot of time taking pictures (including pictures of imperfections of the items). If there are any dents, tears etc, we photograph everything.
We are really consistent with posting, and ask customers to pay before dispatch. We're not using Facebook ads for traffic on this particular store.
I know we're in different niches, but I also feel that this problem is also a problem with the business process as well as customer attitudes. I think we shouldn't be scared to try new solutions, otherwise the problem won't go away using old methods.

Adesanya Sunday Abiodun
The rate of wickedness in human form is alarming and everyday this useless people don’t want to change.

MikyyFirst Isaiah
Boss, anything paid on delivery, I wash my hands off. And since I made the decision, PBD has been working like magic. Just get good offers and deliver quality. I can never and will never agree on POD again in Nigeria. I sent packages worth #180k different times to Kaduna, the customers collected the products, lied at the point of collection that connection was bad so having issues with sending my money. I trusted them to pick up the products and keep trying. That was the worst thing I ever did.
Now, if you can't pay before delivery, go look for somewhere else and buy from them let me have my peace.

Razaq Adetoro Equal-Right
MikyyFirst Isaiah But, can you please teach us how you're convincing buyer to PBD?

MikyyFirst Isaiah
Razaq Adetoro Equal-Right very simple... If you can't trust me, I can't trust you.
Now this line works wonder "if I scam you, I kill my business because I have created a large following for this business. Beside, you can easily search up my name on Facebook and that's end to my business. But if you scam me, you walk away freely and you have nothing to lose.
Once I drop this line I go rest.
Those ones with brains understand this perfectly.
If you truly care about your business scamming someone will be the last thing you can ever do. Make them understand this. Remind them, the same way they are scared, you are scared too. And, you are the one at greater risk. Then is send them pics of my delivered packages with receivers phone number. If they care they should call and ask if they truly get their order from me. When done, they come back.

Razaq Adetoro Equal-Right
MikyyFirst Isaiah Thanks for the tip

Louis Bryan Cypher
1st April is not today too.

Adeoye Akinniyi
Na so one useless customer from enugu did to me last month,and after 3days l called him and curse him wella.

Pro Alex
Happend to me last week.

Sylvanus Bello
Same experience today I was Hustling to send the product from owerri to Asaba the idiot did almost same thing.

Babatunde Abdulfatai
This One not new now.
Imaging Calling a Customer before leaving home for delivery on getting there she was like ain't know na this product i have it at home already not buying again.
Ah wanna cry out loud that day.

Olu Femi
Sir this is what delivery agent always face ... I have spent 6k to meet a buyer after we have concluded . I called him till I got to his house .. only for phone to be off.
That day I know what is called cooperate begger.

Gbadebo Ayomide Agunbiade
I've experienced same in that nasarawa. It's just a purposely done act. The stress and pains that comes with ecom POD is just too much.

Crown Fit Mall
So sad.

Olu Femi
Seee ehn, as a delivery personel have seen a lot and sellers will be thinking it's our fault at times...
Just last week Friday I lost 40k I'm still paying the debt..

Evalsam Atu
Olu Femi you understand, most sellers will think you ain't serious.

Olu Femi
Evalsam Atu yes oooo they will be rushing you with calls.

Olu Femi
Especially those of use who Warehouse goods.

Fortune Chidera
Something similar happened to my product today... 95k product.
Me I can't cry.

Emmanuel Tokas Chukwu
Any order above 100k, let the customer commit by paying at least the delivery cost. If not, do not send anything. It's better to lose conversion money, than to lose both conversion and delivery money.
We have to start playing smart with these people.
The truth is, if 90 ecom persons out of 100 start implementing commitment fee, buyer will be forced to comply.
Because when you order 5times in a month and all sellers insist on commitment fee, the customer will be forced to start paying the fee.
But because we are in a haste to always hit 1m/2m in 2weeks, we keep sending out products to unserious customers and make us waste money and time.

Onyekanma Kings
Emmanuel Tokas Chukwu
Bro this is easier said than done, there are good customers too.
Shit happens, the system is bad already.

Emmanuel Tokas Chukwu
Onyekanma Kings shits happens, but you see sending a product of 100k outside your own location without commitment is a NO for me.
Sometimes, if I don't want to deliver for your location, I will simply tell you to pay commitment fee, and once you refuse, it's a cancelled order for me.
Well, I still delivered a product of 108k today in Lagos. I wouldn't have tried such if the product wasn't in Lagos already.

Onyekanma Kings
Emmanuel Tokas Chukwu
I get your point, but it is not always easy my brother.

Emmanuel Tokas Chukwu
Onyekanma Kings yes I understand, that most time, we want to recover our ads spend and other expenses as fast as possible.
But we just have to be conscious of these set of customers that will want to ruin ours Business.
That act is mostly deliberate by some customers.

Onyekanma Kings
Emmanuel Tokas Chukwu
I once delivered a product of 6000,000 in Nasarawa, the lady didn't commit anything, but she picked.
It was Chibueze Nwokeji that delivered the product.
I delivered another one to Sokoto, a product of 250,000, no commitment fee, and he picked up, just like Fortune Chidera will always say, "Pray and run your ads"
Let's also hope that we meet reasonable people.

Emmanuel Tokas Chukwu
Onyekanma Kings well, that's a lot of risk you took. I personally cant try that. Considering that what you may have delivered is a weighty product.

Onyekanma Kings
Emmanuel Tokas Chukwu
Lol, we move bro!
That doesn't mean that some customers don't decline, some do, but we move!

Ayodeji Olabode
I wonder why some people is so heartless with zero remorseful attitude.
When you call them they pretend to be real and one big person while they are not.

Adokiye Jonaz
Remembered one time I spent #5800 as transportation cost to and fro to Bonny Island in Rivers for a delivery, even had to sleep over yet the customer didn't take calls.
Emmanuel Tokas Chukwu said right, commitment fee should be received first before embarking on such deliveries.

Michael Mikkybow Enemona
Only in Naija people make orders with no serious interest... Our country is just never serious in anything serious

Chinedu Paul
Bro I know how you feel
So sorry boss

Ugama Abumchukwu
is well.

Francis Bellarmine Ezeh
Situations like this, I call the customer after 48hrs and trash the hell out of him/her.
Some of these customers are quite heartless and inconsiderate.

Franklin Onyebuchi
Omo x 1000.

Musa Hassan
And if you ask them to deposit like 2k commitment fee them go think say u want scam them. There was a time I stopped targeting customers outside Lagos bcos of too many failed deliveries. Them sabi travel when item don reach their side. U go hear " I just travelled"

Lecturer James Ndaeyo
Better drop the number here make everybody worry am for the next one week.

Okeh Emmanuel
The whole idea of Pay on delivery isnt worth it, if i must do it is maybe because we have a relationship online before but if not you will put down a commitment fee just incase you mess up.
The dude may have also gotten it elsewhere or spent the money on an urgent need.
No need to pure your anger on him, just tell him to cover the cost of delivery and to reschedule the order delivery period and maybe location if he is serious to buy.

Jideofor Igbelina
You are not in the eCom business.

Gerrad Chigozie
Lol. Seen worse.

Bankole Emmanuel
Users must pay for delivery fee before movement.

Olasupo Yusuf Olalekan
The POD stereotype has made the customers to behave anyhow they like.
You can't ask them to pay commitment fee, 80% won't pay and you might even loose the serious ones.
When a customer is serious, he's serious. Nothing else. You see those unserious ones, you can't avoid them.
Funny enough, you might have added the money you haven't collected to your Book balance.
We move.

Michael Kenechukwu Udeh
Well in as much as i dont really like PoD but we also need to know that most ecommerce guys do sell fake or inferior products to customers as well which makes them to see the product firstly before paying for it, hich affect us that sells good product.. So na both ways e take affect us.

Osman Dzu-nuraini Alhassan
Michael Kenechukwu Udeh, you've a point but in this situation I consider it story.
My question.
Have him seen the product?

Hamaz Hamza
Ajeigbe Moruf Olalekan that's bad though. "Over 4 hours journey from Abuja to Nassarawa" haba! haba! Baba. E nor reach O!

Evalsam Atu
Hamaz Hamza heheh as in eh, even Lafia sef no reach 4 hours with fast driver, then talk more of Keffi, Toto Garaku Akwanga and the rest.
The customer no try Sha, na wetin we dey experience for this delivery business.

Ejiga Godwin Jnr
Una know the exact place way customer the stay ni?.
Or do you know if it covers to and fro?

Olasupo Yusuf Olalekan
Hamaz Hamza are you the customer? Do you know how far the customer stays in the city?

Ijegu Jacob Ogbaji
I hate reading this kind of post from moguls.
You should by now knows the "hold tight" ingredients to add.

Janet Kolawole
Wish all vendors can come together and agree to a PhD which we will enforce on the buyers.
If we stand together on the decision, we can excel on it and avoid all this pod wahala.

Wilson Itua
Ajeigbe Moruf Olalekan don't pour anger just let him know what he did how it affects your company. That's how I win back some customers.

Sunday Onuorah
You people should stop doing pod now. No be una dey do unasef.

Olasupo Yusuf Olalekan
Sunday Onuorah says who?
The Nigeria system leaves us no choice.
Even Jumia does.

Gerrad Chigozie
Sunday Onuorah I've tried that. If you were getting 10 orders per $10 before, you'll start getting 2 or 3 orders per $10.

Kalu Udeagha
Heavy money dey Ecom but this exact problem can frustrate a person out of the business.
It's just to move on and pray for better days. It comes with the territory.
Funny enough, vendors on Twitter don't do Pay on Delivery unless it's within Lagos......and people buy from them.
Lesson in there.

Abdulaziz Mohammed
I sell on Twitter as well, they seem to be more exposed all though just few ask for pay on Delivery but some ask for your account number straight up.
It is what it is just move and learn.
Create better techniques to spot those in serious buyers.

Timothy Igweonu-oje
Bro. We had the same issue to extent till today, you can find chuuba packages in almost peace and gigm logistics office across their coverage . we changed from order form to conversational approach that makes it almost impossible to just play and run. The rate of scam is very high online making it almost impossible to get 3% of 1000 customers to pay first.
You can try conversational approach.
You'll be like am doing conversion ads not engagement... Lol people comment and at the same time few click the link to complete the order.
Comment automation will not only help you get this crazy commenters but will reply them on the comment and open conversation inbox instantly pointing them to click the same link to complete their order.
Use a chatbot. I recommend if you may want to try comment automation.
Even jumia gets the heat of this wicked POD Nigerians.

Ayoife Ibn Yusuf
Wahala everywhere!

Pope Ezigbo Mmadu
What of a particular man here in Anambra that I have close to his 6 orders from 6 different sellers under 3 days ..
Uncle have not collect any...
I called him nd warned him.

Dada Abiodun Dolapo
Lol....No be new thing.
Na when dem order dem go always travel.

Jideofor Igbelina
Omo, please also talk about the good ones that you experienced.
Let's be factual.
Do you want to say all your orders are like this?
When you compare and contrast, I am more than certain that the good outweigh the bad by more than 30%.
So why the alarm?
In my experience, Northern Nigeria are the best for mine. The South is the worst. I experienced more failed delivery in the South than North.
But when I compare the bad against the good, it's insignificant and that is good cos I also factor it in my pricing.

Ajeigbe Moruf Olalekan
Jideofor Igbelina lol many people don't use to post other Side of the business.
But someone like me will post both side of the business to motivate others.

Jideofor Igbelina
Okay, now I get the aim. All good.
I saw that you dropped the person's number for bombardment. That is good.
I have even thought of a system where we can blacklist such people to save others.
Such that you run a check to see a review from such Number and name in a database.

Ejiga Godwin Jnr
Jideofor Igbelina This will be helpful I have list of unserious customers in Benue.
I know them.
We can collect commitment from such people. If not bye bye.

Michael Williamz
Tell him you’ll bring it to lokoja too.

Ola Walexx Obaofnaija
I have experienced this a lot of times before. I had to call the customer and insult shit out of her.
I don’t do pay on delivery anymore make the money better just pass me.

Rotense Gabriel M
That is why you should require customer to pay for Delivery atleast before shipping the item to them, if they pay for delivery then that shows they're serious about the product. I think that's the best way to handle POD in Nigeria for now.

Balogun Olami Olamzy
When you jam better customers, you'll be hearing "Should I send you money upfront" that statement dey sweet me ehn but then all other customers are always on the 50/50 chance... No vex baba.

Favour Nzubechi
Lol something some of IMO state customers can do especially those living in Okigwe.

Favour Nzubechi
Take commitment fee if them no gree move on, we must survive no be only by 1 customer.

Aliyu Abubakar
This kind high priced product, no be to dey collect commitment money so?



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: Analyzing Pay on Delivery and Why Some Nigerians Have Messed Up The Opportunities
Analyzing Pay on Delivery and Why Some Nigerians Have Messed Up The Opportunities
Here are complaints about pay on delivery services and why some Nigerians have messed up the opportunities for others.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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