TNOG Oil and Gas - Valuable Words of Advice for Entrepreneurship from Tony Elumelu

Welcome to TNOG Oil and Gas are Valuable Words of Advice for Entrepreneurship from Tony Elumelu. You will gain insight on how to win in your business.

Valuable Words of Advice for Entrepreneurship from Tony Elumelu

In the spirit of Africapitalism, I am not here to waste your time. I log in to my Facebook account and these words flash at me. When a billionaire speaks, who are you not to listen? 

Here I am bringing the right words from my very own reaction to the post. You will gain thought-provoking insight on how to win at all times in your business pursued. 

People ask me about my failures. During our staff town hall sessions, meetups with entrepreneurs, or even in larger formal settings like the annual Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Forum, how did I react, what did I learn, and how would I do things differently. I also get asked, do I have business regrets?

They are disappointed when I tell them that I couldn’t readily think of any “failures”. Yes, my life in business has not been perfect – far from it – but I have never been a person to views the glass as half-empty, instead of full.  I have always believed that in the most difficult times, lay the most unexpected opportunities.  Many of the life-changing decisions that transformed my life for the better, have been made in times of “distress”, so I never come to think of these periods as failures, but as a time for reflection, repositioning and, if necessary, reinvention.

Perhaps this trait of persistent optimism and doggedness is rooted in my childhood. At the age of barely five years old, my family had to flee Jos, leaving everything we possessed, running for our lives in the middle of the civil war. This dislocation could have shattered and torn a family with five small children apart, burying them in a deep hole of financial and mental hardship, but I witnessed my father and mother rise. I fondly recall my childhood days with no memory of ever lacking for anything – not because we were rich or wealthy, but because my parents made sure to never accept defeat, to never dwell on disappointments, and to never see failure as anything other than a chance to rethink and reposition.

Today, after eight years of resilience, endurance, optimism, and persistence, Heirs Holdings, the leading African strategic investor, in partnership with our affiliated company Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc (“Transcorp”), Nigeria’s largest publicly listed conglomerate, announced its acquisition of a 45% participating interest in Nigerian oil license OML 17, and related assets from Shell, Total and ENI.

At US $1.1 billion, this transaction is one of the largest oil and gas financings in Africa this decade. The asset has a current production capacity of 27,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (“boe/d”) and 2P reserves of 1.2 billion boe, with an additional 1 billion boe resources of further exploration potential. In addition, we will have sole operatorship.

Who would have thought that when we started this journey, all those years ago, it would take us the better part of a decade to close the deal? Many times, along the way, we faced enormous obstacles that shook even the most confident of us, but never for one day did we turn back or lose faith. It simply did not occur to us to acknowledge the various setbacks we faced, as defeat. Instead, we went back to the drawing board, reflecting and refining, strategising and even reversing former decisions made, deploying patience and positivity every step of the way, until we reached the target.  Countless sleepless days ran into weeks that gradually became months and years, culminating in this victory lap.  Everything that we endured brought us to this moment.  And for all of the sacrifices that we made, the prize is even more valuable.

Inspired by our philosophy of Africapitalism, the recent strides the team at HH have made to advance the prosperity and social wealth in Nigeria, and across Africa, including Transcorp’s recent US$300m acquisition of Afam Power Plc and Afam Three Fast Power Limited in November, the unveiling of our dual insurance companies, Heirs Insurance and Heirs Life in December, and now the launch of our major oil and gas asset, demonstrate this rare resilience and an unflinching optimism in our continent and show the world that there is no better time to invest in Africa.

As my colleagues and I celebrate this significant milestone for our Group, albeit virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions, I want to encourage you all to never give up.

It may sound like a cliché, but even clichés have merit.  I’ve never accomplished any goal that didn’t come without effort. Embrace resilience, optimism, endurance, and persistence and utilize them as your fuel for the long days that will come. Don’t give up, young one, you’re nearly there. Cheers to you and your bright future!

Post Reaction from Well-wishers

Congratulations Sir. You are indeed a source of inspiration and hope to the people of Africa and the entire globe. Thank you. - Harson Akpan

Great to read about your spirit of resilience. However, I hope you wouldn't run the oil block like other indigenous oil block owners who cannot pay contractors and would give all the subcontracts to themselves. - Eric Omare

We keep embracing the odds and turning them into positive outcomes. Thank you for sharing. - Ibemere Chukwudike Emmanuel

This is a man with a vision. The vision is clear for those that can see and follow in the footsteps of a great achiever. Horizontal-vertical integration in the energy sector is one of the best if not the best for the business. I say a big congratulations to this great Nigerian entrepreneur par excellence. - Abasiubong Okokon

Thank you, sir. This is so inspiring. Yes, we will create global businesses, from Nigeria to the world. - Richard Ogbuji

The banking industry was almost dead until his likes came in and it was revolutionized. Today Oil and Gas is almost going moribund and his likes are showing up again. I have no doubt that there is going to be a turnaround once again. Welcome on board Sir. You inspire! - Steve Ogbata

Sir Tony Elumelu inspires us a great deal. The lessons and inspiration are enormous to refine the timidest young business chap into a fine gem full of ideas and hope. I wish you all the best in the oil and insurance fields. We'll meet at the top, certainly. - Hashim Attakurah Suleman

Your resilience, charisma and statesmanship on entrepreneurial issues are highly commendable my mentor. I have no atom of doubt that your presence in the oil and gas will redefine the modus operandi of the sector. Kudos sir. Thank you for always encouraging young people like us. - Wisdom Ordu

You are really a boss, we can together bring back the diminishing glory of the continent with genuine interest. - Patrick Ide

Sir Tony Elumelu this write-up is far encouraging and so practical. I look forward to the day I will have the rare privilege to meet you, sir. You are indeed a FORCE young aspiring young men should study… Big congratulations to us all Niger Deltans. - Alex Alegieuno Omiogbemi

The oil industry will be better off. Most commercial enterprises should be led by the private sector while the government only regulate. They are beginning to think straight. Congratulations!!! - Ignatius Ibemesi

Thank you abundantly, life coach and business magnate, Tony Elumelu for such a masterpiece. The message is unambiguously delivered. What an inspiring and well-told story. We are indeed proud of you and your humongous successes and achievements. Thank you so much sir for sharing. - Raymond Nwaduba

You've been an inspiration to neglected ones like me...
I am pushing through and I am no more regarded as the neglected rather I am the one they can't do without because I drew inspiration from people like you.
I am indeed proud of you, sir. - Abanimoro Anthony

Sir, why invest in the Oil and gas sector.
It could have been better diversified into the Agricultural sector.
Inspiring though! - Chukwudi Chinedu

“Embrace resilience, optimism, endurance, and persistence and utilise them as your fuel for the long days"
The word from an African Business Leader.
Thank you, boss. - Edwin Samuel

They keep telling us this story weeks in and weeks out without telling us their secret participation in Nigerian politics to cripple the country and enrich themselves. - Edet Okon

Business is one of the ups and downs of life. So many failures before one small success. Even the successful one is attacked daily by agents of failure. You just can't keep your eye off anything despite well-qualified people and consultants. - Yahaya Olatayo Olajide

Now, this is a great story of resilience, sheer grit and the staying power of optimism. I celebrate you, grand role model. - Prince Joshua Oyeniyi

Congratulations Sir, Embrace Resilience, Optimism, Endurance and Persistence. Utilize them as fuel. My takeaway from this piece is. Congrats Sir. - Anthony Pius Okpapi

Thank you so much, sir. I honestly salute your Africa Entrepreneurship thing. But sir, why Oil and Gas? Manufacturing and Technological Advancement is what Nigeria and Africa, in general, would need most, to take Africa and Nigeria in particular out of the dungeon of poverty sir. With all due respect sir. - Ayo Oluwaseesin

Resilience is key if rocks must be broken.
We are already rocked. I mean, freaking rocked.
The international community may consider us an endangered species...
But we're breaking forth with resilience.
Thank you, sir. - Great Jaja

"Everything that we endured brought us this moment"
Thank You Very Much, Sir. - Chukwuonu David

Wow... You are an inspiration to many, me especially... This is just like a tip of an iceberg compared to what God holds for you and your group in near future...
Go and rule the world, my business mentor... - Otilije Noble Chidi

A visionary Leader with very big and bold ideas. Indeed you are an inspiration to me. - Moses Ayuba

Power of positive energy, persistence and resilience... A massive congratulations on this great Milestone... Keynote, Never Give Up on your business goals.! - Imoh Polycarp

Father; Africapitalism.
Congratulations on this milestone achieved. You inspire a generation, you inspire me. Africa can be great and we will make it great!
God bless you, sir. Thank you. - Elijah Famous

Sir, when I found out that the company that got that acquisition was spearheaded by you, my respect for you quadrupled. That's a big gigantic acquisition. The Lord has indeed been good to you. More wins!!! - Kech Simons

I have been watching a lot of your videos on YouTube recently. I have drawn and keep drawing doses of inspiration from you. Keep showing us the way. We are grateful. - Mike Ameh

Thank you for your wisdom and for showing tenacity, persistence and resilience in its true form to succeed. God bless you TOE, the Lion King indeed! - Teena Ogbugoh

When God made man, he also made him be a leader...God doesn't make anyone a failure...
Your life failure is just for a lesson, rethinking and setback.....
Such inspiration from a leader is wealth itself... Sir, you still remain the proudest of our Nation and Africa at large!
We're still pushing life till we get to the Wall without regret for any challenges!!...
We're saying big congratulations to you, Sir!!!
More wisdom of leadership and continuation of success. - Stephsam Kamsam

I love people that see what other people see as impossible, they see it as possible. I love your hard work and perseverance. You are my role model. May God bless you, sir. - Perere Olali

So practical thank you for sharing a mentor, you give hope to African youth nature will surely remember you boss for this. - Onyedi Kachi

You remain an inspiration to us. Cheers to bigger strides! - Uche Charles Ejekam

This caught my attention: In the most difficult times lay the most unexpected opportunities. We keep on learning from you and following your path. Thank you for guiding us aright and being the source of encouragement. More success coming. Congratulations sir!!!. - Azeez Moshood

When a guru takes work in any domain... He keeps a seal of his excellence super radiant ...
You have availed to the world that you are impeccably resourceful and unimaginably visionary...
Keep soaring you are a gift to the world...
You have engraved your name on the marble hallmark of great achievers. Kudos to your resilient doggedness in redefining narratives for the better.
You are a global iconic Entrepreneur. - Lolo Nze

Congratulations to you and all your team for these great achievements! More Powers to your elbows. Thank you for inspiring us the younger generation. I will never give up. - Prisca Kris

Your tenacity has brought tremendous success to many of your outfits through Africapitalism and gives hope and inspiration to all budding African entrepreneurs. A decade-long pursuit of a dream to reality tells the real meaning of persistence. Congratulations TOE and HH family. - Ajorm Amara

Thank you Sir, and congratulations on this great milestone.
You've taught us now the generation to believe in and be consistent in what we do. Your legacy is forever with us and we look forward to the day we will beat our chest and say we made it despite the challenges
Thank you for being a great inspiration Sir. - Royal Miracle Sylvester

Nice one bro. I can't stop thanking God for your life especially because you are using your success in life to positively impact both your generation and the upcoming generations. May God Almighty continually keep you in good health? - Anthony Mordi

I'm still wondering why Tony Elumelu is investing in Oil and Gas when the world is gradually shifting to Electric Vehicles. World's richest man doesn't even have an investment in Oil and Gas. - Tokunbo Akomolede

I think you have moved from significance to inspiration. Greater you still, Sir. - Christian Usulor

You're Great! With this, I feel revived. I just lost everything in my business and I'm losing enthusiasm and don't even know where to start again. But picking from your great encouragement there's always never a particular time to seek opportunities and there's never success without hard work. Thanks very much, Sir. - Roland Lisandro Ewoko

Congratulations sir... this is another accomplished milestone or benefit of the "l can do it spirit" in spite of obstacles. Greater heights; glorious exploits and impacts to generations. - Benedict Eigbiluese

Truly said, doggedness and optimism are visceral parts of success. - Chimezie Louis Ezeh

Congrats Tony! This is huge, this is big for Africa! Thanks for the inspiration and hope you have inputted into many not just in Africa but the world at large! - Okhibhamen Emmanuel

Thanks so much, sir, for the inspiration.
You're indeed a Boss and a Mentor, worthy of emulation. - Akaeze Rita Jossy Okafor

An extremely inspiring note from the Lion himself!

For us all that truly know and have worked for him, he has always been consistent with his resilience. I particularly love this quote “I have never accomplished any goal that didn’t come without effort”.

He has an “I can do spirit” that is very rare in Africa. Looking back at his STB days...having secured a banking license in his 30s (something none of our generations has replicated ever since with the exception of Mr. Walter Akpani), and believing in his projection to be the largest Bank brand in 8 years (At Ogere summit), it now seems like he saw the future ahead of us all.

Damn! He was (and still is) so disciplined and prudent...believing largely in long-term strategic goals. I am not surprised at his accomplishments one bit...he is just beginning as a matter of fact.

When the history book is written, TOE would be remembered as one of the few Men who built Africa!

Written by, Sunny Obijieze Bakwunye

See a man diligent in his work, he shall stand among kings & not mere men. Congrats to you sir, my Entrepreneurship mentor. - Joy Adaeze

Congratulations on this great feat, sir.
You have indeed been an inspiration.
More wins!
Congratulations to you and your team! - Robert C. Nwalozie

Depth!! Embrace resilience, optimism, endurance and persistence, and utilise them as my Fuel for the long day that will come...
Thanks sir. - Nkemjika Samuel

Hearty congratulations Mr. Chairman and many thanks for your inspiring message to all of us African entrepreneurs and believers in Africapitalism... - Godfrey Nyoni

Resilience, endurance, optimism and persistence is indeed the key to a brighter future
Congratulations sir. Remain blessed. - Oiza Adesewa

Indeed you are an inspiration to me, if you can be here today despite the daunting odds, yes we can too. Thank you for the motivation. - Paul Ajayi Leramoh

Your love and belief in Africa are just on another level! The army of entrepreneurs you are building will endeavour to follow in your footsteps. Thank you for believing in mother Africa! - Phillip Daka

You always inspire me Sir Tony Elumelu. I look forward to submitting my proposal for the forthcoming entrepreneurship empowerment. - Obed M Sung

Congratulations Sir.
But where una de take see this money? - Chinedu Kellys Ufondu

I will be the next. Failure is not an excuse. - Ikechukwu Mayor Ezekwesili

Sir, your words of optimism are a clear way for us to reach our goal. May God's wisdom never depart from you. Cheers to more wins. - Love Ejiro

Congratulations Oga Tony. I have always admired you from the day I interviewed with you at one of the Banks you were MD of.
Proud of you and what you are doing in the Nigerian, African and Global Landscape.
GOD will continue to uplift and uphold you. - Dafe Ughojor



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: TNOG Oil and Gas - Valuable Words of Advice for Entrepreneurship from Tony Elumelu
TNOG Oil and Gas - Valuable Words of Advice for Entrepreneurship from Tony Elumelu
Welcome to TNOG Oil and Gas are Valuable Words of Advice for Entrepreneurship from Tony Elumelu. You will gain insight on how to win in your business.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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