Powerful Morning Prayer to Start Your Day

Here are powerful morning prayers to start your day, powerful 10 minute morning prayer to start your day with God and powerful early morning prayers.

Best Powerful Morning Prayer to Start Your Day

When you are alive to see the dawn of a new day, it is of essence that you give thanks to the Almighty God who by His mercies you are counted among the living.

These powerful morning prayers are daily prayers of appreciation and thanksgiving for the one who made you see another day. When there is life, there is hope. And as you give thanks, may your tank forever be filled with the joy of the Lord. Beautiful Refreshing Perspective about How to Let Joy Flow within Your Heart Like the River of Joy

Here are powerful morning prayers to start your day, powerful 10 minute morning prayer to start your day with God, powerful early morning prayers to start your day and morning prayer to start the day.

Powerful Morning Prayer to Start Your Day

Good day brethren. It's time to pray. Let us sing to the Lord this song, who is Like unto thee oh Lord. And as we take time to see, let us also be in the mood of prayer as we offer these prayers of thanksgiving to Our God. These are prayers of thanksgiving unto the Lord for our nations and making us live to see another day. Prayer Points and Daily Prayers for Today

[1]. Let us thank and praise our heavenly father for allowing us to see today. 

[2]. Let us glorify His name for His mercies, kindness and love towards us.

[3]. Let's search ourselves and ask for forgiveness in any way we have sinned against God. He said if we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9.

[4]. Now let's thank God for our nations. God has kept our country. He said in everything give thanks. Let's thank God for keeping our nation's safe from Covid-19.

[5]. Let's pray for God's mercy concerning olur nations. Let's plead for mercy, mercy mercy.

[6]. Pray that God's will for our nations will come to pass.

[7]. Let's pray against all the evil plans of the enemy against our nations. We decree it shall not stand. Pray for peace. No war, pray against crises and running helter skelter. Decree peace by God's mercy, peace.

[8]. Let us pray against all those sponsoring evil: violence, bloodshed, rituals, kidnapping in our nations, may God's wrath visit them right now if they don't repent today. 

[9]. Let's pray that the truth of any evil done to our nations be exposed. That God will vindicate the innocence. That there be no hiding or covering of the evils that happened in our nations.

[10]. Let us ask God to help the reformation of the arm force of our nations. 

[11]. Let's pray that God touches our leaders' hearts, to start with the reformation of all economy sectors of our nations.

[12]. Pray that every leader that is not for the good of our nations, may God remove them if they don't repent today.

[13]. Let's pray that salvation comes to the leaders, that they encounter Jesus. Just as Paul did. Yes it's not impossible with God for our leaders to repent from doing evil. Nothing is impossible with God.

[14]. Let's commit our nations totally to God's hand. May God take control and may it end in praise.

[15]. Praying that all the good prophecies about our nations shall come to pass in this time. That we shall live to see the new nation, in Jesus Name.

[16]. Let us pray for our children that no harm befalls them. Let us not forget to thank God for how He has kept our children from sickness this period. 

[17]. Pray God protects our Children this period. Health wise, psychologically. Because they see the news and hear what's going on. May God give them a sound mind, Amen.

[18]. Let's pray our faith will increase. Let's trust God and not fear. God said in evil times, we shall not be put to shame. Psalm 37:19 "...they are not put to shame in evil times, in the days of famine they have abundance."

[19]. Let's pray that revival shall start now. Starting with us individually and spreading all over the world. 

[20]. Pray that our local assemblies grow spiritually,numerically and materially. That the gates of hell shall not prevail against us, never. Pray for the house fellowship centres. That the power of God be manifested there.

[21]. Your personal prayer request.

[22]. Begin to thank the LORD God for answered prayers. Sing to him, praise Him for He will do more than we have asked. Hallelujah!

Powerful 10 Minute Morning Prayer to Start Your Day with God

Let us thank God for the miracle of sleeping and waking up, thank Him for all that He has done for us from the beginning of the year up until this time, let's glorify His Holy name for who He is. 

[1]. Let us pray for general safety for us, our families and our friends throughout the remaining days of the year and beyond. Even as  the festive period is drawing near, let's pray that God will keep all of us safe in Jesus name.

[2]. Let us pray for divine direction in all our life endeavours. Pray that God shall continually lead and direct us to always make the right decisions in our daily lives, that at the end of the day, His name will be glorified in Jesus.

[3]. Let us thank God for His grace and mercy over our household and let us pray that the Lord will uphold us during this time.            

[4]. Let's thank the Lord for the salvation of our souls, for preserving us.

[5].  Lord, open up the flood gate of heaven unto us and let there be abundance of blessings. Bless us with the blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of the breast and the womb.

[6].  Lord comfort us concerning the works of our hands and our toils, that whenever we till the ground it will yield unto us her strength.

[7]. Lord, enlighten the eyes of our understanding that we may know deep things.

[8]. Lord, let your spirit dwell in us and give us inspiration so we may have understanding.

[9]. Lord, restore unto us the years that the locust have eaten, the cankerworm, the caterpillar, the palmerworm and the great army which you sent amongst us.

[10]. Father delivers us from the hand of people that are in one way trying to carry us over the cliff in Jesus name Amen.

Powerful  Early Morning Prayer to Start Your Day

Let us pray. Let us worship God with songs. Lets thank the Almighty God for his mercies and faithfulness. Let's begin by thanking the Lord for his faithfulness with praises. Let's ask the Lord for mercy in any way we have gone wrong. The Lord bless and honour you together with your families in Jesus Name, amen. Here are powerful prayers against satanic powers contending with our walk with God. With my whole heart, with my whole soul, blessed people, let's Praise the Lord. Prayer Points for Children and Scriptures to Speak Over Your Child

I'll Praise Him 2x
I'll Praise Him forever more.

You can sing other songs of your choice for the next few minutes. 

Oh Dear God, in this month, give my family and I victory over every Pharaoh that You have hardened their heart against to demonstrate Your awesomeness in our lives in the Name of Jesus,Amen.

As they reinforce and pursue us, destabilise their hosts and cause them to perish in their evil plans in the Name of Jesus,Amen.

Let's pray in tongues for the next few minutes.

Jude 1:20-21
[20] But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,
[21] Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

Jude 1:22-23
[22] And of some have compassion, making a difference:
[23] And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

Father, give us all takes to draw many to You, Lord in Jesus Name, amen. 

Lord, help us to live Holy and righteous before You in Jesus Name, amen.

Lord, release upon us this burden of soul winning let our hearts be broken by the things that break Your heart Father in the Name of Jesus,Amen.

Help us my Father to live life worthy of emulation pleasing to the Master in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Zechariah 3:2-3
[2] And the Lord said unto Satan, The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan; even the Lord that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?
[3] Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, and stood before the angel.

Father, we resist every power contending with our walk with You in Jesus Name, amen. 

Satan, you have no place in us therefore, we command you pack your things and go in Jesus Name, amen. 

Father, as we partake of the Communion, let every impurity give way in Jesus' Name, amen.

The Lord rebuke you satan,you have no right over us in the Name of Jesus, Amen. 

We destroy every power contending with our Spiritual growth, it will be of no effect to us in any way in the Name of Jesus, Amen. 

We command you satan, in the Name of Jesus,to come pack your weapons and get out of our lives,homes, environment in the Name of Jesus,Amen. 

As we partake of the Communion,let every impurity give way and let the benefit of the Communion speak for we and our families in the Name of Jesus,Amen.

Powerful Prayer to Start the Day

As parents and guardians, it is our duty to always pray for our children for them to find success in all of their endeavours. To heed to instruction is to preserve their life. May the Lord answer our prayers as we pray for our childrens. Here are prayers for our children to respond to the right instructions.

Praising the LORD always  2x
Praising the LORD with all my heart 
Praising the LORD with all my heart always...

You can sing other songs of your choice for the next few minutes.

My Lord is good 
He's good to me.

I never see God like you,
I never see any God like you.

My God Is Able
My God is able able
I know my God is able
I know my God is able
To carry me through
For He has heal the broken hearted
He has set the captives free
He heal the sick
Raise the death
And walk upon the sea.

Let's pray in tongues for the next few minutes.

Genesis 37:13-15
[13] And Israel said unto Joseph, Do not thy brethren feed the flock in Shechem? come, and I will send thee unto them. And he said to him, Here am I.
[14] And he said to him, Go, I pray thee, see whether it be well with thy brethren, and well with the flocks; and bring me word again. So he sent him out of the vale of Hebron, and he came to Shechem.
[15] And a certain man found him, and, behold, he was wandering in the field: and the man asked him, saying, What seekest thou?

Father, help me to always respond positively to the right instructions and help our children too in Jesus Name, amen. 

Lord, shield us and our children from every instruction that will result in suffering and pain in Jesus'S Name, amen.

Oh Father make help for our children, whenever they get to a cross road, sweet Holy Spirit make help for them, help them to be sensitive to know Your voice and obey You in Jesus name, amen.

Lord Jesus,help me to always respond positively to situations and especially to people who are leading over us.

Help our children to be positive in responding to instructions in Jesus mighty name.

Yes, Daddy at every crossroad of our lives, Father positions people that can serve as direction to us and our children in Jesus name, amen.

Make us be teachable my Father. Make us yielding, as the clay in the hands of the potter. Help us obey every tiny little detail and instructions. Help our unbelief in Jesus name, amen.

Joel 2:25-27
[25] And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.
[26] And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.
[27] And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the Lord your God, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed.

Father, help our children to recover all that they have lost in the last ten Months in Jesus Name, amen. 

Oh Lord, help our children to cover the activities of ten months in the months to come in Jesus Name, amen. 

Father restores unto our children the reward of their yester years in Jesus name, amen.

In the life of my children, Lord, let not the heathen ask me, where is my God.

Thank You Father for restoring everything my children, family and everyone connected to us have lost in the last 10 months. We recover them all in Jesus name. More than enough is our portion.

Lord I thank You for dealing with me wondrously, thank You for taking away my shame. Order my steps and that of my children, Lord unto complete recovery in Jesus name, amen.

Let the efficacy of Your word come alive in me and my children in Jesus Mighty name.

Father give me and my children the spiritual sensitivity to hear from you and to do your will in Jesus name.

Father, protect us and our families from any form of harm in Jesus name, amen.

Dear holy spirit come and dwell in me and my children. Make my body Your temple. Overshadow me with your presence. Restore all I have lost. Take charge of me in Jesus name, amen.

Thank you so much for praying. The Lord bless and use you and your family to showcase His Glory in Jesus' Name, amen.

Morning Prayer to Start the Day

Praise the LORD! Hallelujah! Lift up your voice and give God thanks for all He has done for us and our families in Jesus' Name, amen. Thank You Lord Jesus for all You have done for me and my loved ones and the body of Christ, we say thank You. These are short prayers to overcome every weakness and powers of the enemy.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, 
Praise the Him creatures here below, 
Praise Him above ye Heavenly Hosts, 
Praise God the Son and Holy Ghost...

You can sing other songs of your choice for the next few minutes.

I will worship you forever and love you forever, because this God is too good oh.

You are the Mighty God
The great I am, Hallelujah, Hallelujah
You are the Mighty God the great I am, Hallelujah Hallelujah...
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah...

Let's pray in tongues for the next few minutes.

1 Corinthians 14:2
For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.

1 John 4:4
Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

Thank You so much, our Father for the victory we have in Christ Jesus!

Lord, we overcome every weakness and power of the enemy by the Blood of Jesus and we take hold of all that belongs to us in Christ Jesus and we devastate the Kingdom of Satan in Jesus' Name, amen. 

Father, we receive the power to overthrow kingdoms and powers of the enemy because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world in Jesus' Name, amen.

We come under the divine coverage of the blood of Jesus. We have overcome the world because Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world. 

Thank You Lord for our Victory in Jesus. We overcome every agenda of the enemy and we take hold of all that belongs to us in Christ Jesus. 

We have the Power and Authority to tread upon the kingdoms and works of the enemy in the Name of Jesus,Amen. 

We receive divine strength from every weakness. We stand strong for you Jesus.

Yes Lord, we render powerless their powers and Lord give us the grace and strength to defeat them in any form they will come in Jesus name. Amen.

Because we carry the mark of touch my anointed not and do my prophet no harm. No arrow of the enemies shall touch us and our families in Jesus name.

No weapon fashioned against our children shall prosper in Jesus name amen.

Thank you so much for praying. Receive your healing and total wholeness in every area of your life and family in Jesus Name, amen.



Nsikak Andrew: Powerful Morning Prayer to Start Your Day
Powerful Morning Prayer to Start Your Day
Here are powerful morning prayers to start your day, powerful 10 minute morning prayer to start your day with God and powerful early morning prayers.
Nsikak Andrew
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