How to Make Money in Chymall E-commerce Business

Here are the ways to make money through the chymall e-commerce business model. Check chymall website and chymall app.

Best How to Make Money in Chymall E-commerce Business

Chymall is here to stay. Before we begin looking at investing and making money through Chymall, we need to understand what E-commerce is all about.

What is E-Commerce? 

E-commerce (online business) is only the way toward purchasing and selling products by electronic methods, for example, by portable applications and the Internet. E-commerce alludes to both online retail just as electronic exchanges. The web-based business has massively expanded in prevalence in the course of the most recent decades, and in manners, it’s supplanting customary physical stores.

However, in addition to traditional E-commerce, Chymall is a pioneer of the “New Retail” E-Commerce business model proposed by Jack Ma - the CEO of ALIBABA, whereby buyers of E-commerce products are provided with the opportunity to profit from their E-Commerce transactions.


CHYMALL Mall E-Commerce is an ONLINE SHOPPING MALL like ALIBABA, TONATON, KIKOU, AMAZON, and other online shopping malls, but the difference is that CHYMALL has added what is called the NEW RETAIL CONCEPT to their shopping mall which other online shopping malls don’t have.

The NEW RETAIL CONCEPT allows a customer to become a profit earner anytime they shop in their mall.

This makes CHYMALL unique from other online shopping malls.

CHYMALL is a combination of two Giant E-Commerce platforms; SAIRUI SHOPPING MALL, owned by Chinese businessman ZHANG YUANG and CENTURY HENG YUE(CHY), owned by Malaysian businessman BEN CHAH. This combined force makes the business credible and advantageous for its VIP members.


It is an INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, OPERATING ACROSS THE GLOBE. You can do this business wherever you are.

CHYMALL is a TRADING COMPANY like Melcom, dealing in physical products. They have a traditional shopping mall like Melcom where you can buy any item, including a television, clothing, home appliances etc. Very soon cars and real estate will be added. So you can buy everything you need from CHYMALL and use it.

In CHYMALL, you don’t need to refer others to the business before you earn. You can earn as much as you want without referring to anybody.

But any member who refers others to the company gets additional bonuses for referring them.
Members don’t make their money by selling products from office to office or on the streets or selling to individuals. The company itself does the selling on behalf of the customers and both the profit and the trading capital are returned to you within 10 – 12 days so you can continue or discontinue the process if you wish.

CHYMALL DOES NOT LOCK UP YOUR MONEY IN CHYMALL, you will have access to your money every 10 – 12 days after your products have been sold. You can then cash your money without any official permission from management. And you can also return to continue your trading anytime.

In CHYMALL, you have an opportunity to open multiple accounts. You can create as many accounts as you want; 10, 50, 80 or even 1000 accounts, provided your money can afford it.

You can start CHYMALL with as low as $140 (770¢) VIP2 and build it up from there.

The company gives mobile phone and car incentives to hardworking members.

So please make up your mind and join us. CHYMALL has come to stay. Take a bold decision, go for a loan and come and buy shops, so you can also COLOR YOUR LIFE.


First, you get registered as a VIP MEMBER to get allocated a shop in the mall by choosing one of the VIP Registration packages and paying into the company’s account.

After your VIP package is activated, the company (SAIRUI) trades 2 products on your behalf in a period of 10 – 12 days using your Trading Capital and gives you a profit after the 10-12 days! (You buy the product from the wholesale area and place them on sale yourself).

Also, you can withdraw your profit on the 10th Day and re-trade again if you choose!

10-DAYS Trading profit amounts to 15% of your total investment package and 23.33% of your TRADING CAPITAL every 30 days!

The company gives you registration products for the VIP package that you registered with upon activation!


  • 20% REFERRAL BONUS (Registration package).
  • 3% of the downline’s transactions whenever he/she trades in 10 days.
  • 2% of downline’s downline purchases (T/C applies here).
  • 12% MATCHING/PAIRING BONUS (binary system) – Boutique points (for FREE shopping).
  • Pool Bonus.


CHY MALL Packages, Entry Levels and Profit Earnings

[A]. VIP 1 Total Pack Cost: $25 (₦9,500)
No trading.

[B]. VIP 2 Total Pack cost: $140 (₦53,200)
Every 10 days profit = $7 (₦2,660)
Every Month profit = $21 (₦7,900)
Products involved are Beauty spray and Ring.

[C]. VIP 3 Total Pack cost: $280 (₦106,400)
Every 10 days profit = $14 (₦5,320)
Every Month profit = $42 (₦15,960)
Products involved are eyeglasses and Fuel saver/ compression mask.

[D]. VIP 4 Total Pack cost: $840 (₦319,200)
Every 10 days profit = $42 (₦15,960)
Every Month profit = $127 (₦47,880)
Products involved are Therapy chips and pendants/bracelets/necklaces.

[E]. VIP 5 Total Pack cost: $1,680 (₦638,400)
Every 10 days profit = $84 (₦31,920)
Every Month profit = $252 (₦95,760)
Products involved are Facemask and Foot Massager/Quantum Watch/supplements.

CHYMALL E-Commerce Compensation Plan

CHY has a very generous binary compensation plan and pays you for every little effort.

[1]. Direct sharing profit
[2]. Chain Store Profit
[3]. Service Profit
[4]. Chain Service Profit
[5]. Direct promotional award
[6]. Store Profit

[1]. Referral Bonus: Direct earnings 20%. This bonus is paid to you instantly when someone registers using your link directly under you. Which is 20% of his registration point value.

[2]. Store Profits: This profit is the profit made from your 10 days of trading. Which is paid into your account every 10 days after the trade ends.

[3]. Chain Store Profit: This is the profit I love the most. With chain store profit, if anyone you refer trades, you make 3% of his trade capital into your account, so if you have 50 people in your team, you make 3% each on everyone if they all trade to make profits every 10 days.

[4] . Service Profit: One Amazing profit which pays 12% on your weaker leg which is binary. If you have 5000 points on your left and 4000 points on the right, the company calculates 12% on the weaker leg which is 4000 by 12% and pays you instantly. This is paid daily. For every point that comes in on the left and right, the company calculates 12% and pays you instantly which is amazing

[5]. Chain Service Profit: This is where the most money is made. Whatever your downlines earn from service profit, the company pays 50% of it to me. For instance, if you are earning $500 on service profit which is the 4th Earning, I make 50% which is $250. So if I have 100 people in my team and they are all earning from service profit, I make 50% of all their cash. If they are earning 10 times my registration package, the company increases it to 100%. If my downline is earning 5 times my registration package, the company increases it to 75%.

How to Make Money in Chymall E-commerce Business Plan



The name of the business is CHYMall.

It's a mega online shopping mall like Kikuu, Alibaba, Jumia and the rest.

CHYMALL or CHY E-COMMERCE is an E-commerce business (online mall) that runs on a trading system called "NEW RETAIL".

CHYmall operates a new concept of trading called New Retail e-commerce.

Please note, that you are not selling anything, you buy products and the company sells for you on little commission and your profit drops together with your capital after 10-12 days which you can now trade again and both your profit and capital drop back after 10-12 day and it goes on like that.

On each of your trades, the company gives you a product depending on the package you register. 

The free products are for you to use and if you are a good marketer, you can also sell to make more money.

Note also that the payment is a one-time payment, and the trading capital is refundable.

In this business:

  • You don't need to invite anyone before you start making money every 10-12 days.
  • You are not under any pressure to sell any market as the company sells for you.
  •  No monthly auto-ship.
  • The company also gives you a free gift on any product you trade for every 10-12 days.


  • You spend less than 5 minutes in every trade, it's so simple.
  • You make profits every 10-12 days.
  • You are your own boss, you control your business as a partner.
  • You can withdraw your Trading Capital.
  • You can withdraw profit through MTN Mobile Money, Bank, or Bitcoin.
  • No skill is required.
  • You will get free CHY products to use every time you trade.
  • You can make more income when you sponsor people to partner with CHY, this is 100% optional. 


VIP 2 Total Pack cost: $140 (₦53,200) 
Every 10 -12days profit = $7 (₦2,660)
Every Month profit = $21 (₦7,980)
Plus product: $50 (₦19,000)
The products are a quantum beauty spray bottle and a quantum wedding ring.

VIP 3 Total Pack cost: $280 (₦106,400) 
Every 10-12 days profit = $14 (₦5,320)
Every Month profit = $42 (₦15,960)
Plus product: $100 (₦38,000)
Products are eyeglasses, Fuel savers, compression masks and phone massagers.

VIP 4 Total Pack cost: $840 (₦319,200)
Every 10 days profit = $42 (₦15,960)
Every Month profit = $127 (₦48,360)
Plus product: $300 (₦114,000)
Products are maxibust, underwear and quantum energy pendant and chain and bracelet.

VIP 5 Total Pack cost: $1680 (₦638,400)
Every 10 -12 days profit = $84 (₦31,920)
Every Month profit = $252 (N95,760)
Plus product: $600 (₦228,000)
Products are led beauty mask, Foot Massager, and Quantum Watch.

Please Note
  • CHY is not an investment scheme. 
  • CHY is not a bank. 
  • We're an e-commerce company trading in e-commerce. 
  • We run a buying and selling concept via a revolutionary ideology called NEW RETAIL.
  • You must buy before the company helps you to sell what you bought (physical products).
  • If you don't buy, you will make no profit and the company won't sell for you. Very simple!
  • We deal with physical products you can see, touch and use for numerous health benefits.
  • Aside from trading, (money-making), CHY's main value is touching lives via modern health technologies.
  • We're not a money-mongering company. Healthy lives first before the money.
  • This is why the company supplies you with health products every month For free without paying a dime. They're for you and your loved ones. Use them, gift others or feel free to resell them. 

A new and upgraded business that's using the same Cloud Computing system as Alibaba i.e. Alibaba Cloud which has been operating globally since 2004 is here for a lifetime to colour your life financially.

Brief Definition of WHAT IS CHY?

Our Company is CHY 
CHY stands for Century Henyue Group

It's a combination of two strong companies, Sairui which is from China and Chy from Malaysia.

Now our company is an e-commerce company like Jumia and Konga where you can order goods, products, accessories or gadgets. And it would be delivered to your doorstep.

CHY is just like that but there is a difference.

CHY has developed a new system of network marketing called NEW RETAIL. The new retail system enables the company to sell any product you purchase from their wholesale shop for you and pay you a profit of 10% over a period of 10 days.

This means that you make money every 10 days from the company with a one-time capital without Referring anyone or selling anything.

My Testimony 

My Testimony Plan

This November actually makes me 6months in this amazing company called CHYMALL. I was practically forced into the company by my upline, my brother and my friend @man of praise. I can say I have not regretted joining this company. 

Since my joining my life and that of my children have not been the same again. We have experienced financial turnaround just because I said YES to this amazing company. For the first time in 8 years since I lost my husband this is the first time I have actually paid my children's fees in full without owing the school. God is wonderful and I am ever grateful to him. I Joined this company during the lockdown on May 24th 2020 when the country was experiencing hardship. I started chymall with 9,500 and was determined to make it in this company. So I pushed. I spoke with people about it even when the referral was by choice and amazingly I have my testimony today.  This is not my win alone. I sincerely thank team Royalty, My leaders and my members. We all won the car together. 

My Testimony Award Plan

Best Testimony Award

I want to thank my Grand uplines. Mr Ubong Brownson and Mr Sunny for all their support and encouragement. I heard about Chymall from My direct upline Man of praise,  caught the vision and ran with it. But the day I came in contact with my grand upline the ambassador himself, that is the day I got back home, sat down and promised God and myself that I must make it big in this company. I made that promise because I knew Ubong's background. I saw him the previous year but I tell you I got humbled that day I saw him in his office, in his words and I quote "mama I told you to join me na, but you didn't believe me, you asked me not to chat you again" that was the day I made that promise that if he can make it then I also must make it. This is just an appetizer. I must qualify for the 38 Million Naira car in one of my accounts before I will rest. If my boss @⁨Ubong Brownson⁩  Is still qualifying for a $300 phone as of today then I have not started Chymall yet. If you are here please be serious with Chy.



1. CENTER: sefakor (Takoradi) 
All 16 Regional Capitals of Ghana
Sefakor Nettey+233208262651
2. Kumasi - Tounetation -- (Danny-- 0545539320)
3. Kumasi - Stevoo27 -- 0245277776
4. Accra - BRAINSMAN (Henry Jacobs - 0244209581)
5. Tema - Fredycom (Fred 024 413 4394 service center)
6. Koforidua & Madina - tared01 -- +233501204013
7. Kasoa - Hesscoms (Mr. Herman) +233261680999
8. Accra - TRADEONLINE --- 233244060717 
9. HO - GhSamdick  +233247220334
10. Accra - MOTHERCOIN (GINA DUKESON)- 233244791656
11. Accra - GLOBALSHOPING (SABINA DUNCAN) - 233244087918
12. Accra - SEED1X (ESAABA DUNCAN) - 233560702663
13. Techiman - Jaymac (Jimmy) 233244433069
14. Tamale - Wisdomman (, 0546018482)
15. Sunyani - Gyaustic (Bishop Enoch), 0245769999/ 0243044897
16. Tamale - BBCBANK. (Radach Centre.) +233 24 764 2051
17. BOLGATANGA Paulina - UPPER EAST REGION, 0506184356, 0245369234, 0271191402
18. Asante Agona - Sammy44 , 0542231106)
19. Elubo - Edalow (Amos Asamoah) W/R Ghana 0546103087
20. Bolgatanga - Akudugu04 (Mathilda Akudugu, 0201324368, Ghana)

1. TALENT (Uyo, Nigeria) Jehu Ekah +234-806-465-7775.
2. Manexshop (Kaduna Nigeria +2348061578888)
3. Tarabianshop (Kaduna Nigeria +2347036543536
4. Excellentrichie (Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria +2349092860673)
5. Udoeyop (Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria +2348025042150)
6) Okolikem ( 17 Emelogu street Ogbor hill Aba Abia State Nigeria) Tell. 08058894817.
7) Pilotyshop ( Abuja Nigeria) +2348036226924.
8) QueenG (KADUNA STATE. NIGERIA. ). +2348034428001.
9) Jaco ( Portharcourt River state Nigeria 08037631121
10) Kemromshop1 (Enugu State) 105 Chime Avenue Newhaven 08038741764.
11) Upliftedshop (Lagos) 2348037196224.
12) Lzino ( Portharcourt Rivers State Nigeria +2348098845834)
13) Darronnoah +2348122888660 Lagos, Nigeria
14. Centre: Esprom4gold, +2348162538090 -IBADAN
15. 44. Center : Herby1, (calabar , Nigeria)- 08136673007/ 08077024660
16. Britech ( Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria) 08104234176
17. Service centre: Luckystar (Port- Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria) Phone: 08033404511, 08180689752
18. Service centre: Brando- (Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria)- +2348158423345, +2348127772774

1. Maya (Kenya) +254722731275

1. Peter94 +27 84 758 4193 South Africa

1. Center: SUPER10000 (Kinshasa DR Congo) +243811920505, +23798215858
2. CENTER : ABDOULKA ( Congo kinshasa R.D.C" ) Tel: +243994404916 , +243817006248, Siège: Nord-kivu

1. Liban {Ivory Coast -Abidjan} +22509689005

1. Lionofjudah (Zimbabwe -Harare) +263712775827

1. sairui028 (Cameroon-Yde ) +23776613400 
2. Dorey ( Douala Cameroon- +237676245294)

1. Sksylvine (Uganda) +256702671693
2. Center: Doncrypto13, (Uganda Kampala), Contact: +256703951020, office: church house Level 7*

1. Ericbilly service centre Bujumbura-Burundi (Tel: +257 79 002 070) Rohero I, Bujumbura- boulevard Patrice Lumumba, Immeuble Excellence House, 4eme Étage, Bureau 8

1. Richard ( Lomé- Togo) +22891941778
2. Service Center: BITALA. (Lomé - TOGO +228 90 01 30 91).

SAIRUI OFFICE +229 96 48 48 41

Zoungrana Albert +22671284503

Legacy +260973362309
Sefakor Ghana +233208262651, SERVICE CENTER Sefakor All Regional Capitals in Ghana.

SAIRUI --  +447877377931

Mr Pascal N. Diffo
New sc username: dodobertson1
Mobile number: +16479801346
New service centre in Toronto/Canada
the currency rates for Canadian members will be 1 sp = 1.50 cad



Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!: How to Make Money in Chymall E-commerce Business
How to Make Money in Chymall E-commerce Business
Here are the ways to make money through the chymall e-commerce business model. Check chymall website and chymall app.
Nsikak Andrew – In Patches of Thoughts, Words are Formed!
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