Make Money in Nigeria Through the Recharge and Get Paid Platform

Here are possible ways to make money in Nigeria through recharge and get paid platform.

How to Make Money in Nigeria Through the Recharge and Get Paid Platform

How come that ‘Idiot’ is rich and I am not?

Here is why...

That 'idiot' acknowledges that he knows nothing, he submits himself to learn, he is coachable, he has a mentor that is where he wishes to be, he follows instructions and bang!!!, he wins big!

And you think you know everything, you are arrogant towards learning, you are not open to seeing things from a different lens, you are stereotypic, you are self sufficient in your thoughts, no one is good enough to teach you anything because you know it all.

While you were there second guessing, perusing and over-analyzing, that idiot took massive action. 

There you have the reasons why that 'idiot' is rich and you are not!

My friend, old keys will never open new doors and you can't create a solution with the same mindset that created the problem.

The key is wealth-friendly and upside-down thinking. Stick with all the old money making rules (like taking a higher paying job to be able to save more money) and stay broke. Break them and get rich.

Be open to learning the new rules of money, ditch the old rules and you will win.

Money is not earned through magic.

Blame no One For your Success or Failure in Life, Everything is up to you. There's no skill that you can't learn, there's no job that you can’t do, but 90% of people have already destroyed their lives and their future with their own hands.

When your MIND is weak, a situation becomes difficult, When your MIND is not balanced, the situation becomes a CHALLENGE. 

But when your MIND is strong, that situation becomes an OPPORTUNITY.

It's all a MIND GAME!




Now, someone by the name #RAGP (RECHARGE AND GET PAID) says buy your USUAL #airtime, #data, subscribe your #DSTV #GOTV #STARTIMES and pay your PHCN BILLS through us instead of your bank, we will pay you commissions on all your RECHARGES and DATA purchases. 

You also get paid  anytime you subscribe TV CABLES for yourself or for someone else.


Simply put, each time you purchase Airtime/Data from MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT or GLO for yourself or for someone else, YOU GET PAID for using the RAGP platform. Same applies for GOTV, DSTV and STARTIMES.

And the earnings are for life!


So why not get on board and earn cool and legitimate  money from the Telecommunication Industry?

Let's create wealth! Let's quit being broke! Let's build solid investments together! Let's break new grounds.

Powered by:

Let's do business!


Indeed, the commissions we get from our usual recharges look like little drops of rain in a mighty ocean. Well,  like our people say, it is little drops of water that make the mighty ocean. Isn't it? 

Well, if you are like me and you really would love to scoop drums and tanks of commissions that run into millions and billions from this Telecom Oil Well, then these are the bonuses you should seek to earn.

PREREQUISITE: These bonuses are only "earnable" if you carry out activities that increase your PV.

Every Registration Package in RAGP is given a specific Point Value (PV) as follows:
PLATINUM (₦50,000) = 200PV
DIAMOND (₦40,000) = 160PV
GOLD (₦30,000) = 120PV
SILVER (₦20,000) = 80PV
BRONZE (₦10,000) = 40PV
BASIC (₦5,000) = 20PV

When you register on any of these packages, your account automatically earns the PV associated with that package. Subsequently, there are only 2 ways your PV can increase:

[1]. If you upgrade from one package to a higher one. 

[2]. If you refer others who register under you, and they refer others, and those others refer others to the generational limit of the package on which your account is. 

For instance, the Basic Package allows you to earn both commissions and PVs to your 5th Generation while the Platinum package allows you to earn to your 10th Generation. 

If you can achieve this 2nd way of increasing your PVs through teamwork, then you are on your way to scooping massive bonuses from RECHARGE AND GET PAID.

As we all know how massively our banks are earning through sales of Airtime, data, cable subscriptions and Bill payments  The company Recharge and Get Paid Ltd is giving everyone an opportunity to be part of this.

It's not by force but rather by choice. 

Once your back office is ready, the company will give you 20% of your registration fee as registration bonus.

When you register in RAGP, the company uses your registration fee to create a back office for you.

You will be able to buy airtime, data, subscribe to gotv,DStv & startime, and pay NEPA bills from your back office.

Whenever you buy airtime, you get 2% of the amount you buy as your commission. When you buy data, you get 10% of the amount of data you buy. When you buy cable TV or electricity bills, you get ₦40 for each subscription.

The business is in three phases.

1. User of the product.

These are people who joined for their personal use only. They will be funding their wallet and be using the platform to buy airtime, data, cable TV and Electricity bill payment and be earning their commission based on the transactions they do.

2. The product sellers.

These are people who will be selling Airtime, data, cable TV and Electricity bills to people out there. At home, at work, schools, neighbor etc. And be making their money from that commission. This category of people can make up to 100k per month if they can build their customer base to a minimum of 20 customers buying all these products in a day and they deliver quality services to them.

3. The network marketers.

These are the people that refer people to the business. They are the people who make millions from the business. They build a community of VTU users. And doing that, they earn millions from the business, they are the one who earn even when they are sleeping.
They are the one that earn the following from the business:

1. Direct referral bonus of 20% of registration fee.
2. Direct commissions 2% on airtime, 10% on data & ₦40 on cable TV and Electricity bills.
3. Indirect commissions of 0.35% on airtime, 1% on data and ₦10 on cable TV and Electricity bills from level 1 to level 10 deep.
4. Indirect referral bonus of 10% of registration fee for level 2. 
    5% on level 3. 
    2.5% on level 4. 
    1.75% on level 5
    1% from level 6-10.
5. Team PV from level 1-10.
6. Leadership bonus of 100k from the company.
7. 500k or Dubai trip 
8. 2 million car fund.
9. 3 million 1st house fund
10. 4 million 2nd house fund
11. 6 million 3rd house fund if you build your team very well.

The company paid the network marketers all these incentives.

Like I said earlier on, it's your choice to choose which category you want to belong once you are ready to be part of this RAGP business.



There are different categories of registration for those that are registering today.

You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is ₦1,000 instantly plus 20PV. And earn up to 5th level deep of your downlines.

You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is ₦2,000 instantly plus 40PV. And earn up to 6th Level deep of your downlines.

You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is ₦4,000 instantly plus 80PV. And earn up to 7th Level deep of your downlines.

GOLD MEMBER: ₦30,000
You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is N6,000 instantly plus 120PV. And earn up to 8th Level deep of your downlines.

You will earn back 20% of your registration fee, that is N8,000 instantly plus 160PV. And earn up to 9th Level deep of your downlines.

You will earn back 20% of your fee, that is ₦10,000 instantly plus 200PV. And earn up to 10th Level deep of your downlines.

You will earn back 20% of your fee, that is ₦20,000 instantly plus 400PV. And earn up to 10th Level deep of your downlines.


PLEASE PICK UP ANY PACKAGE AND REGISTER IMMEDIATELY. Join our team to say NO to banks' exploitation.

Now how do you earn airtime and data?

When you register with any of the packages above and you choose to be a network marketer I mean telling people about the business to join. For anybody that joins through you, the minimum you get from it is ₦1k.

Depending on the package the person that registers under you choose to register with.

You can use that 1k to buy airtime or still keep it in your wallet.

For example if the person that wants to register under you choose to register with 20k. You get 4k from that. That direct referral bonus.

If the person also registers another person with 20k, you get 2k from that third person. That indirect referral bonus.

Airtime and data are inevitable in life today. For you to be reading this message, it means you have data on your phone or connected to a device that uses data.

Banks and quick tellers are making millions everyday from all of us in as much as we buy airtime and data via our bank app, ussd codes or ATM machines. All this platform uses VTU to sell airtime and data to us and they are making millions from Nigerians.

That's why RAGP has gone so far to bring a wealth creating platform for Nigerians in order to reduce unemployment rate and create financial freedom to the people of this nation. 

RAGP brings to us this same VTU platform that enables the banks and quick tellers to earn millions daily aside from their monetary and asset transactions.

Register with as little as ₦5,000 to own this RAGP VTU platform for life and be generating your income as well.

Remember airtime and data are inevitable, the more people use it, the more you make money.

In RAGP,  there are 7 categories of registration: 

1. EXECUTIVE PLATINUM (100k): You earn 20k on the spot, get 400PV, earn to the 10th person down your line and qualify to receive all leadership incentives including ₦4 million and ₦6 million. 

2. PLATINUM PACKAGE (50k): You earn 10k on spot, get 200PV and earn to the 10th person down your line. You qualify to receive all leadership incentives except ₦4 million and ₦ 6million. 

3. DIAMOND PACKAGE (40k): You earn 8k on the spot, get 160PV and earn to the 9th person down your line.

4. GOLD PACKAGE (30k): You earn 6k on the spot, get 120PV and earn to the 8th person down your line.

5. SILVER PACKAGE (20k): You earn 4k on the spot, get 80PV and earn to the 7th person down your line.

6. BRONZE PACKAGE (10K): You will earn 2k on the spot, get 40PV and earn to the 6th person down your line.

7. BASIC PACKAGE (5K): You will earn 1k on the spot, get 20PV and can earn to the 5th person down your line.

RECHARGE AND GET PAID has created a simple system that can be used to generate another source of income. It's the simplest I have ever involved in. So easy and simple. Take advantage of this.


This business operates via a platform simply called RECHARGE AND GET PAID.

99% of the time you do the following.
Recharge your phones.
Load data.
Subscribe cables, DStv, Gotv.
Pay utilities like PHCN, etc.

Using one platform or the other, like road side vendors, Quick Teller, Banks e.t.c.

Some people might be saying "I use my mobile banking for all this stuff" but do we get paid for it, the answer is? No.! 

We even get cheated or extorted at times.

Some vendors sell at ₦110, ₦210.

Banks charge us for SMS alerts after using their platform to carry out these operations because these are utilities Services that we can't do without.

So in simplified terms:

The name of this program  like we said is called (RECHARGE AND GET PAID). And you can earn ₦100k weekly, Guaranteed !

Interested in further details? 

Please find details about the RAGP business below:


Here is exactly how  the platform works/operates.

  • When you ACTIVATE your registration with Recharge And Get Paid Company you GET PAID 20%.
  • When buy Airtime you GET PAID 2%.
  • When you buy Data you GET PAID 10%.
  • When you Renew Cable TV you GET PAID 40% the service charged.
  • When you pay Electricity Bills you GET PAID 40% the service charged.
  • When you Refer/Invite people you GET PAID 20%.
  • When your people buy Airtime  you GET PAID 0.35%.
  • When your people buy Data you GET PAID 1%.
  • When your people Refer/Invite people you GET PAID 10%.
  • When your people Renew Cable TV you GET PAID 10% their service charged.
  • When your people pay Electricity Bills you GET PAID 10% their service charged.
  • When you upgrade from one package to another, you get paid 20%.
  • When your people upgrade from one package to another, you get paid 20%.
  • You are made a distributor and a dealer with all privileges to Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, Dstv, Gotv, Startimes etc.

Basic member                 -      ₦5,000
Bronze member         -    ₦10,000
Silver member                 -      ₦20,000
Gold member           -        ₦30,000
Diamond member           - ₦40,000
Platinum member          - ₦50,000
Executive Platinum member - ₦100,000


When you register with Basic package of  ₦5,000, you will earn commissions up to five generations deep + 20PV.

 ₦10k package earns you commissions up to 6 generations + 40PV.

 ₦20k package earns you commissions up to 7 generations + 60PV.

 ₦30k package earns you commissions up to 8 generations + 80PV.

 ₦40k package earns you commissions up to 9 generations + 90PV.

 ₦50k package earns you commissions up to 10 generations + 100PV.

 ₦100k package earns you commissions up to 10 generations deep on indirect referral, airtime purchase and data purchase + 200PV.

NB:  (Please Note):

PV is Point Value and it's a measure of performance and team building. As more distributors join your network or team, your PV adds up!

1. You earn MONTHLY Leadership Bonus when you get up to 10,000PV in a particular month:

- ₦100,000 bonus for Platinum member.
- ₦50,000 bonus for Diamond member.
- ₦25,000 bonus for Gold member.

2. You also receive leadership awards/incentives as your PVs continue to accumulate:

- ₦500,000 (Dubai vacation) for 25,000PV.
- ₦2million (Car fund) for 60,000PV.
- ₦3million (1st house fund) for 100,000PV.
- ₦4million (2nd house fund) for 250,000PV.
- ₦6million (3rd house fund) for 500,000PV.

You can get started with the basic package of ₦5,000, and upgrade later as your business grows successfully.


What are your questions? 
And if you are ready to come onboard, Signup here for RAGP. H ere is the Sponsor Referral ID to use: nsikakandrew 
Who Is Next?
Kindly login to your account and start enjoying the sweetness of this awesome business. 
As you join us now the first thing to do is login to your RAGP account: 
[1]. Check your wallet if the 20% registration bonus promised by the company is there. That's the number one thing to know that it's not a scam.
[2]. Recharge airtime and see if the 2% commission promised by the company is given. 
[3]. Recharge for your neighbor who is going to buy a recharge card outside then collect the money.
[4]. Share the information with your friends and families.
[5]. Go to your social media. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc let people know you with this business.
[6]. Read everything you can lay your hands on about RECHARGE AND GET PAID company. So that you can know more about the business.
[7]. Then follow all the advice given by leaders in this business on how to be successful in this business. The sky is your limit.
Let's meet at the top as the bottom is too crowded. A million thank you for joining us. 



Nsikak Andrew: Make Money in Nigeria Through the Recharge and Get Paid Platform
Make Money in Nigeria Through the Recharge and Get Paid Platform
Here are possible ways to make money in Nigeria through recharge and get paid platform.
Nsikak Andrew
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