Poem For Someone Who Lost A Spouse

Open Your Heart

Baby, it's exactly one year now
That he is gone, 

Can't you differentiate
Between fantasy and reality
I know you love him
But baby, he is gone
And there is nothing you can do
To bring him back.

Now open your heart
Try to reminisce 
Over the good time 
You did share with him
Laugh and smile about them
It is just the only way
For you to be your old self.

Crying doesn't bring a dead man back
Nor does any good thing to anyone
If you cry till the earth comes down
You wouldn't see him no more
You would only hurt yourself the more
So baby, relax, smile and laugh
About the good old memory you share.

I know he was the best father to your kids
The one you share your deepest secrets with
He gives you the best that life can afford
But now, he is gone with all the love
You could ever wish for to come true
Dear baby, am begging you 
You don't have to kill yourself mourning him.

Tell me, who will take care of your kids
If you commit suicide
No one . . .  
Tell me, who will give them the love their desire
No one . . . 
Now, open your heart and try to love again
Reminisce over the good time you did share with him
Laugh and smile about them
It is just the only way for you to be your very best.

Baby, am begging you
Just relax, laugh and smile,
Things will definitely be OK . . .
I promise you will find a man who will give you
All the loving and care you desire!
Just smile, laugh, relax and I promise
That things will definitely be Okay!...

Nsikak Andrew
31st August, 2002

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