Mother Nature Environment Poem With Rhymes

Nature Is Life

Halt the air, live to die
Stay indoor, live in self-prison
Refuse to make friends, live on a lonely Island
Nature is life.

Inhale the gentle morning air, live to life
Open your heart like the morning rose
Live a satisfied life.
Rest like an eagle, live a life of no fear
Nature is life.

Hear the chuckle cry of the insects,
The reverberating drums of the elephant grass
Survey the baritone cry’s of the owl
Nature is life.

If nature is not life, then live in stress
If you want to kill boredom, stroll through the moonlight
If you want to clear a worried soul,
Take a walk through the seashore
If it doesn’t give you a piece of mind,
Then nature is not life.

Nsikak Andrew
14th March, 2002

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