Deep Emotional Poem

What Are Friends For

They come in different shapes and sizes
They profane all manner of love
Give them 6 by 12 inches
And discover their chameleon colours.

They cover you when discovered 
What to parasite from you
They proclaimed you the greatest,
A god sent to mankind.

You are their Saviour
As far as cash is in your pocket
When the cash drops
You’re in a world of your own.

Isn’t it said that a friend in need is a friend indeed
Why are friends’ betrayers?
Why are friends’ backbiters?
Why are friends’ heartbreakers?
Why and why...

A friend should be there for you
One who overlooks your weaknesses
For the world not to see
One who gives you love and peace of mind.

Who could be that friend?
Who can give you the reasons
To smile from the depth of your heart.
The heart knows.

Nsikak Andrew
14th March, 2002 

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